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    I read this book back in the 70s and recently decided to read it again before discarding it I read it straight through, though each chapter was intended as a daily devotion As with his famous A Taste of New Wine, Miller is refreshingly honest here in describing the struggles of living as Christ would Such honesty is now a common feature in books about the Christian life, but was rather startling when the book first came out Since Miller had become famous following A Taste of New Wine, he talks frequentl...

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    An updated, commemorative edition is soon forthcoming from Kalos Press

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    Behind the scenes look at the personal struggles of a Christian speaker and author.I had heard of this book somewhere and had high expectations, but I was a bit disappointed.

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    A 42 day devotional, using the author s experiences, quotes, prayers and Scriptures to examine problems in the Christian life I enjoyed this when I read it in 1977.

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    Habitation of Dragons , by J Keith Miller, is an updated version of a devotional classic, newly reissued by Kalos Press It has short chapters, largely consisting of a personal reflection by Miller, followed by quotations from literature and Scripture Actually, the depth and variety of the quotations was one of my favorite parts Miller quoted everyone from Jung to Augustine, and the quotations were always very apt to the topic of the reflection It was a funny book to read because it was so personal, I felt like I was having to decide not just if I liked the book, but if I liked the person And when I reached the end, I still wasn t sure I wish I knew about Miller He s obviously dynamic, but I got the feeling I might find him exhausting in person Which probably says a lot about me and my stage in life as a tired mom of four than about him However, he s so sincere and open And that won me over I couldn t dislike someone so open to examining his faults, so clear in his intention to serve Jesus, so devoted to the cause of the gospel In a way, it was almost too good because Miller is so honest, the book is uncomfortable at times I m not sure anyone could read it and not feel driven to admit his or her own faults the descriptions Miller gives of the ways he so easily falls from charity into selfishness were just so terribly familiar this book ...

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    Overall this was a good book It is meant to be read as a daily devotional rather than straight through Each day s reading offered a lot of great insight into daily struggles and thoughts as a Christian that is just as relevant today as it was when it was written nearly 40 years ago Each day also comes with quotes, prayers, and Scripture reading for the day s topic Although applicable to any layman, this seemed primarily geared towards those in full time ministr...

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    An extremely helpful book of short meditations intended for day by day reading Each meditation comes with a quote or two, a Bible passage and a prayer Keith Miller is incredibly honest and writes in an easy and accessible way.

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    Early discoveries in my faith walk This book helps.

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Habitation of Dragons With Disarming Honesty And Openness, Keith Miller Agonizing Encounters With Personal Dragons Lonelinessinsecurity Frustration Anxiety Guilt Feelings Fearresentment Critical Attitudes Mixed Motives But Out Of These Encounters Emerges Hope For Living As A Christian.

  • Paperback
  • Habitation of Dragons
  • Keith Miller
  • English
  • 10 September 2019
  • 9780876808658

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