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Cry of the Giraffe ❴Read❵ ➳ Cry of the Giraffe Author Judie Oron – One girl's harrowing trek from exile and slavery to hope in a new land all based on a true story In the early 1980s thousands of Ethiopian Jews fled the civil unrest famine and religious persecution o One girl's harrowing trek from exile and slavery to hope Cry of Epub / in a new land all based on a true story In the early s thousands of Ethiopian Jews fled the civil unrest famine and religious persecution of their native land in the hopes of being reunited in Yerusalem their spiritual homeland with its promises of a better life Wuditu and her family risk their lives to make this journey which leads them to a refugee camp in Sudan where they are separated Terrified year old Wuditu makes her way back to Ethiopia alone Don't give up Wuditu Be strong The words of her little sister come to Wuditu in a dream and give her the courage to keep going Wuditu must find someone to give her food and shelter or she will surely die Finally Wuditu is offered a solution working as a servant However she uickly realizes that she has become a slave With nowhere else to go she stays until the villagers discover that she is a falasha a hated Jew Only her dream of one day being reunited with her family gives her strength until the arrival of a stranger heralds hope and a new life in Israel With her graceful long neck Wuditu is affectionately called the giraffe And like the giraffe who has no voice she must suffer in silence Based on real events Wuditu's story mirrors the experiences of thousands of Ethiopian Jews.

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  1. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

    This is a fictionalized account of a young Ethiopian Jewish girl a falasha in northern Ethiopia as she tries to survive after being separated from her family while they are on their way to be airlifted to Israel What struck me particularly is how in this day and age people even in Africa can still believe that Jews can deliver curses and hexes and such Such ignorant prejudice I will never understand the urge to destroy someone who is different from you I couldn't put the book down and was on the edge of my seat with suspense wondering if her life would ever get better and if she would ever be reunited with her family This is an outstanding novel that I wish young people would read Highly recommended

  2. Dennis Fischman Dennis Fischman says:

    Wuditu an Ethiopian Jewish girl has her life disrupted by war and anti Jewish violence in her home country She and her family are separated on their escape to Israel She has to survive on her own a teenager hiding her true identity for years before she can rejoin themThe book is written in a simple straightforward manner that's suitable for young adults but it contains fairly graphic scenes of violence and sexual assault so judge accordinglyI knew very little about this part of Jewish history and culture before reading the book despite the fact that my cousin works for Yahel an Israeli organization serving the Ethiopian Jewish community I'm glad I read it and I will certainly learn

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This story caused me to feel such sadness for this particular girl named Wuditu who lived in Ethiopia and because of her and her family's Jewish faith they needed to escape their country hoping for a new start to life in Jerusalem What a heartwrenching story of how non Jewish people turned against the Jewish people Finally Wuditu's family father mother father's 2nd wife and all of their children fled on foot to Sudan Their guide Daniel died on the way to Sudan trying to lead to a refugee camp Once in the camp Wuditu and her sisters had to be very careful to stay right by their mothers or their father or a male relative to protect them from being attackedraped by other men It was such a hard and desperate situation with bad food and water and terrible living conditions Finally her dad had a really bad eye condition so he had to be airlifted to Israel with Wuditu's mother So she was left with her stepmother whom she also loved and her sisters But one night soldiers came to the camp and they got separated Wuditu and her sister were off with a group of strangers when the soldiers dumped them at the border and told them to return to their village in Ethiopia So they started the journey on foot with no shoes no spare clothing only a little bit of sugar and a can for water They got sick on the way They said many prayers to God to get them safely to a village where they could find some relatives Finally they found some relatives and Wuditu left her younger sister with them and Wuditu left to find work so she could earn money to get them to another town and then hopefully to Israel to be reunited with family The story begins in 1985 when she is just 9 years old The bulk of the book takes place when Wuditu is 12 16 years old My heart was breaking for her to read of all the terrible things that happened to her being alone looking for work seeing other young girls work as prostitutes' and getting hurt and even dying from the terrible treatment they received at the hands of rough mean men who abused and took advantage of them how Wuditu herself was raped and then became pregnant and she drank a terrible concoction to cause an abortion and the lies she had to continually tell to hide the fact that she was Jewish and her true story and roots and intentions She had to sleep on the streets in terrible housing with not nice people she had to work so hard for very little money and in the end she became a slave to a very mean cold and demanding young women who paid her nothing for years She had painful sores all over her body and her hair was a mess It was such a sad story And the worst part is that this has happened and keeps happening to children all over the world

  4. Akaiya Marshall Akaiya Marshall says:

    The novel Cry of the Giraffe by Judie Oron is about a girl named Wuditu and her family making a dangerous journey trying to escape religious persecution in Ethiopia Since Wuditu’s family are Beta Israel which are Jewish people who live in Ethiopia some people like Christians think they are evil In order to not get caught all the Beta Israel’s must hide their true identity even when they go to school Along the way the family is challenged with a series of obstacles to try and get to Yerusalem Even when the times get tough they know that they can not give up and they do it for each other My favorite section of the book was part three because I got so attached to the characters that everything that happened made me feel the rage that they did Also all the suspense in part three made me want to keep reading Wuditu was actually my favorite character because she had so much love for everyone in her family especially Leeweth and she did everything that she could in order to help and keep them safe Even when Wuditu was scared or sick she wanted to help anyway that she could The way this novel was written made me feel emotionally attached to all the characters especially because it was based on a true story I did not like the way people were treating the Beta Israel because no one should be treated that way just because of what they believe Everyone believes in different things and because you do not have the same opinion does not give you the right to judge anyone else Something else that I found frustrating was the way that people were joking about the Beta Israel being killed or hurt Also the way that people were using Wuditu no matter what she did nothing was good enough I believed that since Wuditu was so young people thought that they could just disrespect her which is not okay in any way I gave this novel a five star rating because it had the perfect amount emotional pull and suspense It made me feel sad happy angry and disgusted Also the way that the book was sectioned into parts made it way easier to read and understand altogether I enjoyed reading this novel a lot than most novels I have read especially because this was based on a true story and people actually went through this I would recommend everyone to read this novel

  5. Sue Sue says:

    Wuditu is a Jewish girl part of a group living in the mountains of Ethiopia The family learns that there are efforts to efforts to help the Jews get to Israel and they determine to go First they travel to Sudan and stay in a refugee camp which is being used as a cover for the assisting organization When Wuditu becomes separated from her family can she survive and escape her native land? Based on actual events It is always interesting to me to read how people live in other parts of the world Here is a story of the ways that Jews have been persecuted and the lies that are spread and how a family fights for survival Wuditu says at the beginning that her sister is very brave but I believe it is Wuditu who is the brave one enduring what she did in order to survive from one day to the next

  6. Canadian Children& Canadian Children& says:

    Israel is the land of Wuditu’s dreams and those of her family As Jews living in Ethiopia they are feared and hated by their Christian neighbours — and they dream fervently of escaping Ethiopia to live in Israel When Wuditu is 13 she and the family she loves make the long trek to Sudan hoping that once there they can be transported — in a secret and dangerous rescue — to Jerusalem They know that it will be an arduous journey but they trust that all will be well if they rely on God and stay together Staying together proves much difficult than they thought They face the death of one uncle the sualor and danger of the refugee camp and further family emergencies that leave Wuditu and her siblings alone Just when it seems that life couldn’t possibly get worse she and many others from the camp are forced back to Ethiopia What follows is Wuditu’s harrowing journey and uest to survive this time without any of the family who cherishes her Back in Ethiopia Wuditu is at the mercy of strangers who would torture maim or even kill her if they find out she is Jewish Her only “weapons” are her fiercely strong faith in God and her own resourcefulness determination cunning and intelligence Even those inner treasures don’t save her from being molested raped and humiliated as a slave All the while her only solace is also her primary motivation to keep going holding onto hope for a joyous reunion with her family in Jerusalem Complete with an author’s note that puts Wuditu’s experiences in the context of the entire ordeal shared by all Ethiopian Jews and a glossary of Ethiopian words used throughout the book Cry of the Giraffe is based on Wuditu’s amazing true story It is told in clear simple language by Judie Oron the journalist who finally saved Wuditu and brought her back to her family This is a heartwrenching but ultimately joyous story for mature readers about holding hope dignity and faith close even in the midst of dark oppression shocking ruthlessness senseless hatred and infuriating prejudiceReviewed by Christina Minaki in Canadian Children's Book News Winter 2011 Vol 34 No 1

  7. Karen Karen says:

    I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway and am so glad I did What a wonderful and heartbreaking tale Meant for young adults it is an eye opening read for adults as wellWuditu is a young Ethiopian girl of the Beta Israel or Ethiopian Jews They like all Jews long to return to Yerusalem especially as Wuditu's family faces the kind of prejudice Jews around the world face She is part of a close family unit with father mother stepmother sisters brothers uncles aunts cousins etc but is especially close to her sister Lewteh two years younger They live a good life in Ethiopia and Wuditu is even allowed to attend school until age 12 when her brother returns from Israel to tell them the family's time has come for for them to return to their spiritual home Unfortunately they must walk to Sudan first and live in a refugee camp until the Israelis can come and get themThe camp is as you have heard in all the news reports and becomes truly terrifying when Wuditu and Lewteh are separated from the family and thrown back across the border into Ethiopia Wuditu is 13 and Lewteh 10 when this occurs but Wuditu saves them both by finding family members to take Lewteh in Wuditu decides to travel to a nearby town to find work and locate the people who will take them to Israel Instead she finds herself living in a brothel and is raped by one of the soldiers who comes there She leaves and finds her way to another town where she becomes a slave to a woman who nearly starves her In the end however she is rescued and makes her way to Israel to be reunited with her family Judie Orton the woman who risks her life to bring Wuditu to Yerusalem is listed as the author of this book but it is all Wuditu's story and a compelling one it is I highly recommend this as a way of communicating the plight of not only the Ethiopian Jews but many refugees throughout the world just trying to find a safe place to live

  8. Raja Subramanian Raja Subramanian says:

    I picked up the book Cry of the Giraffe for three reasons One the title that promised something interesting Two it was set in Africa specifically in Ethiopia Three it is said to be based on a true storyAfrica must be the most ravaged continent ever Whenever we hear anything of Ethiopia it is likely to be of some misfortune or the other usually man made Once I recall telling my friends that I had some awesome food in an Ethiopian restaurant and liked the Ethiopian cuisine One of my friends retorted with some disdain that the term Ethiopian Cuisine must be an oxymoron What a moron The fact remains that Ethiopia has been caught in the deadly pincers of man made miseries like war pillage rape as well as famine Man has for time immemorial been engaged in untold cruelties and killing of fellow human beings all in the name of religion and God This book did not disappoint me Instead it made for engaging reading tugging away at my heartstrings all the wayThe story is about a little Jewish girl Wuditu living among people who hated the Jews in a war torn village in Ethiopia The story is about her horrific experiences as her family attempts to cross over to neighboring Sudan and then on to the promised land Israel Separated from her family Wuditu encounters many horrors and emerges a survivor Judie Oren the author helps Wuditu to reach Israel and be reunited with her family I hope that many read this book and develop some empathy for the poor kids who lose their childhood and yet emerge with their necks held straight and proud like a Giraffe

  9. Tamara Tamara says:

    I had won Cry of the Giraffe by Judie oron from first reads What a wonderful but very sad true story It is a uick read and one that you will not want to put down as the fate of the main character Wuditu's life hangs by a thread The story begins in a small Ethiopian village where Wuditu and her family live They are Jewish In Ethiopia they are known as the Beta Israels Unfortunately their village does not take well to the Beta Israels calling them by a slang name the Falashas and believing that they are evil This belief is so widely held in the village that Wuditu's family decides they must leave and go to Israel So they begin their trek to Israel picking up some other family members on the way Their journey leads them to a camp where they become split up Wuditu is left with her sister Lewteh Lewteh becomes ill and she is left in the care of some family friends as Wuditu tries to find some work Wuditu ends up in various horrible situations and she and Lewteh are separated In the end Wuditu ends up being a slave for a religious Christian lady whom she pretends that she too is Christian so that they will treat her kindly However in the end they find out that she is Jewish and treat her terribly The story ends with Wuditu being saved by an American lady who reunites Wuditu with her family in Israel This is a Story that although is very sad makes one understand the human struggle that exists

  10. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    This book is hard to read because it is just so painful The young heroine faced so many hardships She was mistrusted for being a black Jew in Ethiopia fought to get the most minimal education lived in a wretched refugee camp that's probably about the only kind there are kicked out of Sudan without her family and that is just the beginning The author writes of Wuditu's experiences in a very dignified style and although I think some of the subject matter is too old for the 12 year olds I work with the book is written in a very tasteful manner The end seemed a bit rushed and forced when Wuditu meets the author and I'm not uite sure why The book however is amazing because many of us don't know much about Jews in Africa and the horrid conditions they faced still face? in very recent times A uick but powerful read The Return by Sonia Levitin is a similar story also worth reading

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