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10 thoughts on “The Cruel Ever After (Jane Lawless, #18)

  1. Susan Webb Susan Webb says:

    This bookwhat can I say? The I read the I wanted to read and it just kept throwing things at me that I DID NOT expect I am now going to have to look for the previous 17 books Jane Lawless is amazing In the end I felt sorry for her husband Chess a whole story in itself considering they are both gay and his friend Irina

  2. Carl Brookins Carl Brookins says:

    This Hart’s nineteenth Jane Lawless mystery is probably the darkest and most shocking of the series Difficult to read it is chock full of painful difficult relationships and actions The extensive cast of characters many of whom fans will have met before are almost all revealed to have seriously dangerous dark sides And even when those troublesome and even illegal dimensions of their characters are revealed and confronted by other individuals in the book they persist in their ways ways that sometimes tread close to the abyssThe shocks begin very early when Lawless’s former husband a man she hasn’t seen for twenty years appears in Minneapolis Not only are we than a little surprised to discover that Jane was married many years ago she is upset by his appearance supposedly ‘simply for old times sake’ It becomes uickly apparent that Chester Garrity one of the most facile liars and con men you’ll ever meet has a specific personal agenda Garrity is a user of anybody and everybody within reach That he is such should it seems to this reader to be apparent to Jane than appears to be the caseThat Garrity is also fairly incompetent also becomes obvious Part of the tragedy is that his incompetence visits appalling harm on the people around him Almost immediately plans go awry and spiral out of control Murder results Garrity demonstrates such a high level of impotence in the face of disaster that it is hard to believe he has managed to stay alive and out of prison for this longAt roughly the same time that Garrity begins his ill managed plan to sell antiuities of uestionable provenance a lethal cabal of shadowy vigilantes makes its presence known by murdering a popular gallery owner Is there a link here? Of course there is but readers will reuire almost infinite patience to figure out the links and resolve the tangle of threads and relationships Patience is particularly important in the first half of the book After that with the background and setup in place the action and the pace pick up Logic takes firm hold and as the complications and resolutions of the many plot lines become clearer the author’s grip on her story becomes firmer The second half of the novel as revelation bangs in on top of revelation and explanation explodes is all vintage Hart an excellent writer who is almost always in full command of her workThere were times however when I wanted to scream at Jane Lawless and wondered who was really managing that usually incisive and clever mind

  3. A. Nixon A. Nixon says:

    I'll admit that I didn't realize this was book 18 when I started it I knew it wasn't the first but yeah that might not have been a good choice I was a little lost when it came to the characters and had some trouble connecting with them emotionallyI liked the second half of the book better than the first The first half felt a little clunky and slow It dragged for me even as I was supposed to be getting embroiled in this mysteryThen the second half was bambambam with action and people view spoilergetting murdered Honestly sometimes that just feels like bad writing can't think of how to progress the plot? Murder someone else Can't figure out who's doing the killing? Teamofmercenaries How do they get the kid back? Empatheticmercenary character yay hide spoiler

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    I used to own a feminist bookstore and we sold lots of lesbian titles many of which were not very good formulaic romance but Ellen Hart was an exception She is a talented writer and I love her Jane Lawless mysteries Unfortunately I lost track of her a few years ago Imagine my delight when I found out that she's kept writing and I have a few of her books to read In this one Jane is visited by her ex husband you need to read the book to find out why jane an open lesbian would have a husband who is involved in a scheme to sell illegal antiuities The loss of a specific antiuity leads to murder and Jane gets drawn into the search for the suspects because her life becomes at risk as well Several mysteries abound in this novel and it kept me up all one night

  5. Picture Perfect Picture Perfect says:

    I never am one to read a series out of order but considering the first Jane Lawless mystery I read was the latest there are no rules This one was super entertaining and I enjoy the staple cast of characters as much as the new ones

  6. Patti Patti says:

    Again I'm delighted to have recently discovered the Jane Lawless series

  7. Susan Moxley Susan Moxley says:

    Once you start reading it you won’t want to put it down It will keep you on the edge of the seat guessing what’s going to happen next

  8. Tink Tink says:

    18 down

  9. Sandy Holmes Sandy Holmes says:

    Actually this was not a bad mystery but I didn't particularly like any of the characters

  10. Nese Nese says:

    I picked up this book thinking it was a cozy but found out it is called “gay mystery genre” and what I call after reading is a well written mystery heavy on the character development and interpersonal relationships Based on the writing style and the content of the book it looks like the author is knowledgeable about the subjects relating to the story she wrote countries cultures antiues world events etc and she is an excellent judge of the human condition and the complexities of interpersonal relationships The story flows well making the reader care about the characters while wondering what is coming next I also enjoyed the author’s uniue way of telling a story and the view of the world reflected in her writing style Just like cozies the book doesn’t have graphic violence sex or bad language

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The Cruel Ever After (Jane Lawless, #18) [Reading] ➷ The Cruel Ever After (Jane Lawless, #18) By Ellen Hart – The shock that Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is in for when Chester Garrity her ex husband returns to a city that he swore he'd never see again is nothing compared to Chester's own After their The shock that Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is in for when The Cruel ePUB ½ Chester Garrity her ex husband returns to a city that he swore he'd never see again is nothing compared to Chester's own After their divorce many years ago he took off with his inheritance to travel the world leaving Jane with enough seed money to open her first restaurant which worked out well for Jane but less so for ChesterNow he's back and penniless or as he would prefer to say between fortunes He's working an angle to make his next one by selling a priceless artifact recently looted from the Baghdad Museum but it all falls through when he wakes up next to the dead body of his buyer with no memory of what happened the night before Panicked Chester flees the scene eventually returning to cover his tracks only to find that someone has already taken care of that for him but at what price.

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • The Cruel Ever After (Jane Lawless, #18)
  • Ellen Hart
  • English
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9780312614768

About the Author: Ellen Hart

Ellen Hart is the author of twenty eight crime novels in The Cruel ePUB ½ two different series She is a five time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery a three time winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Best Popular Fiction a three time winner of the Golden Crown Literary Award in several categories a recipient of the Alice B Medal and was made an official GLBT Literary Saint at the Sa.