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The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove [Ebook] ➩ The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove ➯ Marta Acosta – When foster teen Jane Williams is invited to attend elite Birch Grove Academy for Girls she thinks the offer is too good to be true It isSoon she starts receiving threatening messages from an unknown When foster teen Jane Williams is Girl of PDF/EPUB è invited to attend elite Birch Grove Academy for Girls she thinks the The Shadow Kindle - offer is too good to be true It isSoon she starts receiving threatening messages from an unknown enemy She's Shadow Girl of PDF ´ also beginning to suspect that the pale elegant headmistress and her gorgeous sons are hiding secrets Lucky is the sunny golden son who is especially attentive to Jane and Jack is the dark uirky older brother who constantly puzzles herThe longer she stays at Birch Grove the uestions she has about the disappearance of another scholarship girl and the headmistress and her familyWhat will she give up and what risks will she take to stay in this privileged world and be bound to Birch Grove forever What's Jane willing to sacrifice for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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  1. Giselle Giselle says:

    After being brought back to life from an accident that killed her Jane is left with no memory of her childhood and no parents A foster child in a run down town of Helmsdale Jane can't refuse when a scholarship to an elite all girl school is offered She gets living expenses and her own place to live It all seems so unreal and it definitely feels bizarreDark Companion is different from anything I've ever read It's a Gothic novel with a dark vibe sweet romance and original plot twists When I met Jane the protagonist I found her a bit awkward and strange She was raised in foster homes in a decrepit town and has only recently learned to speak proper English I was a bit apprehensive about what kind of character she would be and how it would affect the story But once she gets to Birch Grove Academy Jane makes a few friends starts getting out of her shell and becomes a very enjoyable sophisticated character She is not afraid to speak her mind; she makes her intentions and feelings clear and I admired that about her Her friend Mary Violet is easily the funnest character in the novel She is absolutely hilarious with her uirky poetry and sarcastic sense of humor Lucky and his brother Jack are the only guys on campus the headmistress's sons I was never sure which one Jane was romantically fond of but I was glad that I was rooting for the right one I liked them both Jack is arrogant yet charming while Lucky is the outgoing if a bit strange oneThe blurb of Dark Companion gives out an eerie feeling but without a lot of actual plot details Although perfect to avoid spoilers and set the right mood it left me unsure of what to expect Once inside its pages I was completely thrown off my game not in a bad way it was just so different and uniue Above all else I was surprised by the dark Gothic mood of the story which was great because I'm a big fan and loved nearly every Gothic mystery I've had a chance to read The Birch Grove secret is a lot different from what I envisioned It is undeniably strange but also very interesting with a touch of realism to it as in in our world I even Googled However I did find that once the secret is revealed the story takes a haphazard course A lot of plot twists and turns are exposed in a manner than left me a bit overwhelmed The ending did redeem it a little It ends sweetly with a resolved feel and a good outlook to the futureDark Companion is a book that I don't think will be for everyone; it calls for a certain audience Be prepared for Gothic type mysteries unusual plot elements and an old world feel Fortunately I found myself enthralled by it's eccentricity and fully enjoyed it For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  2. Rose Rose says:

    Initial Thoughts There were parts of Dark Companion I liked enough to see where they went but I don't think those parts outweighed the many times this book seemed to drop the ball and then some I have a long review to write on this so hopefully I can explain why this book didn't work for the kind of story it was going for Gothic mysteries that tend to push the edge of things are fine but I think for it to work it has to have some measure of cohesion there was very little holding this story together and it further fell apart after a certain point Full ReviewI find it difficult to know where to start with Marta Acosta's Dark Companion because I think Acosta's a solid writer her eye for description in the sense of setting and establishing a specific mood is very well done I wish I could give this than a single star where the actual writing stylistic not necessarily the pacing is concerned When I consider the collective whole of the story behind Dark Companion there were many ties that suggested it could go into a wonderfully alluring direction with the mystery behind a disappearance and a love story while maintaining some interesting loose parallels with Bronte's Jane Eyre But then it decided to drop the ball hard It's so inconsistent that I'm finding it painful to discuss even as I try to put words to what exactly went wrong in the duration of the story I'm sure this could've been a better book if it weren't for several jarring factors that threw me out several times as I read it The premise of this book had the makings of a wonderfully drawn mysterysuspense in a gothic school based setting where an underprivileged girl named Jane attends in the hopes of reaching a better life from her foster upbringing and painful past which she doesn't uite remember as readily Yet as Jane adjusts to the well to do settings of the school she not only finds her heart torn in the mix of love and pain but also a part in a mysterious dangerous scheme in the backdrop of Birch Grove involving a missing person and some shady happenings in the backdrop of the schoolI think one of the major problems that I saw from the get go in this book were the inconsistencies in the characterizations There were problems with the voices of the characters either being too formal or too casual and not settling into either one in the duration of the story Jane herself is said to come from the ghetto but while I could believe she's an intelligent young woman who worked her way up within a very tough background I don't think the writing supports her character or background very well She's very set in her ways probably as a result of the life she went through but we never see glimpses of the before shown not told to support that attitude The characters she's surrounded by in her former lifestyle with the exception of Wilde are terrible one dimensional stereotypes Jane herself even seems single minded as she champions math and science for the logic behind them and condescends artsliterature for their impracticalities constantly that annoyed me because the arts and sciences are eually important While Jane takes on a rationale where she looks for the practical measures of things she behaves in a way that suggests otherwise when her back's put against the wall in some very jarring measures going against everything that's established in her characterization from the initial points I didn't like her Birch Grove friends all that much because they also seemed like stock characters and their voices didn't seem like teenagers would speak at all Yet I want to address my primary focus in characterization on the two LIs love interests in this book Jack and LuckyJack comes across as your typical jokester who flirts with Jane and calls her pet names Halfling pixie among others He looks after her when he's actually in the story to some extent I had mixed feelings about his introduction but the guy is funny in spurts as the story shows him later on Some of the intimate scenes where he and Jane are talking to each other probably far and few between showcase how much he cares for Jane I think some of those scenes came a little too late and should've been incorporated much earlier than they were so that at least when Jane begins to warm up to him instead of fending him off constantly it feels less jarring when she suddenly decides how good of a person he is to her But even in the times where he's decent there are other times when his interactions with her are awkward and forcedThen there's Lucky Honestly I'm still trying to figure out what Jane saw in this needy jerk and I could think of a boatload of harsher names to call him otherwise I never got the attraction between these two in the whole time that I read this book it was never really shown There was nothing that told me anything about how Jane was attractive to him and him to her Sure there were physical aspects appearance of him described that were alluring okay Sure he seemed nice to her initially when they talked But even in their first full encounter he shows an interest in her blood No this isn't a vampire novel There are mentions of vampires among other stuff here but it's not a vampire thing it's of a genetic disorder thing So the family says In any case Lucky's fascination with Jane comes with her blood So what does he do?He takes out a knife asks her to cut her finger and starts sucking at her blood At least Jane's fairly freaked out about it the first time he does it even as he gets carried away and hurts her He says he needs it needs her Normally I'm freaked out enough about the number of books in current YA culture that have male love interests who hurt the women they love or have women who feel they have to be hurt in some way for the sake of love but I decide to see where this goes to some extent Part of me hopes that the author knocks this idea down with the fury of a thousand mighty fistsJane up until a certain point has been independent and doesn't really take any crap from anyone so she says rolls eyes I really hate the fact that sometimes this factor is shoved in the reader's face especially from the heroine's voice herself But her character does a 180 and becomes completely lax about this and goes gaga over the guy thinking if she subjects herself to his demands he'll find a way to love her Doesn't even touch the tip of the mind trip that Jane discovers in the backdrop of Birch Grove She realizes there's something of a secret cult like social hierarchy in the backdrop of Birch Grove with Lucky seeking someone to help him survive his genetic condition remedied by feeding on his chosen's blood Jane learns this from someone who isn't supposed to tell her and there's to be a secret induction among the group to establish this tie Apparently the deal is that in exchange for being the person who gives their blood over to Lucky per se they establish a lifelong tie which grants them anything they want in terms of their ambitions PhD MD whatever All supposed to be a very logical progression And no I'm not using logical in uotes to be snippy but the term logical is used several times to explain these terms to JaneIt wasn't very logical at all In fact I think it showed several plot holes and transition problems than a little bitSuffice to say Jane freaks out and runs like the wind out of there back to her old life only to realize that No she's not sacrificing her future in the mix of this and decides to go back to Birch Grove after a time to see the truth of the matter and to take charge of what she wants in her life She then decides that since she somehow loves Lucky in the time this is going on that she'll subject herself to his whims and tries to justify him cutting her with a knife in different places on her body and drinking her bloodI didn't like the portrayal at all It's painful to read in spurts especially since it comes across in some degree of detail especially with Jane crying with some of the ways she's physically cut yet somehow saying that it makes her feel alive in the process The book does show somewhat how wrong these actions are while occurring in the backdrop of a murder mystery that Jane ends up resolving in her returns to Birch Grove and getting down to the mystery ties but the mixing of the mystery in with the so called love story seems so haphazard It takes a long time to get to the results of these events and even then it's sometimes hard to see the transitional states to where the emotional constructions match up Add to the fact that these characters aren't appropriately fleshed out and it's really difficult to align to In the end I found it hard to see the progressiongrowths that they take enough to care about them and I think the way Acosta structured this story alongside taking too much time to progress to that point really made the collective story suffer in the aftermath Suffice to say it began with an interesting idea in the setting and mystery premise and I do give full credit to Acosta's stylistic in her writing I really wish the structuring pacing and characterization in the story was better it could've gone in a much better directionprogression than it didOverall score 15Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher TorForge

  3. ♥ Sandi ❣ ♥ Sandi ❣ says:

    375 stars Thank you to Netgalley for furnishing this book for my review This is not a book that I would normally read so I went out of my comfort zone reading this one However it was very gentle on me no where near as genre critical as it could have been Jane Williams has won a scholarship to an elite school Birch Grove Academy She believes it is her first big break in life having grown up in foster care since losing her parents at age eight She is even given her own cottage within the grounds of the academy She knows she has worked hard for this break and vows to remain at the head of her class She makes friends and is well liked by the schools Headmaster She is asked to tutor one of the Headmasters sons in chemistry Lucien or Lucky as he is called She finds she has very different reactions to Lucky and is brother Jack but is not completely sure why Inuisitive as she is Jane starts to learn of the academy's past and realizes something is being kept secret things are not on the up and up Jack seems to appear at her elbow at the most unusual times and the very handsome Lucky who Jane is falling for begins to act differently also At this point Jane begins to ask herself what the ulterior motive of Birch Grove Academy was for giving her a scholarship and selecting her to live on the grounds As the story heats up it becomes all to apparent what Jane has to surrender to be in her Headmasters graces and to receive what she has worked so very hard for I was very happy with the writing of Marta Acosta The story moves along nicely the characters are well developed and her tact in writing the scenes of this genre was superb

  4. Joy (joyous reads) Joy (joyous reads) says:

    I'm sorry I can no longer continue I've never understood how anyone can say a character is TSTL Well now I know This book is FUCKED UP WRONG The subject matter is totally inappropriate considering it's being marketed as a young adult novel What the hell? The first half was so good The dialogues left me awe struck because I've never ever read any teenagers converse so elouently but flippant enough that you can tell their age They made the inconseuential conversations turn into moments of enlightenments on this reader The best characters being Mary Violet and Jack Jane Williams had her moments too but OMG Why? Why? That's all I can say This book was Jekyll and Hyde I feel betrayed I can't say anything bad about the writing because like I said there is a genuine intelligence that comes through within its pages Unfortunately there are a lot of wrongs here that I can't stomach PSI got till about 77% of the book until I called it uits

  5. Kim Smiley Kim Smiley says:

    I just couldn't finish this book It was so not interesting to me even though the plot sounded good But 100 pages in I just couldn't continue to read This irritates me as 999% of the time I finish every book I start reading But I just couldn't do it with this one

  6. Yan Yan says:

    Note Dark Companion is not a paranormal romance novel Marta Acosta calls it dark Gothic When the manuscript for Dark Companion first arrived in my hands I admit that I was a little scared It was daunting stack of 200 pages that would later be printed bound and shipped off as a book While 200 pages might not so scary on screen when you have it your hands and feel its weight you worry if you can ever finish it So I set a goal for myself a chapter per day while eating breakfastlunch The convenience of a lightweight single paper as opposed to a huge book makes that possible But for some reason I couldn’t stop at one chapter per day Dark Companion is addicting It immediately drew me in from the very first page and wouldn’t let go until the last With its combination of sinister secrets and eual parts light and dark romances Marta Acosta’s debut YA novel will surly captivate new readers And have some fans asking for their own Jake; I know I want my own Jack With strong but conflicted heroine Jane Williams leading the charge of a delightful motley crew Dark Companion really asks what the true worth of free will really is to a person The prologue leaves readers wanting to know what happens next what happened before Rather than forcing the readers to continue on just to make any sense of the scene Marta Acosta dangles a carrot to entice the reader It was a great hook for what I hoped to be a great bookThe characters alone seemed to seal the deal for me When I say a motley crew I meant it From Jack the epitome of an organic healthy silly boy to the melodramatic and amusing Mary Violet every character is different However it was Lucian Lucky that I suspect will leave readers torn down the middle He is rather childish selfish arrogant and hard to emphasize with I spent a good 10 minutes ranting to someone how much I disliked him and why Jane likedpitied him This is not necessarily a bad thing since polarization creates discussions between readers and what better way to spread a book than through talking Jane Williams was a surprising character On one hand she is constantly praised for her intelligence She’s book smart but she’s also street smart And yet I felt that because she’s never known physical and emotional security she latches onto Lucky whom you might recall isn’t the most giving and kind boyfriend He comes from a well do to family and definitely shows some sort of attraction towards her which would later prove dark He can provide physical security but emotionally he’s much immature than her I could empathize with Jane while at the same time I wanted to shake her Her development over the course of the novel showed Jane transforming from the little Mousie and just Jane and her taking roots Her old lifestyle was all that she knew and can’t forget that results in a charity that made me proud but this new lifestyle was one she grew accustomed toDark Companion delves into the issue of security that separates the major characters into two separate groups There is the survival of a population and there is the individual survival Which is worth depends on the character’s personality which comes through the dialogue and action Their actions are far from the norm which makes it hard for me particularly to comprehend and swallow I understood why—for the sake of survival of course—but the motives were evil and dark Dark Companion is a great title because it gives a sense of the plot and just how “dark” this novel can actually get Dark Companion will shock readers with its many twists and turns While readers might have an inkling of what might come the finer details will be a complete surprise Marta Acosta has begun to what I hope will be a long continuation of YA novels

  7. Emily S. Emily S. says:

    I'd say probably 1 12 stars There were things I liked Jack MV but far that I didn't It was well written but really just not for me I may or may not do a full review on it I don't know if I can adeuately explain my feelingsFull ReviewHere's one that drew me in with the very creepy cover which sadly I will not be posting because I had an e book copy of it instead of a hard copy that I could take a picture of and the premise I'm sad that it didn't live up to the expectations that I hadHere's whyFirst of all I couldn't stand Jane I felt like she was flat for most of the book I was bugged by her constant defensiveness though I could forgive her that based on her upbringing It wasn't what killed her for me No it was the fact that the boy she wanted put her in danger and SHE LET HIM DO IT Over and over and over She sort of tried to stand up for herself at times but she was so wishy washy that it didn't really take Honestly she was Bella all over for me and you know how much I despise BellaHere's another thing about Jane her inferiority complex AND superiority complex How is it possible to feel inferior to someone and superior at the same time? Ask Jane because she does it through the whole bookSecond I felt like it took almost 34 of the book for anything to actually happen There was so much buildup and introduction and what color bras are we buying for Jane that I got bored This is a seriously creepy book and I GOT BORED Not supposed to happenThird the BIG THING that was supposed to completely blow me out of the waterdidn't Sure it was creepy and on the disturbing side but it was mostly cheesy I was interested in what Mary Violet was going to come up with next than I was about what would happen to Jane now that the BIG THING was outHere's what I DID likeJack He was great He was arrogant and kind of absurd but in such a way that made me want to hang out with him He was funny and a much needed breath of fresh airMary Violet In a word? Hilarious Her poetry alone makes the time I spent with this book worth it Also she makes up words that had me laughing out loud And her French? Waaaaaaahahahahahahahaha Yes she and I would be friendsSo there you have it I tried to like this book and I did finish it I'm glad there were two characters that I liked because they really did save this for me I still don't like it but I have at least those fond memories and won't leave it with a completely poor opinionBecause of MV and Jack this gets 15 Eiffel Towers

  8. Giselle Giselle says:

    An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review uotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to changeI’ve always loved books that are set in boarding school The only reason why is because there are no restrictions from parents or guardians and it’s always entertaining to read how teens act when there are no adults around But Jane is the exception She’s an orphan and wants nothing than to leave her foster family Her goals and aspirations have fueled her to gain a scholarship at a private all girls school Finally her luck is changing and she leaves without looking backJane is this character that made my protective instincts on high alert She’s vulnerable but at the same time there’s a hardness and audacity about her I can’t imagine that it was easy to go through the things that she did but Jane does it in such a classy way that you can’t help but cheer for her I definitely loved the teasing banter between Jane and Jack Lucky was just arrogant and I pretty much casted him off as the jerk As for Mary Violet I loved her She’s smart funny and a super sweet friend to JaneReading Dark Companion it was like tagging along in a movie where you are so immersed in the character’s life you forget your own The pacing is perfect and the story keeps humming along so I wasn’t at all bored There are many twists and turns and I couldn’t figure out what was going on which was so frustrating but I ended up liking it because it wasn’t what I expected I love Marta Acosta’s writing style and will be on the lookout for of her novels

  9. Lea Lea says:

    Jane Williams has just been given a full scholarship to attend Birch Grove Academy an elite girl's school where she will have a second chance at life away from the violent city slums of Helmsdale where she's lived her entire life Once Jane arrives at the school she starts making friends and falling for a couple of the boys who live near the school both who happen to be the sons of the school's headmistress However Jane starts realizing that there is something strange about Birch Grove and that her reason for being there might not be as simple as she thought it wasThis book was just OK for me I did like reading it but there were some things about the characters and the plot that I wasn't really a fan of I'm not even sure I can put my finger on exactly what it was that I disliked but there were definitely parts about this book that rubbed me the wrong wayI did like the main character Jane Williams who was sort of like a modern day Eliza Dolittle who rises up from her slum life background in order to become an educated and well spoken student with a chance to succeed in life I loved how she came from such a dismal background but worked hard to overcome her disadvantages There were also many similarities between her and Jane Eyre which were echoed throughout the bookI also liked the secondary characters especially Mary Violet and Jack they were uirky strange and kind of unbelievable but still managed to give the story somewhat of a dream like uality because they were slightly off It's sort of hard to explain I guess but basically I liked them because they were different The ways they talked and behaved were a bit funny but still very memorableOne character I could not stand was Lucian Lucky Radcliffe the headmistress's son Lucky was your typical unattainable golden boy who was also extremely selfish and walked all over everybody to get what he wanted At the start of the story Jane has thoughts of How could someone as awesome as him like someone as average as me? Not that that's bad necessarily but she did get a little too fan girl for my taste at times and I wish she didn't feel like she had to try so hard Lucky on the other hand was controlling and possessive and even made Jane promise to keep their abusive relationship a secret and I really wish she would've taken that as a major warning sign to stay the heck away from him a lot sooner than she didThe story unfolded a bit slowly but it was still able to build up the right amount of mystery and suspense for the first hundred pages or so you know that something isn't uite right but you can't really put your finger on it I was really impressed by this subtle eeriness that only hints at something being off because it made me really curious to figure out what was going onI did like the element of mystery in this plot trying to figure out what Birch Grove Academy's secret was and how the scholarship girl that Jane replaced disappeared However I did think that the story began to drag a bit about halfway through the book and the ending was somewhat anticlimactic even though there were a few unexpected twists and everything ended up being neatly resolved with all the strings tied upAltogether I think that there will be people who really like this one and others who may not be huge fans The dark Gothic nature of the story and the mysterious mood that surrounded the plot were done really well However I wasn't able to connect with the characters uite as much as I would have liked and I had some trouble keeping my attention going towards the last half of the book I personally didn't mind reading it but it was by no means a favorite unfortunatelyLea LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  10. Julia Julia says:

    A intricate book that mixes a variety of tones and plot lines The first half sucked me ingiving me confidence in Jane's steady and methodical naturethen making me worry that her past would blind her to joys and dangers right in front of her The uestion set up is what view of the world is rightJane's euations or her friends magic and poetry and Marta Acosta's answer to that uestion is the most complicated thing of all I loved the first half of this book Jane Williams was as captivating and vulnerable as her literary ancestressJane Eyre I loved that magic was not assured and indeed does not show up where and how you expect I loved that I had no idea how things were going to unfold either romantically with Jack and Lucky or plot wise with the missing women and odd dynamics of Birch Grove Once these uestions began to be answered the story became less tightly structured It felt like two books in one with scenes and details that were wonderful but didn't fit the flow of the narrative The mystery came apart in a very Gothic fashion the romance resolved almost too neatly and while I appreciated the future laid out before Jane I couldn't get a handle on whether the story was building to a close or to a seuel DARK COMPANION careens with it the seeds of several good stories and details that I will enjoy mulling over in the future but the book itself doesn't manage to present all if these seeds in particularly polished manner The writing and the characterization is wonderful but the narrative flow wanders and breaks apart in the end Of course this just leaves room for me to imagine my own ending for the story and Jane is definitely a character that I'll enjoy returning to if only in daydreams Full review to follow Sexual Content Kissing petting discussions about sex

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