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  1. S̶e̶a̶n̶ S̶e̶a̶n̶ says:

    A woman does needlepoint as she recollects scenes from her life 'encounters' with a former lover childhood memories some laced with vague menace solo trips to a museum as an adult More fully formed than Unrue's previous novella The House this novella shares similar structure and thematic territory with that even shorter work In both books for the duration of the text the narrator is performing some physical activity in The House she is walking through a house while reflecting on a former relationship Here the sense of sorrow is deeper and finely nuanced though It is the lonely voice of one who has touched love and felt its power yet was not able to hold onto it There is a heavy aching feeling of loss as the narrator struggles to reconcile who she is with who she'd wished to be I make my way along the path dividing towering beds of hollyhock What is the point of so much so much loneliness and so much misery I want to know I see myself not looking down into that fountain filling to its edges from the rain; instead I'm standing near the railing of a ship Dark clouds they widen Wind whips up

  2. Nate D Nate D says:

    Already with many of the cadences and poetic sleights of hand that she would later deploy in the excellent Love Hotel Unrue's Life of a Star is a crisp minimal interleaved narrative collecting moments in the life of one who considers herself and actress Art artifice and the attempted act of living where can the boundaries between these practices be drawn?

  3. Matt Matt says:

    I';m writing a fuller review of this for print so I'll keep this short ish but I really enjoyed this book a collection of fragments of various shapes and sizes that together tell the story of the ultimately failed emotional rehabilitation of a woman getting over the end of a romantic relationshipReally the fragments here have a lot of the characteristics you might feel like you're used to from books like Sarah Manguso's McSweeney's book or maybe Dawn Raffel But in those books it at least feels like you're reading something that might be fiction or might be occasional memoir This feels at least a lot like fiction and there's a stronger element maybe for that reason to really come at the narrator from a lot of different directions she's a puzzle instead of a phenomena an enigma instead of a spot of weather Or so I read it and so I really liked reading it

  4. Michael Michael says:

    A very short uniue poetic and beautiful novellaGary Lutz writesInviting itself to be read as a phantom refinement of the celebrity autobiography genre Life of a Star direly melodic and winsomely elliptical belongs in that rich vein of contemporary fiction that forgoes narrative overrun overmuchness of dialogue and reportorial sprawl and instead dispenses itself in slivery pivotal declarations and gleaming summation It’s a novel cored to the climactics the crucialities—and it’s entirely a perfectionHis review is spot on To read it in its entirety go here is a book that I will keep around for a long time

  5. Brian Brian says:

    The things she does with sentences or parts thereof are really amazing

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Life of a Star ❴BOOKS❵ ✭ Life of a Star Author Jane Unrue – Fiction An actress of sorts a woman recalls her childhood longs for her absent lover imagines traveling overseas and wanders through gardens and galleries of art Hers is a life meticulously lived a ca Fiction An actress of sorts a woman recalls her childhood longs for her absent lover imagines traveling overseas and wanders through gardens and galleries of art Hers is a life meticulously Life of PDF/EPUB ² lived a carefully crafted and rehearsed engagement with a real and imagined world; a search for love and meaning that has left her in the end alone Unrue's intricate and intriguing sentences now one word now comprising whole paragraphs and interrupting one another manage to fuse detachment and emotion heartbreak and humor.