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Clojure In Action ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Clojure In Action By Amit Rathore ✸ – Summary Clojure in Action is a hands on tutorial for the working programmer who has written code in a language like Java or Ruby but has no prior experience with Lisp It teaches Clojure from the basic Summary Clojure In Action is a hands on tutorial for the working programmer who has written code in a language like Java or Ruby but has no prior experience with Lisp It teaches Clojure from the basics to advanced topics using practical real world application examples Blow through the theory and dive Clojure In eBook  into practical matters like unit testing and environment set up all the way through building a scalable web application using domain specific languages Hadoop HBase and RabbitM About the TechnologyClojure is a modern Lisp for the JVM and it has the strengths you'd expect first class functions macros support for functional programming and a Lisp like clean programming style About this BookClojure In Action is a practical guide focused on applying Clojure to practical programming challenges You'll start with a language tutorial written for readers who already know OOP Then you'll dive into the use cases where Clojure really shines state management safe concurrency and multicore programming first class code generation and Java interop In each chapter you'll first explore the uniue characteristics of a problem area and then discover how to tackle them using Clojure Along the way you'll explore practical matters like architecture unit testing and set up as you build a scalable web application that includes custom DSLs Hadoop HBase and RabbitM What's InsideA fast paced Clojure tutorial Creating web services with Clojure Scaling through messaging Creating DSLs with Clojure's macro system Test driven development with Clojure Distributed programming with Clojure and This book assumes you're familiar with an OO language like Java C or C but reuires no background in Lisp or Clojure itself Table of ContentsPART GETTING STARTED Introduction to Clojure A whirlwind tour Building blocks of Clojure Polymorphism with multimethods Clojure and Java interop State and the concurrent world Evolving Clojure through macros PART GETTING REAL Test driven development and Data storage with Clojure Clojure and the web Scaling through messaging Data processing with Clojure More on functional programming Protocols records and type More macros and DSLs.

  • 336 pages
  • Clojure In Action
  • Amit Rathore
  • 16 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Clojure In Action

  1. Brian Brian says:

    This is the third or fourth Clojure book I've read and it's definitely the most useful It's pitched at competent programmers who don't necessarily have any functional programming experience The book strikes a great balance between discussing the features of the language itself and covering the practical aspects of real world usage with databases web programming unit testing message ueues and Highly recommended

  2. Sebastian Gebski Sebastian Gebski says:

    this is a rated review of a book not a language Very dense intensive demanding no easy fly by but on the other hand also very competent packed with reasonably filtered material Contains pretty much everything you need to start writing Clojure language wise even much Why language wise? Because there'a almost nothing about the tooling IDEs other enhancements that could appear helpful in starting adventures in ClojureIf you've seen the criticism for Edition One I've got good news for you at least in my opinion they do not apply to Edition TwoBook is relatively up to date AFAIR it covers 16 while the latest version at the moment I'm writing this review is 18What I really liked NO even loved about this book is that it doesn't follow the usual boring route of presenting just the basic syntax elements 101 code samples author isn't afraid of digging into actual reationale behind some advanced constructs some macro closure considerations are really thorough complex reuire full focus to follow Thumbs UPIt's not the easiest lecture but if you're already an experienced functional programmer who wants to learn Clojure this book may be exactly for you Recommended

  3. Oussama Oussama says:

    If you ever wondered what's all the hype about Clojure and how is it possible that a dialect of Lisp could be used in production environments then you should read this book The author not only explains the core language in a simple and elegant way but he also gives a solid introduction to how to use Clojure in different domains such as Data Analysis Distributed Computing and NoSL Databases

  4. Kyryl Kyryl says:

    This should not be your first book in Lisp family of languages as it has pretty steep learning curve also some experience with the functional programming is recommendedThe book gives a very nice overview of the Clojure philosophy and various aspects of programming in Clojure style

  5. Ondrej Sykora Ondrej Sykora says:

    A nice overview of the language and the popular libraries But be careful this is not a reference book or any close to itI've read the early access version which was full of errors and I didn't see them fixed in future versions; without these errors it would probably be four stars

  6. Scott Scott says:

    I didn't make it through the whole book but I gave it two tries I think that Clojure has a lot to offer but its simplicity doesn't always shine through with this book I am hoping to read another book on Closure at some time Possibly The Joy of Clojure will be a better read

  7. Carlo Sciolla Carlo Sciolla says:

    A book full of inspirations for implementing idiomatic and well designed Clojure programs A resourceful book that explores different aspects of real life programming challenges with one of the most intriguing technologies around

  8. Josh Glover Josh Glover says:

    Really excellent book It focuses on Lisp as a concept and how Clojure enables the Lisp mindset The practical examples are about teaching one how to think rather than a cookbook style approach of here's how you use Redis in Clojure

  9. Rajat Vig Rajat Vig says:

    middle chapters are boring and very technology specific the ending chapters pick up the pace will be rereading it soon

  10. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Alvaro Tejada Galindo says:

    My first book on Clojuregood introduction but sadly being Clojure still a young languagesome of the examples don't compilestillnice book to get started

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