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Lost Island Smugglers (Sam Cooper Adventure #1) [BOOKS] ⚣ Lost Island Smugglers (Sam Cooper Adventure #1) ⚡ Max Elliot Anderson – Thomashillier.co.uk Sam Cooper had just moved to Harper's Inlet when he met Tony Tony's father owned a marina Sam Tony and Tyler took scuba lessons together Tony got them in for free After they completed the course the b Sam Cooper had just moved to Harper's Inlet when he met Tony Tony's father owned a marina Sam Tony and Tyler took scuba lessons together Tony got them in for free After they completed the course the boys decided to try out their new skills in the real worldthe ocean The only problem was no one had permission Lost Island eBook º While Tony's father was away on a buying trip the boys took one of the rental sailboats out for their diving adventure Everything went well until the biggest storm Tony had ever seen blew up from out of nowhere and the boys found themselves stranded on Lost Island But if they thought the worst had happened they were wrong The boys discovered a secret hideout that was used by men in high powered speedboats Sam and his friends knew the men were up to something only they didn't know what They had to find a way to stop them but how And even if they did the boys could never tell anyone about it Join Sam Cooper Tony and Tyler on their scary scuba ocean island adventure.

  • Paperback
  • 255 pages
  • Lost Island Smugglers (Sam Cooper Adventure #1)
  • Max Elliot Anderson
  • English
  • 19 August 2015
  • 9781935600022

10 thoughts on “Lost Island Smugglers (Sam Cooper Adventure #1)

  1. Julie Smith (Knitting and Sundries) Julie Smith (Knitting and Sundries) says:

    This review first appeared on my blog Cooper is 11 years old His dad is a research biologist which means that they move a lot In the beginning of the book they see a news article about a drug raid only three blocks from their house which makes Sam think that maybe their NEW move to Harper's Inlet a town north of Miami is going to be a GOOD ideaOn the drive to their new home Sam overhears a conversation at a rest stop which puzzles him a snippet about running boats with shark's teeth and blood He is put off by the appearance of the man holding the conversation and almost tells his parents about it but decides not toOnce they're settled in Sam meets some new boys in Sunday school Tyler and Tony Tony's dad owns the marina where he rents boats and runs a scuba diving school When Tony's dad offers free lessons to Tony and two of his friends Sam persuades his parents to let him attendAs Sam's friendship with these two develops he realizes that he has some misgivings about Tony Tony is rather brash and arrogant and likes to take chances which gives Sam the feeling that he can't trust him This feeling only intensifies when Tony tries to talk the other two into a solo scuba diving trip which Sam knows his parents would not allow Despite his misgivings he allows himself to be talked into it and he heads off into what will be a dangerous adventureThe theme of drug running flows through this book as does the theme of family Sam's family is very supportive doing simple things such as taking their meals together his friends tell him he's lucky Sam's struggles with some of his decisions going against his first inclination just to fit in and we see how peer pressure can easily be succumbed to and also how doing what you know is right is better than going alongParents This is a wholesome book that boys will relate to and enjoy The lessons that are included as part of this adventure are fully integrated into the story unlike many books where we see a preachy sort of lesson which just pops up out of nowhere Bebe Boy James and I discuss chapters as we go along and some of his remarks were I'D want to get rid of all of the drug dealers too and If you know it's wrong you shouldn't let someone else talk you into it We enjoyed it and James was so caught up once the boys got in their fix that we ended up reading past our planned reading time just so he could find out what happenedUOTESHe had never made friends this fast before and nowhere in the rest of the United States not in all the places he had lived before had he ever been friends with someone like TonyMom and I do lots of things for special reasons That's because we only get one shot at being your parents and showing you what we think is important Right now you're one of the most important things in our livesWe need to go down for a better look Sam saidYou mean you need to Tony said I need to stay right hereYeah Tyler added My mom would want me to hide behind this log; I know she wouldWriting 35 out of 5 starsPlot 4 out of 5 starsCharacters 35 out of 5 starsReading Immersion 4 out 5 starsBOOK RATING 375 out of 5 stars

  2. Cindy Cindy says:

    Sam Cooper has moved enough in his short lifetime He is tired of always being the new kid in school So when Sam’s dad says his research assignment this time will last at least two years maybe even as long as five Sam gets excited Plus they will be moving at the end of the school year so Sam will have the summer to meet friendsOne Sunday after the family moves to Florida Sam meets Tony and Tyler at church Tony is “cool” Tyler is Tony’s shadow and Sam wants to be their friend Tony’s dad owns a marina and offers free scuba lessons to Tony and two friends As summer progresses Sam Tony and Tyler spend hours together at the marina and elsewhere They are typical middle school students who sometimes act without thinking about conseuences and occasionally do what they want to do even knowing it isn’t the right thing to do Although Sam Tony and Tyler make some wrong choices they show courage and ingenuity when facing the situation resulting from those choices They learn from their mistakes This short story is filled with action and adventure sure to capture the interest of any young male and maybe even some young femalesAfter Sam’s adventures have wrapped up there is a bonus chapter called “All About Catamarans” which gives interesting information about the type of sailboat Sam Tony and Tyler sailed on Another bonus chapter “How To Make A Shelter” gives details than the actual story does of how to build a structure similar to the one the friends constructedI consider this a wholesome clean book written to a 9 to 12 year old audience It includes family and Christian values without being preachy Sam’s family eats dinner each evening together and attends church together They discuss God at home It also includes current realities as Tyler’s parents are divorced and neither shows much interest in Tyler’s activities at the beginning of the story This book also contains references to drugs Before the Coopers move there is a drug raid at a house three blocks from their home On their relocation drive to Florida there is a traffic delay on the interstate due to a K 9 drug search All drug references that I recall are age appropriate I plan to let my 13 year old son read this book and I can definitely recommend it to my 9 year old nephew as well The book is well written and a fun read I enjoyed it This is book one in a series but it is complete on its own However I am looking forward to reading the next installment in the adventures of Sam Tony and TylerI received a PDF copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Title LOST ISLAND SMUGGLERSAuthor Max Elliot AndersonPublisher Port Yonder PressJuly 2010ISBN 9781935600022Genre InspirationalyouthboysSam Cooper’s dad is moving again—this time down to Florida Sam’s dad a scientist has to study the thousand islands to see if being habituated is destroying the ecosystem Sam isn’t real thrilled about moving until he meets Tony and Tyler Tony’s dad is really rich and he owns a marina and pays for all three boys to have scuba diving lessons Plus he takes them out on a submarine After Sam gets his scuba diving license Tony and Tyler want to go scuba diving in the ocean but Sam’s dad says no since no adults will be there Sam sneaks out and goes with his friends But then a storm blows upand their boat breaks apart Will the boys even survive? And if they do how will their parents find them?LOST ISLAND SMUGGLERS is book one in Mr Anderson’s A Sam Cooper Adventure series I was introduced to Mr Anderson’s books back when my boys were reluctant readers and I completely credit him for teaching them that books can be fun My son Michael still has every book Mr Anderson ever wrote in his collection I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Sam though I would like to know how old he is I’m guessing about eleven but it was never really spelled out Sam is a fun character and he wants to obey his parents but he also longs for the freedom his new friends have If you have boys especially boys that don’t like to read then you won’t want to miss LOST ISLAND SMUGGLERS It will be sure to be a favorite for your sons and daughters The action in this book is nonstop drawing the reader in and keeping his attention all through the story A yummy sounding dessert and directions for building a shelter are included at the end of the book 1295 270 pages

  4. Sandra Stiles Sandra Stiles says:

    This is the first book in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series Sam’s father is a marine biologist Just about the time he gets settled and makes friends his dad’s job takes them somewhere else Now Sam’s family has moved to Florida Sam has made two new friends Tony and Tyler Tony’s father owns a marina Tony invites Tyler and Sam to take free scuba classes After they have successfully passed their classes Tony invites his friends to go diving in the ocean He takes his father’s catamaran without permission Sam knows his parents have said no Will his decision in this matter be the right one or will he find himself in deep water?I am familiar with this author's works Once again he has not disappointed I would say that this is probably going to be my favorite of his books That is until the next one comes out and I read itThe lesson about being honest and obedient is a good one I love the fact that Max always has a clear lesson and a Christian theme However he is never preachy One of the things I really liked about this book is that it takes place in Florida which is where I live I know this will be a selling point to my students The fact that the three main characters are all young boys the age of my students is another plus This is a book that I believe both boys and girls who are looking for adventure will thoroughly enjoy I know that this is the first book in the series but I have hopes that we will learn about Sam’s father and his job in the Everglades This is a hope on my part because the Everglades is one of my favorite places to visit I can’t wait to place this series on my shelves at school

  5. Carol Carol says:

    This story is an action adventure and mysteries directed towardyoung readers 8 13 years old It is fast moving with suspensemystery a heap of danger and conseuences as a result of theiractions Sam Cooper’s father is a marine biologist whose job has the Family constantly on the move Due to this moving it is hardfor Sam to keep friends or to be settled in one place On the latest move to Florida Sam makes friends with two boys Theone boy named Tony father owns a marina and the second boyTyler whose father has left the family so he follows Tony allthe time Tony’s Dad arranges for the three boys to take freescuba lessons After getting certified and not having anyone to take them out into the ocean Tony takes his father’s catamaran without permissionAnd off the three boys sailEverything seems to be smooth sailing and diving until a stormblows up across the ocean The catamaran gets destroyed The boys end up on Lost Island How will they survive? How will they get home? Will they ever see their parents again?Plus a group smugglers are using the Lost Island to hide their contraband Will they find the three boys? What will they do tothe boys?A good read for young readers that will hold their attention besides give them lessons in being obedient honest and avoiding peer pressureThis is the author’s first book in the Sam Cooper AdventureSeriesAt the end of the book there is a recipe for a dessert a diagram of a catamaran naming all the parts and instructions on how to build a shelterThank you to book funorg for this eBook My opinion is my own

  6. Jenny Rose Jenny Rose says:

    Lost Island Smugglers by Max Elliot Anderson is about Sam Cooper and his family’s latest move Sam’s dad’s job has them moving freuently While Sam has learned to adjust and makes friends uickly it’s hard to leave relationships behind over and over When the Cooper family visits a local church Sam meets two boys who seem to know how to find all the excitement Tony’s dad owns the marina and Tyler is Tony’s sidekick After getting all three boys free scuba lessons Tony borrows one of his dad’s boats so he and his friends can do some real scuba diving The boys learn a lot about themselves as well as a few secrets of the island that someone else wants kept secretGrowing up I loved reading Hardy Boys preferred them over Nancy Drew and this reminded me of a Christian contemporary version of Hardy Boys There is definitely action adventure and suspense for both boys and girls 8 12 years

  7. Carrie Gould Carrie Gould says:

    This is a fun adventure Sam Cooper is the son of a marine biologist so his family moves often Here he is again in a new town trying to make new friends He meets a couple guys in his Sunday school class and the three of them become fast friends After taking scuba lessons together they decide to test out their new skills However they do it without their parents' permission and end up alone in a boat caught in a storm Their adventures are just beginning and Sam learns the hard way that it is not worth it to disobey They find themselves stranded on an island using any resources they can scrounge up for survival Little did they know that danger is just around the corner Read the book to find out This is a great read for boys and girls ages 8 and up I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review which I have given

  8. Mariah Christiansen Mariah Christiansen says:

    This book is about a boy named Sam Cooper who lives with his father in Harper's Inlet where he make two new friends Tony and Tyler While his father is out on a boating trip he and Tony and Tyler go on their own adventure and find two men in a cave doing some bad things but they don't know what they are actually doing The boys have to decide if they want to stop the men how they will do it and if anyone would believe themThis is another high interest low ability book this one I might read to the class and talk about how you decide when you should tattle and when you should notThis book would suit all my students 2nd 4thAnderson M E 2010 Lost Island smugglers Shellsburg Iowa SharksFinn

  9. Susan Susan says:

    What a great first in this series for teens The author knows how to keep the suspense going to keep the reader intrigued The story was a good mix of danger suspense dialogue and mystery You feel for the new kid who has the dilemma of peer pressure to make friends or doing what is right This story also teaches that each decision has conseuences and you have to live with those What a great teaching tool for teens who are in the middle of these peer pressure years This well written story will gently remind them that God sees everything and will be with you always I recommend this for any teen and even pre teens as a great story with wonderful morals I received this book from bookfunorg for an honest review

  10. Family Oriented Family Oriented says:

    A Great Adventure StoryThis is a great book for teenage and younger boys or for anyone who enjoys an adventureYou will love getting to know Sam Tony and Tyler as you follow them taking scuba lessons testing out their new skills without permission and then suffering the conseuences along with making an unexpected discoveryThe author weaves an exciting story while giving good old fashioned moral lessons on obedience to parents not submitting to peer pressure and the fact that we may have the freedom to make decisions but we may not be able to control the conseuencesThis is a 5 star book EnjoyI received this book from The Book Club Network in return for my honest opinion

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