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Best Word Book Ever! PDF Epub Best Word Book Ever Author Richard Scarry Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Words, Words, Words They Define Everything And Kids Want To Define Their World Richard Scarry S Best Word Book Ever Is Frankly The Best Word Book Ever From The Bear S Home To The Beach, From The Airport To The Zoo, Verbs, Numbers, Parts Of The Body, Every Oversized Spread Has Hundreds Of Things To Look At, Point To, And Identify Pigs, Cats, Rabbits, And Bears, All Doing What We Do Every Day Playing With Toys, Driving Fire Engines, And Experiencing Life, Just Like The Avid Readers Of This Classic Favorite.In Print For Fifty Years, This Book Has Sold Over A Half Million Copies That S Over A Billion Words Learned By Children All Over The World Learning Has Never Been Fun

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    Read and Reviewed by Me My Niece Emma Emma has real doubts about that title I fought for Richard Scarry, but I m afraid the 5 year old girl might be right.Scarry s cartoony fantasy land populated with eyelid less, anthropomorphic animals was absolutely beloved by yours truly when I was but a wee lad However, this incarnation has none of the sense of fun found in the Scarry books I read as a boy Nothing, I mean nothing out of the ordinary happens in Best In the Scarry books of my youth, the characters got into all kinds of zany japery I recall one high larious episode in which an ape went for a joy ride that turned the town upside down In retrospect, I think the ape was a watch thief This thing is nothing than animal people doing nothing untoward, just normal day to day activities waking up in the morning, playing on the playground, building things, farming, going shopping, etc There are pages of airplanes, cars, zoo animals, firefighters, things you d find at the beach, and facial expressions Each page is filled with these items Each item has its word beside it Each pa...

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    Grew up with the English and Italian editions in our bilingual household Best Word Book Ever How I loved these books that nourished my love of words and my love of lists.

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    Although I never actually experienced the original English language edition of Richard Scarry s Best Word Book Ever as a child in Germany, the triple language German, English and French version titled Mein allersch nstes W rterbuch Deutsch Englisch Franz sisch was one of my very favourite educational word learning picture books and indeed a favourite language teaching and learning tool for the entire family when I was about eight and nine years of age 1974 to 1975 And of course, I was therefore also keen on reading Best Word Book Ever although that the version of the book currently in print and most readily and cheaply available for purchase is the 2013 50th anniversary edition which has been both abridged and made so called politically correct for the 21st century did both bother me and intrigue me at the same time, and yes, that it would indeed be academically worthwhile and enlightening comparing and contrasting my unabridged 1974 German, French and English copy with the 2o13 50th anniversary special edition of Best Word Book Ever I had just purchased And truth be told, while I have certainly very much enjoyed Best Word Book Ever in its 2013 incarnation and do think that for the most part, Richard Scarry s combination of words and images are relatively similar if I compare them to Mein allersch nstes W rterbuch Englisch Deutsch Franz sisch which was also the closest I could get comparing the 2013 Best Word Book Ever to earlier editions , I do find s...

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    THIS IS the best word book ever EVER My four year old and I stretch out on our bellies on the floor and read every single word traffic light, telephone booth, manhole, sidewalk, subway entrance, token seller, newsstand, taxi, turnpike or thruway or superhighway, crane, seaport, bay, lighthouse, drawbridge, windmill, forest, classroom, wastebasket, inkwell, desk, pencil, paper clip, scissors, string, lost clothing drawer, clock, grocer, salmonella infested peanut butter, jam, bread, baby food, sugar, cheese, eggs, cherries, plums, blueberries, cart, shopper, piglet who wants to work in the supermarket when she grows up, ocean liner, pirate ship, barge, tugboat, freighter, oil tanker, ferryboat, sport fishing boat, houseboat, sailboat, raft, kayak, canoe, rowboat, oar, worm, dandelion seed, button, pin, snowflake, ladybug, drop of water, fingerprint, jelly bean, firefly, pea, crumb, sand, keyhole, polliwo...

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    Hmm this is a tough one for me to review I imagine that this will appeal to some kids than others Maybe young introverts would appreciate the detail I m currently reading Quiet by Cain which is about introversion Instead of using a book to introduce vocabulary I usually build o...

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    This is my most favorite book ever My father bought me this book since I was so young that I cannot remember a thing.As far as I can remember, I always carry this book with me in my early childhood.I always ...

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    Very educational.

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    Richard Scarry s books are classics They have delightful illustrations that are full of color and movement in fact, his page spreads are unlike other picture books His have many busy scenes happening all at once It might take a page or two before your eye and mind adjust.And you don t really read Scarry s books for a story either They re discovery and exploration books so make sure you have time to take it all in Don t have an agenda with where each page will go, just enjoy soaking in what you see, even if you miss some stuff Everything will be there for you to discover the next time Ages 3 7Cleanliness It shows how bears get dressed in the morning, including a drawing of their underwear One picture shows a window in a shop with a wizard s costume On the holiday spread, it shows Halloween and Christmas includes ghost, skeleto...

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    When I was four and a half, I taught myself how to read and write with Richard Scarry books I would make grocery lists featuring all the items from this book we should make sure to purchase lots of fruit and sugar.

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