[PDF] Fountain of Fire (Akora, #6) By Josie Litton – Thomashillier.co.uk

Fountain of Fire (Akora, #6) The Legendary Island Nation Of Akora Endows Its Descendants With Rare Gifts Now One Compassionate Young Woman Must Discover Her Own Extraordinary Power And Her Heart S Desire By Facing The Greatest Challenge Of Her Life.Fountain Of FireDaughter Of A Renowned Akoran Warrior And An English Born Beauty, Clio Is Content With Her Lot As A Pretty, Warmhearted Girl Among A Family Of Compelling And Exquisitely Attractive People Yet It Is Precisely Her Immensely Soothing Nature That Is To Bring Her Unexpected Power And Passion For A Distressed Young Queen Victoria Has Requested That Clio Become Her Lady In Waiting During A Time Of Political Unrest, It Is A Position Of Inherent Danger But Clio Is Determined To Be Of Service.Charged With Safeguarding The Queen From A Suspected Assassination Plot, William, Earl Of Holyhood, Is Delighted To Have The Company Of Clio Not Only Is Her Sweetness A Balm To The Soul, But She Is Also, Curiously, An Akoran Princess Long Fascinated By The Tantalizing Island, William Soon Finds His Interest Superseded By An Enchantment With Clio Herself Surprised By Their Deep Mutual Attraction, The Couple Have Only To Agree On How Best To Protect The Queen And Themselves From Those Who Would Steal Their Futures But It Is A Task Easily Said Than Done, And One That May Hold The Fate Of An Empire And A Blossoming Love In The Balance.