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Saving Faith ➷ [Reading] ➹ Saving Faith By Patrick M. Garry ➬ – Because of a misguided medical diagnosis as an orphaned child Jack Fenien was never adopted Now two years after leaving the orphanage he works as a repossessor for a used car dealer One night he enter Because of a misguided medical diagnosis as an orphaned child Jack Fenien was never adopted Now two years after leaving the orphanage he works as a repossessor for a used car dealer One night he enters a bar looking for Ev Sorin whose car Jack has mistakenly towed Expecting violent anger he is surprised when Ev reacts with indifference; but as Jack soon discovers Ev a disgraced journalist has bigger problems on his mind The next day in the same courthouse to which Jack and Ev have gone to arrange for the release of Ev's car from the impound lot a nurse and young woman sit in a crowded courtroom opposite a row of lawyers asking the judge to keep alive a comatose patient whose true identity is unknown but who has been given the name Faith Powers After the hearing Ev seeks out the nurse not for years has he done a real story and he feels a sudden urge to be a journalist again It is an urge that will connect Jack with Clare the troubled young woman who appears to have an almost fanatical attachment to Faith Intrigued with Jack's role as a repossessor Clare sees him as a kind of modern moral prophet Although the characters initially focus on investigating Faith's real identity they eventually come to use Faith as a catalyst for changing their own lives But not until a seemingly random shooting occurs in the city do the characters become truly immersed in the mysteries of the patient and of each other.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Saving Faith
  • Patrick M. Garry
  • English
  • 09 June 2016
  • 9781592992645

About the Author: Patrick M. Garry

From the time he began appreciating the great novels Patrick Garry became intrigued with the imaginative artistry and insights of fiction He wrote dozens of short stories before beginning his first novel which took years to write Since then he has published seven novels and is currently working on a new novel about a disgraced lawyer who finds himself filling in at his sick father’s din.

4 thoughts on “Saving Faith

  1. Maria Elmvang Maria Elmvang says:

    I originally picked up Saving Faith because despite the fact that it was published than 18 months ago there was still no reviews or ratings of it here and only one review of it on That is highly unusual and made me curious After having read it I understand the lack of reviews though because it's very difficult to figure out what to say about it The premise seemed original and the plot would probably have been very interesting if only the characters had managed to win my affection It wasn't that I actually disliked the characters I just discovered that I simply didn’t care about them or their plight at all This made it difficult to get properly engaged in the story which is a shame as it was otherwise very well written so I don't know exactly why the characters failed to win my sympathyThe ending is either a stroke of brilliancy or frustratingly anti climatic I haven't uite figured out which yet and will leave that verdict up to other readers to decide for him or herself

  2. Sunday Smith Sunday Smith says:

    About the BookJack Fenian is a repossessor of cars who has just towed Ev's car by mistake Jack an orphan newly on his own doesn't expect much of life He is therefore uite interested when Ev tells him to sit down and join him for a beer In the coarse of the conversation over a few beers Jack learns that Ev is a down and out reporter suffering from a past break up with a rising star reporter Ev offers to help him get his car but Ev is comfortable waiting until the next day All he wants to do is drink and complain about his ex Lyra and her new significant otherWhen Jack finally takes Ev to the courthouse for paperwork to release Ev's car from impound they stumble upon a hearing Two women are trying to save the life of a comatose patient Faith Powers But the nurse Irene who is seeking an injunction to a sale of the hospital has no standing in the case as she is neither a relative nor does she have guardianship of Faith With her is the young woman Clare who also cares for Faith Ev sees the possibility of a story that might get him back on top of his career What can be a greater human interest story than the defense of the totally defenseless So begins the tales of Ev's broken life with Lyra Clare's broken life with her mother and Jack's beginning relationship with Clare For added spice we have Jack's relationship with Lyra and Ev which places him in the middle of their feudFrom the book jacket Although the characters initially focus on investigating Faith's real identity they eventually come to use Faith as a catalyst for changing their own lives But not until a seemingly random shooting occurs in the city do the characters become truly immersed in the mysteries of the patient and of each otherI don't agree with this description The true identity of Faith never was the focus of the book of any of the characters The focus of the book was always the relationship Jack had with Clare with Ev and with Lyra The story is about saving faith than it is about saving Faith It tells the tale of how people with the power of reporting the news can twist edit things to suit their story their purpose and how they can use people not caring who gets hurtMy Take First I want you to know that I read this book straight through in less than 24 hours Garry has an engaging writing style that makes his story easy to read and engaging He also has uniue similes that I simply had to mark Try She jumps on causes and trends like cheerleaders do on Homecoming parade floats Or She dug into the envelope like a hungry bear into a tourist's coolerGood similes should be short to the point and uite graphic Too many authors try too hard when it comes to them Garry seems to know exactly what makes them both clear and memorableI wasn't too sure about the characters Jack was someone I could identify with even though I came from a huge family or maybe because I came from a huge family I was concerned about Jack and I was concerned about Clare but I couldn't connect with the secondary characters Irene should have been a big part of the Faith story but was like an after thought Lyra while also a large part of the story especially considering how much trouble she causes was like an undefined goddess but this might have been Garry's way of showing how life actually isThe fact that Jack is an orphan and therefore has low expectations is a theme that repeats throughout the book to the point of not only foreshadowing but almost to blatant over foreshadowing The story about Faith Powers seems to get lost inside the story about Clare and Jack and the story about Ev and Lyra But maybe the author actually meant Faith Powers to be only a tangent point bringing together all these people without being part of the actual story The shooting brings out all the evil that exist in today's world evil that doesn't show itself as evil except to the few people harmed by it Gary does a good job of showing us that side of life in all its gory underpinningsI found some of the story hard to follow like a poorly edited movie Scenes seem to jump There was talk of a protest for example and I was wondering What Protest? The book seemed to be missing the conjunctions between some of the scenes and though I could mostly fill them out as I read further it was highly distracting and I always felt like I had missed somethingMy RecommendationI liked the book Readers who are looking for a slice of real life in a story should find this book a good read Because of the themes I would not suggest this one to anyone under fifteen or sixteen and only at that age if you are ready for a real life story Think To Kill a Mockingbird

  3. Charline Ratcliff Charline Ratcliff says:

    I was close to finishing “Saving Faith” by author Patrick M Garry; l was all set to write my review but then I read the book's last few chapters These pages threw me into a slight tail spin and conseuently it has taken me several days to put my thoughts back in order with regard to this title so that I could pen its reviewIn “Saving Faith” we the reader meet Jack an orphan who has a job as a Repossessor Unfortunately for Jack he has mistakenly towed the wrong vehicle This vehicle is now sitting in an impound lot and Jack must locate its owner and explain about his bad luck Ev the car’s owner isn't a hard man to find in fact he's currently occupying a seat at a local watering hole; drowning his perceived troubles with alcoholJack relays the reason for his visit but is surprised by the laughter that is Ev's response Jack reiterates his claim of having towed Ev's car and Ev finally ‘buys’ it the second time around However he is still not the least bit perturbed by this news which is surprising to Jack Most people who have their car repossessed become irate or worseDue to his mistake Jack takes Ev to the courthouse the following day so that Ev's vehicle can be released However the court house is where we meet Clare and a new phase of this story begins I don't want to provide any of the tale but I will state that “Saving Faith” is a good read with a rather uniue plotAs far as the writing goes author Patrick M Garry is a skilled writer and this novel’s story flows smoothly across the pages Garry's characters are believable and I'm certain that readers from all walks of life will be able to empathize with the various struggles circumstances and positions these characters find themselves in While “Saving Faith” does have some religious aspects Garry did a great job of using those messages as appropriate materialstepping stones for this novel versus a heavy handed approach that can turn readers away “Saving Faith” also had a very philosophical look at life through the eyes of an orphan Jack which I very much enjoyedIn closing “Saving Faith” is well worth the read

  4. Darlene Cruz Darlene Cruz says:

    This story moved slow and smoothly into the gist of things The characters were good each played a role in their own discovery The writer played it well starting with a repossessor of cars that's Jack and he towed a car away by mistake that is Ev now the story begins and the weird relationship starts They connect with nurse Irene Clare The both of them care for a comatose woman with whom they named Faith Power now they illicit the help of Jack and Ev to help them find a way to identify this woman Ev ex girlfriend Lyra steps in and now we have gone full circle here's the cast of characters I found this story very simple and rather enjoyable I was always engaged always wanting to see what will happen next Jack antics and decisions made me say to myself no don't do it But for some reason it works out every time I connected with all of characters sometimes Lyra seems so into herself but later she is the complete opposite and Clare boy that one is a character She could seem wild and crazy yet shy and unsure Ev ahhh what a moody broody person but he needs a hug All these problems the author managed to come full circle and connected a well written witty and dramatic and I mean D R A M A of a story Thank you so much for a great read Thank you Darlene Cruz Won this book on Goodreads First Read Giveaway

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