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    Don t you hate it when your ship goes off course straight into a storm thus sinking leaving you stranded on an uncharted island No, what if the island is populated with man eating fauna Total bummer.X Isle was right in the middle for me Everything seemed a little familiar The best part of the book was the captain character, but even then I felt like I ve met the guy before several times on many different movies So it just left me a little indifferent about the book.The main aspect that kept Don t you hate it when your ship goes off course straight into a storm thus sink...

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    Some pretty good one liners in the dialogue keep this from falling to 2 stars Worth a borrow if you re a comixology unlimited subscriber but I couldn t recommend buying it.

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    X Isle has an interesting premise about a group of people who end up on an alien island and must figure out how to survive There are some creepy moments and I did feel bad when some of the characters died but I was ultimately left unsatisfied James Tynion s The Woods does it much better.

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X Isle Vol 1 A Team Of Researchers Drift On The Ocean, Lost, In Their Quest For An Enigmatic Island That S Never Been Explored Washing On Its Shores, They Find A Dense, Terrifying Jungle Populated With Animal And Plant Life That Has Evolved Along A Completely Different Path What Secret Does This Isle Hold Why Are The Life Forms There So Dangerous And So Alien In The Tradition Of Alien And The Recent Horror Hit The Descent Featuring Art From Greg Scott Gotham Central, Sword Of Dracula.