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Into the Dark ➶ [Reading] ➸ Into the Dark By Gena Showalter ➫ – Thomashillier.co.uk Three otherworldly tales from the master of paranormal romanceand a Lords of the Underworld bonus guideTHE DARKEST FIRE A Lords of the Underworld preuelGeryon is the guardian of hell monster than man Three otherworldly tales from the master of paranormal romanceand a Lords of the Underworld bonus guideTHE DARKEST FIRE A Lords of the Underworld preuelGeryon is the guardian of hell monster than man Kadence is the goddess of Oppression angel than woman Together they will enter the flames to battle a dangerous horde of demon lords and Into the PDF \ discover a passion unlike any otherTHE 'S CURSE A tale of AtlantisZane a fierce vampire warrior has been enslaved by the s Nola a lovely soldier has been cursed with invisibility Now these two stubborn enemies must overcome the pasts that haunt them and embrace a love that can set them freeTHE DARKEST PRISON A Lords of the Underworld taleOnce Atlas the Titan god of Strength was the Greek goddess Nike's slave Now he is her master And soon these sworn rivals destined to destroy each other will be forced to risk everything for love.

About the Author: Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over seventy books including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld series the Gods of War series the White Rabbit Chronicles and the Forest of Good and Evil series She writes sizzling paranormal romance heartwarming contemporary romance and unputdownable young adult novels and lives Into the PDF \ in Oklahoma City with her family an.

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  1. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 stars – Paranormal Romance AnthologyThis anthology features the LOTU short stories The Darkest Fire and The Darkest Prison the Atlantis short story The 's Curse and LOTU bonus materialThe Darkest Fire is an okay LOTU preuel story but I didn't really gain any further insights into the series and it's just a bit too short 3 starsThe Darkest Prison is a pretty good LOTU 'enemies to lovers' story that I enjoyed 4 starsThe 's Curse was my favorite part of the anthology which is a bit surprising since I mainly bought this for the LOTU stories and guide and hadn't previously read any of the Atlantis books It's a very sweet romance of two people from warring tribes one vampire and the other who have been abused in the past finding trust and love in each other It definitely piued my interest in reading of the Atlantis series 4 ½ starsThe Darkest Facts LOTU bonus materialcompanion guide includes a funny uestionanswer section with authors Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole provides some fun character biosdetails and gives deeper insight into the LOTU series 4 starsI can't wait for Gena to finally write Paris's and William's stories

  2. Leah Leah says:

    Into the Dark is basically an insider's guide to Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series It consists of three short novellas interviews uestions with Gena and the original first few chapters of The Darkest Night I absolutely loved this book and all the different parts of itThe Darkest FireThe Darkest Fire is the preuel to Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series In this novella we meet Geryon the gatekeeper of Hell and Kadence the Goddess of Oppression They have known each other for years but have simply admired from afar But when Kadence goes to Lucifer for Geryon's soul to acuire the tempting gatekeeper's help they are finally able to express their desire passion and love They go into Hell together in order to kill the Demon Lords However the Lords kill Kadence taking her away from the one man she's ever loved and in his moment of grief Geryon gives the Lords permission to leave Hell and roam the Earth Her soul though is still free to roam the earth In order to be together Geryon kills himself so that his spirit may roam free with Kadence From the bones of her dead body dimOuniak famously known as Pandora's box is createdI was a little disappointed by this story I mean like all of Gena's other books it was sexy and interesting but I wish it could have been longer I felt like Geryon and Kadence's romance was really rushed and they didn't really get the chance to get to know each other and fall in love Despite that though I thought it was greatThe 's CurseThe 's Curse is a short novella in Gena Showalter's Atlantis series which follows the fourth book The Vampire's Bride In this novella we see how Nola and Zane are doing after the curses delivered to them after the cruel games of the gods in The Vampire's Bride Nola an ian warrioress is cursed with invisibility; no one can see hear or touch her Zane a vampire was made a slave in the s' camp We come into the story when during the ian mating season during which they fight for rights to males they have kidnapped Zane is won by one of the warrioresses and Nola does everything she can to try and free Zane He thinks that he is hallucinating when he sees Nola but they soon realize that the ualities that were taken from her by the gods return when she admits things about Zane When the warrioress with rights to Zane returns and finds Nola there with him she leaves to get of the s giving Nola and Zane only minutes to get him free Somehow they manage and he disappears into the forest with the promise of returning for his woman Nola is beaten for not only setting a slave free but for setting free the slave of her sister When Zane and other vampires return to the camp to rescue her Zane finds her in her tent He heals her with his blood they make passionate love than once he drinks her blood and then they agree to live in the vampire palace By admitting that she loves Zane Nola is able to cross the invisible barrier that had been keeping her trapped in the ian camp and they live happily ever afterI loved this story Zane and Nola are too cute together and I loved them in The Vampire's Bride so I was looking forward to reading their story I hate that they weren't able to get a full length novel though I wish that there could have been to their story because I was very upset when it ended and it left me wanting to know about them Despite that though I thought that this novella was fantastic I loved the little cameos by Layel the vampire king and Delilah his ian wife If in the future there are books added to the Atlantis series I hope to see or Zane and NolaThe Darkest PrisonThe Darkest Prison is a short novella that is part of Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series This novella tells the story of Atlas the Titan god of Strength and Nike the Greek goddess of Strength and Victory Many years before Atlas had seduced Nike and convinced her to free him from Tartarus That is until she ran into one of the other guards that he had been schmoozing As a result she tattooed her name on his chest and threw him back in prison We join the story many years later after the Titans have already overthrown the Greeks and imprisoned them Nike is now one of the prisoners while Atlas is now the warden and he has tattooed his name on her back Despite their mutual hatred they share a mutual passion and love towards each other Atlas attempts to get permission from Cronus the god king to move Nike from the prison to his house under the pretense of making her suffer but Cronus does not give his permission Despite that Atlas takes Nike out for a day alone and they finally give in to their desire completely Not many days later Atlas frees Nike and sends her away the only way he knows how with cruel words As a result of defying the god king Atlas is punished by getting Nike's name a brand he had grown to love cut out of his skin fulfilling a vision Danika had painted in the beginning of the story; then he is thrown in prison Once Nike realizes that he sent her away to keep her save and because he loved her she devises a plan to rescue Atlas Once they are free they decide to go to earth and live among the humans They also come to the realization that they would do well to make friends with the Lords of the Underworld eternal enemies of CronusI loved this story It was very passionate and fast paced The passion between Atlas and Nike was sexy steamy and made me wish that I was Nike To have that man's full attention passion and love aimed at meHeaven Characterwise I loved Atlas He was so adorable and he was pretty funny sometimes too It was a surprise to see Sienna but I knew that Cronus was playing Paris before It was interesting to see Reyes and Danika in the beginning to set the premise for Atlas' punishment I actually suealed when Nike and Atlas said that they should befriend the Lords and I hope that they will show up in future Lords novelsTwentyish uestions with Kresley ColeGena and Kresley are so entertaining together; I wish I could see them interact together in real life However I kind of wished that their interview could have been longer It gave a lot of good information on the series and was funny at parts tooClassified Files From the Private Records of Dean StefanoI thought it was really cool to see Stefano's files It's kind of funny to see what they have documented about the Lords and their plans to capture the LordsBehind the Scenes Creating the Lords of the UnderworldIt was pretty cool to see the original plan for the LOTU series It was weird to see that some of the Lords were going to have different names especially since I could never picture them with different namesAwakening PandoraThe four chapters of Awakening Pandora were very interesting to read It was cool to read the original first few chapters of The Darkest Night and to see how different they were I loved the idea of having a heroine that was a thief for hire with a punky sidekick and I really think that Gena should do a heroine like that Hmmmmaybe Torin's HEAAt Home with the Lords of the UnderworldThe interviews with William had to be one of my favorite parts of this whole book He is so funny and I loved when he would taunt the Lords and the Lords would dish it right back I thought it was pretty hilarious when Anya and Gwen came in on Lucien's and Sabin's interviews and were answering uestions for them One of the funniest interviews had to be Cameo's because Willie kept asking her if he wanted to go up to his room afterwards and then eventually he stopped asking because her depressing voice was getting to him Another hilarious thing was that Willie got called on his feelings for Gilly and he kept on denying themRound Table The Women of the Underworld SpeakThis was great to see It was awesome to have the women speak for a chance and answer uestions on their men It was great that Gilly kept denying she had feelings for Willie The best part though had to be when Gwen and Bianka were arguing over how much details of their sex life they could giveFreuently Asked uestionsThese were awesome because I got to learn about the Lords and how the series is going to progressSneak Peak at The Darkest PassionI actually didn't read this part because I didn't want to ruin anything since I was starting The Darkest Passion nextThe Sacred ScrollsThese were interesting to look at because it was cool to see the different demons that the Lords have to try to find

  3. Ren Puspita Ren Puspita says:

    Giveaway for the translated version Rahasia Kegelapan at my blog D The link Giveaway and Interview with Angelic ZaiZai And its Indonesian only for this timeOnce again Gena Showalter not make me disappointed 2 thumbs upI've read the 3 short stories The Darkest Fire The Darkest Prison sama 's Curse in e book version so i skip it and read just the guide insideAndIts soooo great and very funnyMy favorite part is At Home With Lords of The UnderworldWhere William Anya's BFF interviewing The LordsI like his interview with Lucien and Gideon laugh so hard until my stomach hurt ^^And then my other favorite is At Round Table Women in LOTU speaks Its great and i like interview between Kresley Cole and Gena ShowalterThere are The Darkest Passion sneak peekMake me cant wait to readOverall Great Book for Gena Showalter's fans especially Lords of The Underworld ^^

  4. SheLove2Read SheLove2Read says:

    Reviewing for netGalleycomThis book is a nice collection of stories and extras from two of Gena Showalter's paranormal series The first story is actually a pre preuel to Showalters Lords of the Underworld series Titled The Darkest Fire its the story of WHY the gods created Pandora's Box and how it came to be in her possession I found it interesting as it relates to the series as a whole but for story content it was not something I would have read on my own CThe second story is bonus material from Showalters book The Vampire's Bride Since for me that was a HUGE DNF I didn't read thisFollowing the second story there is a section written by the Hunters describing all of the traits and weaknesses of the LOTU This is a great little section I wish I had when there's a lull between books because honestly sometimes you just forget about certain charactersNext is a behind the scenes look at the writing of the books by Showalter How she came up with the premise of the series and how she decides which book is next Cute and funny but if you don't read it you won't miss anythingAwakening Pandora follows and is actually the first three chapters of the LOTU series that Showalter eventually scrapped in favor of the current plot I loved the prologue and wish she had included it in the eventual series first book however the story wasn't my cuppa tea so I'm glad she went with another route for the seriesA section titled At Home with the LOTU is an interview between the Lords and Anya's friend William and Women of the Underworld Speak I thought it was really cute and enjoyed this section tremendouslyFinally there's a sneak peek at The Darkest PassionOverall I'd give this excerptpreview book a B

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    I love love love the Lords of the Underworld books so I was excited to find out the origins of Pandora's box and an additional LofTU story I was disappointed in The Darkest Fire The story never grabbed me and the ending was a total let down Maybe it's because I'm used to the characters triumphing against the odds but this ending just seemed like the characters giving up The 's Curse was better although I am not familiar with her Atlantis books I liked getting a glimpse into vampire society and it was actually touching to see Zane's softer side and the mention of how he felt about children and family I would definitely like to read about the ian warriors and may have to check out the Atlantis series My favorite was probably The Darkest Prison We got to see Sienna again and I am dying to read Paris and Sienna's story It's like a tease that we get these short glimpses of what is to come but I just want that story in my hands I enjoyed both Atlas and Nike and the chemistry between the two was hot It gives you a hint of what is to come in the war between the Greeks and the Titans and it made a nice addition to the LofTU series

  6. Monique Monique says:

    I wasn't a huge fan of the preuel but I enjoyed Nike and Atlas' story and the glimpse into what is happening in Heaven after the Titan's victory

  7. Nely Nely says:

    Into the Dark is an anthology containing short stories formerly e books that Gena Showalter has written mostly related to her Lords of the Underworld series I would consider this of a companion book as the stories are not precisely of any of the LordsThe Darkest Fire I would say is a preuel to the first story in the series since it takes place long before the demons are living within the Lords This the story of Geryon guardian of the gates of hell and Kadence the Goddess of Oppression Geryon is in charge of making sure that no soul tries to escape hell While Kadence is somehow connected to the wall that keeps these souls in When trouble strikes in the form of our pesky demons ie Pain Lies Doubt Violence etc cracking the wall it is up to Kadence and Geryon to travel into the depths of hell and put a stop to it If they are not successful not only will those same evil foul demons escape but Kadence who is bonded to the wall will perish This story had a Beauty and the Beast feeling to it Geryon was cursed by Lucifer and is a hideous beast but Kadence's feelings for him are genuine and she sees him as a beautiful being Their love story was very touchingThe 's Curse is the seuel to The Vampire's Bride I never read The Vampire's Bride TVB so I had never heard of any of these characters before From what I can tell the story picks up right after TVB finishes and you find yourself in the humid jungle amongst an ian female camp There you encounter Zane a vampire who is being held against his will as a slave The females are fighting over who will be the one to obtain him as a mate You also meet Nola who has been cursed by the Gods and is invisible She knows Zane I'm assuming from TVB and tries to help him but she's completely invisible That is until she begins to accept her feelings for him and therefore regaining her true self little by litte This was a very short story and one I got the feeling that there might be to this storyThe Darkest Prison takes place in between The Darkest Pleasure and The Darkest Whisper is the story of two Gods Atlas the God of Strength and Nike the Goddess of Strength They are fated to be enemies Atlas was held in Tartarus during the ruling of the Greek Gods and while there he tried to seduce Nike one of the prison's guards in order to obtain freedom His plan almost worked had it not been for Nike running into another female guard who also spoke of Atlas' attentions As any woman scorned would she not only made sure he did not escape but she tattooed her name on his chest so he never forgot who owned him love that Now that the Titans have overthrown the Greeks it is Nike who is being held prisoner and finds herself imprisoned by none other than Atlas But he soon realizes that his feelings for Nike were genuine then he originally expected This was by far my favorite story in the book I loved the lovehate relationship between these star crossed loversAwakening Pandora are the first three chapters of what would have eventually been the plot to the series but eventually got scrapped for what we now know as the storyline for the Lords I'm thankful really because although it was interesting I really like what Gena has done in this seriesAfter these first four stories there are two interview type areas One is titled At Home with the Lords of the Underworld There William Anya's hottie friend is asking the Lords uestions I found myself laughing out loud throughout most of it Not only are William's uestions hysterical but he is just an all around funny guy It was great to hear the answers from the Lords as well as some cameo's from some of their significant others The second section is titled Women of the Underworld Speak Here we find the women all gathered with Gilly Danika's friend who is holding court over the women and it's just girl gossip and discussing what they like and don't like about the powerful men in the house These two sections were hilarious and loads of fun and I think my favorite parts in the whole book And finally we get a sneak peak into the upcoming The Darkest PassionFor fans of the series this is definitely one you will want to acuire for your collection Like I said it is of a companion book but definitely needed to have your series complete The stories were short but they were riddled with tidbits of information that you will find useful and will give you the fix you need until the next installment in the series releasesThis book was provided for review by Harleuin through NetGalley

  8. Laura Laura says:

    This is an anthology of 3 of Gena Showalter's ebooks that she has compiled with some LotU extras The first story is a LotU preuel But not really It is about the Guardian to the gates of Hell named Geryon and the Goddess of Oppression Kadence He is was a man who sold his soul to save his wife who then left him for another man Very tragic Kadence is bonded to the wall of hell in order to keep all the demons in thereand you guessed it the Lords' demons In fact Pain Lies Doubt and Violence are the ones who crack the wall Kadence bargains with Lucifer to get Geryon's soul back so he can help her repair the wall They descend into hell to fix it but are repeatedly attacked by demons Geryon fights what he can but Kadence finally finds her goddess powers and controls all the demons there Except for the Lords' demons They are too strong and they keep chipping away at the wall until it kills Kadence who as we know is bonded to said wall Geryon and Kadence have loved each other from afar and reveal their love in true Showalter fashion lots of steamy sexand they bond to each other hoping to sever Kadence's bond to the wall Eventually they cannot repair the wall uickly enough and the demons get free but Geryon kills himself to live free as spirits with Kadence One thing I really REALLY loved about this story was that Geryon was once a man but Lucifer turned him into an ogrethat their love was strong enough to overcome death was great but that he kept his furry form was fantastic Kadence never knew the man she knew the beast It was a great take on Beauty and the Beast that Beauty fell in love with the beast and not the handsome prince So he stayed in beast form and they both lived happily ever after I liked that he retained his beast form The LotU demons were bound into a box the gods made from Kadence' bones and given to Pandora to guard We all can figure out what happens from thereThe second short story was The 's Curse and it picked up right after The Vampire's Bride ended Remember Nola The warrior banished from the gods' contest of Survivor She was turned invisible Zane the vampire she'd met at the competition was turned into a slave for the camp It was a VERY short story where every time Nola admitted to herself where she went wrong with Zane she got a piece of herself back First she was visible then solid but still bound to the camp then she was freed once she told Zane she loved him It was a sweet lovely story Once she freed Zane she had to fight her sisters and then was beaten for letting him escape Zane and the vampires came back and drove the s out of their camp then healed Nola and got their happy end It may have to it since I'm sure the s won't be content to let themselves remain beatenThe third story was by far my favorite It takes place in between The Darkest Pleasure and The Darkest Whisper The Greeks have just been overthrown by the Titans and Atlas Titan god of Strength is holding down Nike the Greek goddess of strength and he is tattooing his name on her back As she branded him across the chest with hers When he had been locked away in Tartarus Atlas seduced Nike to help him escapetoo bad during the escape she ran into the other female guards he had seduced in attempts to escape Jealous and angry she tattooed NIKE across his chest When it was his turn and he saw his name across her smooth back he didn't feel justice he feltpossessive Mine he thought So he imprisons her but can't get her out of his head Eventually they realize the lust is still there but neither of them want to want each other Atlas realizes first that he loves Nike and so he frees her Kronus finds out and strips Nike's tattoo off his chest That hated brand had become his last link to Nike and Kronus cut it off of him Well Nike was never one to run so she frees Atlas tells him she loves him and they escape to Earth and possibly want to meet up with our Lords of the Underworld The crazy part was that Sienna was sitting in ghostly form next to KronusParis' Sienna I have it on good authority she will have some parts in the next 2 or 3 books We'll just have to wait for May for the next installment The Darkest Passion

  9. Torzilla Torzilla says:

    Overall book rating B The Darkest Fire Kadence the Goddess of Oppression is forced to monitor Hell's walls ensuring that they never crumble Geryon a monster is stationed to guard Hell protecting the living world from the vengeful spirits trapped inside The two have worked side by side for years never once uttering a word to the other But when demons start causing some trouble will Kadence and Geryon be able to overcome the trial set before them or will they ultimately be defeatedMy OpinionI usually try to avoid short stories simply because they're too brief for me I'm always left craving for bemoaning how cruel the authors and publishers are for releasing such a short snippet of an idea that I feel has potential Usually I'm also never convinced that the two characters are in love in these types of situations unless their relationship was developed in prior books With that said I was slightly skeptical in regards to this blossoming relationship I neither doubted the physical attraction nor the feelings of liking the other but in regards to love Still too brief for me to fully believeWhile I wished that this story was slightly longer I'm a sucker for these stories I was not left disgruntled The outcome was something so creative and uniue that I have to applaud Gena for being so frighteningly clever Never once in those 90 pages did I suspect that that was how the story would end The 's Curse Nola is an warrior abused when she was younger Zane an eually abused vampire was a demon whore Both were forced to partake in a cruel game devised by the gods Both despised any persons' touchNola scorned this vampireuntil being punished and sentenced to a life of invisibility She could see and hear all but she in turn could not be seen touched or heardZane is once again forced into slavery this time as a sex slave to the s He scorns their touches threatens death to all those attempting to touch him Ironic that the only one he wishes he could touch is the one cursed to be invisible to all Or is sheMy OpinionLike I said this was a wonderful wrap up to Gena's Atlantis series Short and sweet and much needed to tie off the loose ends that left me wondering what would eventually happen after The Vampire's Bride It was strange re entering Atlantis after being neglected of it for so long For those of you unable to recall the past events in the previous book Gena makes sure to do a uick recap in Nola's point of view Being able to witness what went on in this 's head especially because she was so smitten now was nice for a changeI was ecstatic upon the discovery that Delilah and Layel made an appearance in this story too The little twist thrown in there also left me feeling warm and fuzzy They deserve it The Darkest Prison Nike Greek goddess of strength and victory and Atlas Titan god of strength were always rivals When the Titans were locked away in Tartarus Nike enjoyed taunting the god proving that she was far superiorUpon the defeat of the Greeks Atlas was sure he would have revenge What better way to extract that revenge than to brand Nike the way she branded him ages ago However upon glimpsing his name on her back Atlas is starting to have second thoughts about revengeMy OpinionThe Darkest Prison was my favorite short story out of the three that were provided in this book Despite introducing new characters for readers the love that blossomed betwixt Nike and Atlas was neither rushed nor unbelievable I was left feeling satisfied and once again begging for These two immortals live up to their arrogant reputations while also revealing a vulnerable side I believe that the combination of the two especially the alpha male and female clashing heads is what made their tale a successful one It will be interesting to see what Gena will do in her future Lords of the Underworld books especially considering the outcome of this tale Into the Dark is well worth reading I will be buying a copy of this when it comes out on April 27th

  10. Stephanie G Stephanie G says:

    35 StarsThere are two Lords of the Underworld and one Atlantis short story from Gena Showalter in Into the Dark In The Darkest Fire Geryon is the guardian of the gates of hell It is his job to keep the souls in hell Kadence is the goddess of Oppression and plays warden to to Lucifer and Hades When the demon lords start to attack and weaken the wall Geryon and Kadence must go inside the gates of hell and stop them before they brake through the wall and are released into the world Geryon has always admired Kadence at a distance He has the appearance of a beast and thinks he is unworthy of her Kadence however can see past the fur claws and horns to the strong male that wants to protect her and is willing to go into hell for her I thought this was a sweet story even though the ending was a bit sad Any woman could fall for a tall dark handsome man but it takes something extra in order to see past the face of a beast and feel nothing but love him In this story you also get to find out how Pandora's box was made which I thought was interesting The 's Curse is a story about Atlantis Nola an was cursed by the gods not be seen heard or touched by any one Zane a vampire is to be sent to the camp as punishment to be used as a sex slave during their mating season It is not until Nola starts to admit her true feeling toward Zane is she finally able to break the curse I didn't feel there was much to this story I felt like I was missing out on a lot of back history Maybe it is because I have yet to read Gena's Atlantis series but I just didn't feel any connection to the characters The story wasn't not bad it just wasn't my favorite of the three Into the Dark is very Lords of the Underworld oriented and I felt this story was just thrown in just so it could make it to print We get a brief appearance by Reyes and Danika in The Darkest Prison The goddess Nike was once tricked by Atlas so he could escape from Tartarus He manipulated her emotions and as part of his punishment she branded her name into his chest Once the titans took control of Mt Olympus it was time for Atlas to get his revenge After he tattooed his name into her back he had Nike thrown into prison He thought that would be the end of it but his real feelings for Nike could not be ignored Nike trys to refuse Atlas but she has never stopped loving him It is always nice to read a story where the female lead isn't a perfect female Nike isn't the most attractive woman but to Atlas she is everything The story was short and sweet and I hope in the future the LOTU can count both Nike and Atlas as allies A moment that got me thinking was when Atlas went to Cronus and saw that Sienna was at his side My poor Paris is in for a world of pain There were also plenty of extras to satisfy a Lords of the Underworld fan including and interview with Gena conducted by Kresley Cole a look into the files of the Hunters and a round table interview with the women of the Underworld My favorite section of the book was the interviews that William held with the Lords It had me laughing and thinking 'that is so sweet' Favorite uote 1 William is interviewing Aeron William Zodiac Sign Aeron Sign I'm not holding a sign My hands are empty William Are you embarrassed by your cluelessness Because I'm embarrassed for you Favorite uote 2 Sabin You say tomato I say shut the hell up I really enjoyed reading Into The Dark This would be good to have for all the true fans of the LOTU series because it helps to also clear up a few uestions about the warriors and has detailed descriptions of all the Warriors plus much I learned a lot of interesting bits about the world of the Lords of the Underworld and I was very entertained This is NOT another full length Lords of the Underworld book but a collection of short stories and a bonus guide The guide alone along all the extras is worth buying this book You also get a sneak peek into The Darkest Passion release date May 25th which is Aeron's book and The Darkest Lie release date June 29th which is Gideon's book Stephanie G

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