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  1. Rob Smith, Jr. Rob Smith, Jr. says:

    I noticed this with a few other L'Amour books I've read Within twenty pages the reader finds themselves dumped in a sea of names with little to no background as to who they are In this case it was worse for a couple names are similar Worse as the book goes on some switch from good to bad and vice versa Many characters are hardly explained throughout the book except for what side they are I had trouble keeping track of who was through throughout the book Here's further credit I can give for the William Johnstone clan and their westerns that are often peppered with lots of characters as I've yet to get so confusedHowever I thought the story was a good one even if I did get lost at times There's a good mystery that can keep you guessing until the end and plenty of shootouts I kinda wish L'Amour had done with series because I do like the main character Kedrick and wish there was of him Especially outside the Western genre as referred to in the book

  2. Bruce Bruce says:

    This is the second book that Louis L'Amour wrote under his own name the seventh book he had published I liked Hondo better but this one was very good Reading L'Amour is a way of experiencing the Old West as it was except perhaps for the blinding speed of all the gunslingers You learn so much about the times and the story is always a good one This is another good read by L'Amour Recommend it to all who are fans of Westerns

  3. Nolan Nolan says:

    Tom Kedrick is a fighter No he’s not the type to loudly brag about his prowess with a gun but he doesn’t fear a hard fight when he has no choice He has come to town from New Orleans and he’s a veteran of the war between the states Tom has been hired to evict suatters on land that belongs to the Burwick Land Company It looks like a simple cut and dry done deal kind of job He helps evict those who aren’t legally supposed to be there he gets paid and it’s on to another town somewhere But things are never as simple as they initially seem Tom is immediately smitten by the lovely Connie who is new to town herself and who provides Tom with a second detailed look at the suatters—a second look that makes him begin to recognize he’s on the wrong side of the battleOk so this is a pretty formulaic horse opera I haven’t read one of these in years There is the silly insta love thing between Tom and Connie; I never understood why someone with LAmour’s talents would fall back on simplified insta love techniues but so he does in this bookWhat’s to recommend it? The author skillfully reminds his readers that things are rarely as they appear to be in the first glance and that’s a reminder well worth having As is often the case with these simple westerns villains are particularly villainous often fat slovenly men of wealth and power and heroes are particularly virtuous But you aren’t reading this as part of a graduate school in depth English final This is designed to be a uick read that moves you on to the next book It’s an action packed somewhat suspenseful book and you’ll enjoy that feel good ending

  4. Jeff Dickison Jeff Dickison says:

    An early L'Amour originally written under the pen name of Jim Mayo Man is hired to run out some suatters but uickly realizes he is on the wrong side This early book is not uite up to the standards that L'Amour would later set but it is still fairly good Recommended to western fans

  5. Judge Judge says:

    Liked this one Only drawback I found was there were a lot of characters that I felt were added in rather uickly At times I was a little a loss for who was who on some of the minor characters Besides that it was another good Louis L'Amour book

  6. Les Les says:

    Good story L'amour deserves the following he has If I knew about guns some of this would make sense to me I just can't tell from a description of the guns they carry which fighter has the advantage This was fun and the next time I'm in the mood for some light reading I may pick up another L'amourI finally borrowed this book from a friend since I couldn't find it in bookstores I'm about halfway through So far so good Never having read a western before I was surprised to find that the plot reminds me of other authors I've read a little romance a little political intrigue a little adventure and a LOT gunfighting than I'm used to

  7. Deborah Boutwell Deborah Boutwell says:

    I listened to this one and uickly realized that it was the same story as Showdown at the Hogback I like the narrator for that version better than this one

  8. Shawn Shawn says:

    I needed a dose of a good western tale to listen to while butchering a deer I knew I couldn't go wrong with a Louis L'Amour story

  9. Ed Ed says:

    A 1953 standalone western by author Louis L'Amour writing as Jim Mayo Veteran soldier Tom Kendrick was recruited in New Orleans to come to New Mexico and remove a group of outlaws drifters and suatters from a large parcel of land being sold by the government On site Kendrick finds conditions different than what was described to him Rather than a swamp the land is dry high desert and is occupied by subsistence farmers some having settled there for over 10 years Kendrick switches sides and when the dust settles the chief speculator has vanished This leads to a second story arc concerning the mysterious rider of a mouse colored mustang An enjoyable readTom Kedrick earned his stripes during the Civil War fought Apaches and even soldiered overseas But in the high desert country of New Mexico the battle hardened Kedrick is entangled in a different kind of war fueled by greed and deception Hired by Alton Burwick's group to drive a pack of renegades and outlaws off the government land recently set aside for an Indian reservation Kedrick begins to notice that things are not as they seem As his suspicions grow he realizes that he may be fighting on the wrong side of a land swindle Disillusioned and outraged Kedrick must take action against the very people who hired him–or be forced to witness the bloody massacre of innocent men and women

  10. Ward G Ward G says:

    This is a nice ride into the westOne thing L'amour always seemed good atIs painting a landscape in your mind Using only a brief amount of space to do itWe have the main character getting into a position Does he keep working for the men that hired himAs things come to light or join the people on the other sideThat seem to be on the side of right In what was going onHas some traditional western themesLand based power struggleOutlaws fast gunmen and nice detail to the landscape and settingUsually having one mystery elementA secret rider a character with hidden agendas or secret pastOne of the things that took this down a star for me howeverHappened to be part of thatThe mystery character revealed at the endI just could not accept After the build up for the unknown riderIn contrast with the person it turned out to beJust do not see it as being possibleOther than that a decent western tale

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Showdown at Yellow Butte ➡ [Epub] ➛ Showdown at Yellow Butte By Louis LAmour ➫ – Battle hardened Tom Kedrick is hired by Alton Burwick to drive a pack of renegades and outlaws from his land but soon Kendrick suspects that he is fighting for the wrong man and that he is the only on Battle hardened Tom Kedrick is hired by Alton Burwick to drive a pack of renegades and outlaws from his land but soon Kendrick suspects that he is fighting for the wrong man and that he is the only one who can stop a massacre of innocent men and women Reissue.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Showdown at Yellow Butte
  • Louis LAmour
  • English
  • 10 May 2014
  • 9780449142752

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Louis L'Amour was an American author L'Amour's books primarily Western fiction remain enormously popular and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all of his works were in print novels short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world's most popular writers Wikipedia.