Le Misanthrope ou L'Atrabilaire Amoureux Epub Ç Le

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Le Misanthrope ou L'Atrabilaire Amoureux
  • Molière
  • French
  • 18 December 2014
  • 9782011691873

10 thoughts on “Le Misanthrope ou L'Atrabilaire Amoureux

  1. Florencia Florencia says:

    This play was written in the 17th century and it is so contemporary because of that feeling of rejection towards society and almost everything that surrounds it And the subseuent isolation that the person feels of course It happens all the time People who are sick of other people but then they can't stand that deep loneliness they find They were never ready for it and they end up believing they are indeed cursed or something and kind of give up accepting that miserable existence; very Harry Haller They might accept it until they find that special someone that dislikes that side of the world too That What You too? I thought that no one but myself moment Or they die alone whatever comes first So 17th century today No matter the time or place some people feel like outsiders and that brings inevitably alienation That other people start to look at them like the personification of abnormality Like human beings that just hate humanity for the hell of it Like misanthropes And that is the word that led me to this book I wanted to read this one because I used to think I was one of them Back to the book It is an insightful play about the essence of human nature our virtues and flaws Molière brilliantly portrayed the hypocrisy of its time through Alceste the protagonist A man with a profound existential conflict that fell in love with Célimène a 17th century French Holly Golightly Oh yes that can't go wrong right?I really enjoyed reading this book Funny stuff with actually some meaningOct 20 14? Also on my blog

  2. Ted Ted says:

    lovers always brag about their dear;Their passion never sees a thing to blameAnd everything is lovely in their flameThey find perfection in her every flawAnd speak of her with euphemistic aweThe tireless talker's charmingly vivaciousThe mute girl modest womanly and graciousThus every man who loves beyond compareLoves even the defects of his lady fairIf only I could read it in the FrenchThis player's words would seem not such a wrench Previous review On Foot in the Grand CanyonRandom review Animalia a great alphabet bookNext review The Sleepwalkers A History of Man’s Changing Vision of the UniversePrevious library review Le Cid CorneilleNext library review A Season in Hell

  3. Coraline Turner Coraline Turner says:

    I am strongly moved to fly into some desert to avoid all approach of human creatures My thoughts exactly Moliere Never has a uote been relatable Moliere draws me in and actually makes me laugh out loud

  4. Danielle. Danielle. says:

    Why has it taken me so long to read this? What entertainment Hilarious dramatic entertainment I'm sorry I'm gushing a little too much but I was not expecting this to be so funny and good After watching Alceste à Bicyclette thank you again to a classmate of mine from French for the recommendation I planned on reading The Misanthrope and Molière's other works I'm delighted that I did Every time I thought things were going to calm down with its dramatics it kept escalating and and Every Scene every Act every word that came out of Alceste's mouth and a few other characters' was amusing Perhaps I'm not taking this in like others or reading this Play like how it's supposed to be read but frankly my dear I don't give a damn I really want to see this play in action on Broadway and done wellI definitely see myself reading this over and over again Act's III and V are my favourites Pre reviewLiterally my expressions in order after finishing thisShort rambling to come when my cheeks stop hurting from laughing and smiling with amusement too much

  5. David David says:

    A name can be a funny thing For years I couldn’t bring myself to read something about a person who hated society people or culture Sure I had heard that Molière was a great French writer but what did I know about his masterpiece? Ríen Recently I just happened to see a favourable review by a Portuguese friend and I decided to take a chance Out of the chaos of a masked and “fake” society comes a pursuit of truth peace and harmony Ah this is leading somewhereIf a society was so tainted by corruption social climbing and a pursuit of happiness by any means one could well become disallusioned Perhaps even a misanthrope Throw in a love for a frivolous woman set oneself against one of her lovers and work oneself through the in’s and out’s of language and you would be fit to be tied Toss in 12 syllable Alexandrian verse and you are in for a pleasant humorous romp in the fashions of 17th century FranceI was taught Shakespeare in high school I wish we had been given Molière as well Such grand fun

  6. Muse-ic ♬ Muse-ic ♬ says:

    That was a pleasantly entertaining readAlthough I think I would have enjoyed it if I had time to really read and comprehend instead of plowing through each act in less than two days plus a billion other assignments Dear French professorThank youSincerelySincerely UngratefulSo I think the silliest part was the wacky love polygon or as I mentioned in a status update love mashed potatoes I used Microsoft Word to create a diagram that shows you all the people and the targets of their affection at all points in the story mushed together Also as you can see Word decided I spelled everything wrong I did not I promise These are the correct spellingsNote I would only waste my time doing this for you guys I hope you appreciate my manual laborIn short I would recommend It's philosophical and fun so why not?

  7. عماد العتيلي عماد العتيلي says:

    ‏My God Why is this happening to meAnother unfortunate read A disappointing playIt's title 'The Misanthrope' is impressing but the content is not that good The main idea is a cliche love is blind and the one who loves gets manipulated very often Nothing newI hoped that my first encounter with Moliere the Shakespeare of France would be better than this but this is life shit just happens

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Molière or Jean Baptiste Pouelin satirizes french 17th century social hypocrisy The main character despises all forms of false insincere remarks and thinks people’s pride should be about honesty and not good behavior and proper welcome The comical situations that arises are a conseuence of such an opinion He gets into trouble for being truthfully honest which border on rudeness and earn him enemies SpoilersThe funniest thing is that the woman who might be the worst of them all who loves gossip and talking behind people’s backs is the one he is smitten with and of course he hates her behavior as much as he hates his own feelingsEnd of spoilersMoliere’s writing is darkly humoristic and delightful About esteemThere's precious little satisfaction in the most glorious of reputations if you find you have to share it with the whole universe Esteem must be founded on some sort of preference Bestow it on everybody and it ceases to have any meaning at all AlcesteAbout friendshipIndeed it is a profanation of the word to use it on every occasion AlcesteAbout authorsThe only people who can be excused for unleashing a bad book on the world are the poor devils who have to write for a living AlcesteAbout flatteryFlatterers are always to blame for the vices which prevail among mankind AlcesteThe you love someone the less you should flatter them The proof of true love is to be unsparing in fault finding AlcesteAbout men justifying their own love choicesHe counts her defects as perfections or finds flattering names for them If she's pale it's the pale beauty of the jasmine flower She may be swarthy enough to frighten the horses but for him she's an adorable brunette If she's thin she's slender and graceful; if fat she has a ueenly dignity; if she neglects her appearance slight though her attractions may be she is said to have a 'careless beauty; if she's tall she'll have the majesty of a goddess; if she's short she's an abridged version of all the virtues under heaven If she's proud her nature is regal If she's sly she's clever If she's stupid she's all heart If she talks all the time she's cheerful If she never talks at all she's proper and modest And so it is that the true and passionate lover worships the very faults of the woman he loves ÉlianteAbout love and sufferingWhen we suffer at the hands of the person we love we make many a plan that we never carry out ÉlianteAbout the purpose of virtueIf all men were righteous all hearts true and frank and loyal what purpose would most of our virtues serve? Their usefulness lies in enabling us to stay calm and bear the injustices others inflict upon us when we are in the right PhilinteThe only shortcoming which unfortunately is rather prominent is the somewhat weak ending Anyway the play was interesting and the dialogue was acute I started to wonder how the world would be like if everyone was like Alceste What kind of society it would produce At first I thought what a wonderful thing No lies and no misconseptions But then with a flicker of irony I came to the realization What a horrible experience People are not ready They have too much evil and hurtful thoughts for them to be let loose without consideration They would kill each other in pure anger and contempt But it’s a beautiful thought the thought of honesty

  9. J J says:

    I liked it but I wanted misanthropy

  10. Ann-Marie Ann-Marie says:

    Read? Acted in in college Only in class but still fun

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Le Misanthrope ou L'Atrabilaire Amoureux[PDF / Epub] ✅ Le Misanthrope ou L'Atrabilaire Amoureux By Molière – Thomashillier.co.uk Le Misanthrope ou l’Atrabilaire amoureux est une comédie de mœurs en cin actes et en versC’est une des meilleures pièces de théâtre de Molière et une des plus grandes comédies – se concen Le Misanthrope ou l’Atrabilaire amoureux est une ou L'Atrabilaire ePUB ↠ comédie de mœurs en cin actes et en versC’est une des meilleures pièces de théâtre de Molière et une des plus grandes comédies – se concentrant sur les absurdités de prétentions sociale et littéraire dans le personage d’un homme ui est prompt à critiuer les fautes des autres mais reste aveugle au siensCette pièce Le Misanthrope PDF \ satirise les hypocrisies de la société aristocratiue française mais elle engage aussi un ton plus sérieux en indiuant les défauts ui sont propres à tous les humains La pièce est différente d’autres farces du temps par l’emploi des personnages dynamiues comme Alceste et Célimène par opposition aux personnages traditionnellement pâle utilisé par la plupart des satiristes pour critiuer les problèmes de la Misanthrope ou L'Atrabilaire PDF ☆ société Elle diffère aussi de la plupart d’autres œuvres de Molière en se concentrant davantage sur le développement du caractère et de nuances ue sur la progression de l’intrigue La pièce pas un succès commercial en son temps est de nos jours considérée comme la pièce la plus connue de son œuvre.

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Jean Baptiste Pouelin also known by his ou L'Atrabilaire ePUB ↠ stage name Molière was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature Among Molière's best known dramas are Le Misanthrope The Misanthrope L'Ecole des femmes The School for Wives Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur Tartuffe or the Hypocrite L'Avare ou l'École du mensonge The Miser Le Le Misanthrope PDF \ Malade.