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    Barbara s story begins with a prequel to her story and her first meeting with the exiled King Charles II.As she is the only one who can deliver to him letters of great support and promises of money destined for the royal pockets, she risks being damned a spy and tried for treason or worse convicted and executed After constant nagging from her husband Roger he concerned of the Villers name and a better future Barbara embarks on a mission that will change her life forever, as well as those around her.From her first affair with a no gooder lord, to being involved with a group of supporters to put the King back on the throne.Then comes her first meeting to a King in exile, that turns into a wild passionate affair.Barbara captivates the young jaded King as well as creates enemies and rivals everywhere in the palace The uncrowned Queen uses her sensuality and wit and becomes the most envied and desired woman in England.I ve always been curious about this woman that history has painted as the harlot and villain self serving and with a temper to boot.While reading of her and her story, you will either love hate her for her ambitious climb for a place among her peers But I found I admired her for her using her brains yes she used her body as well but she was smart about how she got there and how she handled situations and made the best of them I found I liked this independent strong willed ...

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    I always say that actors in films do a good job when they play a mean character I am supposed to hate and I indeed hate them while watching a movie In the same respect, we are generally meant to hate Barbara Villiers, the famous greedy and sex crazed mistress of Charles II Susan Holloway Scott allowed her character to play a Oscar winning performance because frankly I hate this mistress okay, granted I am a fan of Nell Gwynne A wonderfully saturated book including the sexual craving and power ambitions of this long standing mistress while feeding you with some insight into her perso...

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    For me personally, what makes a historical fiction book fantastic is one that tells me so much about the period that is it written in, that I want to get straight onto Google and search for information Susan Holloway Scott truly brought these historical figures to life and left me wanting As with any good author she explains in her notes at the back of the book why she wrote the story the way she did and why she portrayed Barbara the way she did.I have ...

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    No doubt Barbara Villiers was a harlot, in all senses Barbara was up for anything to climb the social ladder She was King Charles II mistress he had many but she was the first and most important one when he returned to the throne of England She had influence at court than his queen and she was called the curse of the nation...

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    The novel built up the compelling relationship between Barbara and Charles II and at its peak it was a definite page turner It lost its spark towards the end and fizzled out rather drastically.

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    The first introduction I had to Barbara Villiers was in my first ever Jean Plaidy novels, A Health Unto His Majesty, and The Pleasures of Love Plaidy portrayed her as a villain you love to hate She was calculating and vindictive and I rooted for the queen who just couldn t compete for Charles II s attention Coming into this book, I tried to set aside my existing views of Barbara and be open minded about her motives and actions.The book begins with Barbara s journey to Antwerp on a secret Royalist mission to meet Charles Stuart, son of the executed English king Charles I, while he s still in exile As soon as the two meet, Scott takes us back in time to fifteen year old Barbara s arrival in London to live with her mother and stepfather Her mother plans on polishing away Barbara s country attitudes and behaviours in order to prepare her for a good marriage However, Barbara is stubborn and follows her own heart This leads her into the arms of Philip, the Earl of Chesterfield and a notorious womanizer Though Barbara isn t faithful to Philip, or anyone for that matter, Philip s treatment of her hardens Barbara.Once she meets Charles, the story really gets interesting Not only does Barbara realize her inte...

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    I seem to be a serial reader When I find an author I like especially one that writes of a time period that I am exceedingly fond of I seem to try to read every book written by them This same propensity holds true for Susan Holloway Scott whose novels never cease to please me Her books transport me and I am always sad when I come to the end of one of her books That s high praise from mew and is, perhaps, why I go on the hunt for the next title right away.Since I generally read so much about the Tudors I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the reign of King Charles II, the merry king Royal Harlot follows the life of Mistress Barbara Villiers, later Lady Castlemaine, as she becomes Charles II maitress en titre better know as Charles head honcha mistress Barbara Villier s family, the second Earl and Countess of Anglesea had been staunch Royalists during the reign of Charles father, Charles I, but after the government was overthrown ,and Charles I beheaded, the family fortunes had turned Necessity brought the young and beautiful Barbara to an an arranged marriage to Roger Palmer, the Earl of Castlemaine Barbara become Charles mistress while she still married to her Palmer, but ultimately he was, it is believed, paid off in one manner or another leaving free Barbara to devote her energies to Charles alone.The story chronicles the many flirtations and mistresses that Charles had during his relationship with Barbara She gave the ...

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    This one starts with young Barbara Villiers s hook up with the gifted seducer Phillip, the Earl of Chesterfield But Chessy Cheesy wasn t in the marriage market at the time, so in the end she married Roger Palmer Poor Rog probably knew he hadn t married a virgin, but still, could he have realized what he was getting into Eventually Barbara found her way to the exiled and impoverished court of Charles II She s beautiful he s a Stuart Inevitably, Babs and Chuck became lovers and this is about as much of an LTR as anyone could expect The rest of the book revolves around court intrigues and Barbara s ability to pull herself out of various political potholes The one time we see Barbara actually meet Nell Gwynn is a bit anticlimactic, when, in The King s Favorite, we re told about times when Barbara ...

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    If we are meant to see Barbara Palmer as a villain, a seductress, and a very unapologetic and ruthless one at that, the author has done so and done so well I can t help but balance the two views of her the feminist let her sleep with how many men she wants and can we stop slut shaming four centuries later with the holy Hannah how many men did this women sleep with This women would do anything for advancement and for the care and wellbeing of her own children, and my word, was this an interesting tale to read The writer was fantastic in choosing to share this viewpoint of the woman that would have been queen and really should have been Her court of intelligent and ruthless followers, the love and friendship she had of the king, her own skill at gambling and knowing just how to utilize gossip and horror to her advantage had Bar...

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    No weekend would be complete without some sweeping saga of historical fiction I can tear through in one day Frankly, this is the kindest portrait of Barbara Villiers Palmer I ve ever read She is a character whose reputation proceeds her in history, and her legacy has not been kind to her Scott, however, seems to strike an effective balance between championing the infamous Countess of Castlemaine and Duchess of Cleveland and acknowledging her very well documented faults jealousy, temper, pettiness, and how should I put this an extremely ribald lifestyle To me, the hallmark of a good historical novel that features an actual figure from the past is the book s ability to engross a reader without requiri...

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Royal Harlot: A Novel of the Countess Castlemaine and King Charles II London, 1660 Ready To Throw Off A Generation Of Puritan Rule, All England Rejoices When Charles Stuart Returns To Reclaim The Throne Among Those Welcoming Him Is Young Barbara Villiers Palmer, A Breathtaking Royalist Beauty Whose Sensuality And Clever Wit Instantly Captivate The Handsome, Jaded King Though Each Is Promised To Another, Barbara Soon Becomes Charles S Mistress And Closest Friend, And The Uncrowned Queen Of His Bawdy Restoration Court Rewarded With Titles, Land, And Jewels, She Is The Most Envied And Desired Woman In England And The Most Powerful But The Role Of Royal Mistress Is A Precarious One, And Barbara S Enemies And Rivals Are Everywhere In The Palace.

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  • Royal Harlot: A Novel of the Countess Castlemaine and King Charles II
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