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  1. Samantha Samantha says:

    This story is eual parts hilarious and heartbreaking My next stop to the NYC area will include a trip to Robert Egan's BB restaurant What a character While this is a fun read one cannot forget that the North Korean regime is starving to death millions of its own innocent citizens Egan doesn't ignore this fact but he does not spend much time on it either

  2. Showpony Showpony says:

    Eating with the Enemy offers the most unlikely confluence of mafia wisdom class warfare BB recipes and a stinging critiue of our diplomatic policies It's a fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable read Perfect summer reading

  3. Griffin Griffin says:

    This is one of those books you'd give to a friend who doesn't even like nonfiction Immediately after reading it I passed it along to several friends and colleagues who also got a kick out of it It's humorous heartbreaking and a fascinating look inside citizen diplomacy

  4. David David says:

    At first I found the overbearing arrogance and swagger of the author irritating but he grew on me as his philosophy became clear Governments and their agendas get in the way of common ordinary people who would otherwise have the power and desire to bridge cultural gapseven between the US and North Korea I wouldn't be surprised if the author exaggerated a few things as self promotion appears to be his stock in trade but if even half of it is true he went to extraordinary lengths sacrificed much and experienced remarkable success in building friendships with people in a land that we're told is full of nothing but lunatics who want to destroy us I have had than enough experience in international exchange relationships to know first hand how actually meeting the other and seeing one another as human beings not the stereotypes our leaders and media present can work amazing transformations towards making peace After finishing this very readable page turner one is left with the feeling that if only Egan and his Korean counterparts had been left alone to wheel and deal together the US and the DPRK would now be enjoying much better relationships The self aggrandizing I'm smarter than all these jerks with their fancy education tone of the book is grating especially in this era of the Tea Party but I have to admit that there is a certain truth to it as the author tells it I enjoyed this book so much than I expected to even found it inspirational and that than makes up for the tale teller being a jerk

  5. Donna Donna says:

    I absolutely loved this book It was a fun little read I was afraid it would be a little too serious regarding the politics but it wasn't It was fun I would have given this 4 stars but the humor was such I couldn't suppress my laughter so 5 stars it is and also because I would read this again I did the audio on this and loved the telling of the story It felt honest which is always appreciated and it didn't feel like Bob Egan the author had secret motives and an axe to grind It was HIS story told HIS way One other thing that I liked was his ability to get involved in life and in things around him He is one who is living his life the way he wants and not letting it pass him by I admire that because I am a bit of a wallflower

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    This was a very engaging memoir written by a NJ restaurant owner and his efforts to develop a dialogue and friendship with UN personnel from the DPRK On the one hand he comes across as a very NJ esue type of guy picture Tony Soprano and I found myself trying to figure out how much of what he was telling me was the real story or his spin on it and a heavy emphasis on the role he actually played in events On the other hand I do think he made some really interesting observations and I liked the idea that a regular normal citizen can reach out to someone from a different part of the world even a part of the world that is not considered a friend to the US and try to make a difference His friendship w Han appeared to be genuine and heartfelt and illustrated the opportunity to bridge differences when the parties have a foundation of trust I'd like to do a bit reading about Robert Egan to learn about what he has done subseuent to the completion of this book and also to see if there is any information out there confirming the vercity of events as he describes them Assuming that he is on the up and up then I think this book is a really worthwhile read and definitely gave me a better understanding of the geopolitical situation between the US and the DPRK This felt especially timely given the fact that North Korea is very much in the news the past few weeks

  7. Ed Ed says:

    Robert Egan's 'Eating With The Enemy' reads like actually it IS a international intrigue story I couldn't put it down I haven't decided how much of it I believe yet His sources are hard to verify the North Korean government and the FBI At least it didn't turn into a gangland tell all You'll see the potential for that if you read the book

  8. Grumpus Grumpus says:

    Love this book Somewhat average citizen and his relationship with N Korean diplomats Serious unbelievable and funny Because of isolationism the relationship is almost like that of meeting an alien race Like a soap opera never know what will happen next

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    While the book spans decades of US relations with North Korea the unifying theme is the friendship between the author and Han The writing is colorful perhaps exaggerated but the two main characters are compelling

  10. Samantha Samantha says:

    Definitely an interesting read as it humanizes North Korean diplomats but I'm also kind of left with the feeling of 'what in the hell?'

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Eating with the Enemy ➻ Eating with the Enemy Free ➱ Author Robert Egan – There was only one chair in the room Fluorescent tubes on the ceiling hummed with blue light The woman smiled and explained in a soothing voice that there were some “procedures” they had to go thr There was only one chair in the room Fluorescent tubes on the ceiling hummed with blue light The woman smiled and explained in a soothing voice that there were some “procedures” they had to go through “We’re just going to put you under for a few minutes” she said One of the officials told me to turn around “Do I have a choice” I lowered my pants exposing most of my Eating with PDF/EPUB or left butt cheek  The woman came up from behind me and I felt a sharp prick as she pushed in the needle and rammed the solution into my muscle When she finished I sat down “Which agency do you work for CIA” asked the other male official “I operate independently” I said I started to feel good Very good I had the urge to laugh even though nobody had said anything funny “I’m a lone wolf And I make burgers for a living I’m a burger making lone wolf” I must have blacked out for some of it When I opened my eyes again the two men were there but the woman was gone I wiped my nose and my hand came away bloody I suddenly felt so sick and dizzy I thought I’d had a stroke “What the fuckIn Pyongyang in Robert Egan was given Sodium Pentathol or “truth serum” by North Korean agents trying to determine his real identity What was he doing in the world’s most isolated nation while the US government recoiled at its human rights record and its uest for dangerous nukes Why had he befriended one of North Korea’s top envoys to the United Nations What was Egan after Fast paced and often astounding Eating with the Enemy is the tale of a restless restaurant owner from a mobbed up New Jersey town who for thirteen years inserted himself into the high stakes diplomatic battles between the United States and North KoreaEgan dropped out of high school in working class Fairfield New Jersey in the midseventies and might have followed his father’s path as a roofing contractor But Bobby had bigger plans for himself and after a few years wasted on drugs and petty crime his life took an astonishing turn when his interest in the search for Vietnam era POWs led to an introduction in the early nineties to North Korean officials desperate to improve relations with the United States So Egan turned his restaurant Cubby’s into his own version of Camp David Between ball games fishing trips and heaping plates of pork ribs he advised deputy ambassador to the United Nations Han Song Ryol and other North Koreans during tumultuous years that saw the death of Kim Il sung and the rise of Kim Jong il false starts toward peace during the Clinton administration the Bush “Axis of Evil” era and North Korea’s successful test of a nuclear weapon in All the while Egan informed for the FBI vexed the White House with his meddling chaperoned the communist nation’s athletes on hilarious adventures and nearly rescued a captured US Navy vessel all in the interest of promoting peaceEgan parses US foreign policy with a mobster’s street smarts and he challenges the idea that the United States should not have relations with its adversaries The intense yet unlikely friendship between him and Ambassador Han provides hope for better relations between enemy nations and shows just how far one lone citizen can go when he tries to right the world’s wrongs .

  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Eating with the Enemy
  • Robert Egan
  • English
  • 19 September 2016
  • 9780312571306