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  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • Twelve Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammad Ali
  • Charles R. Smith Jr.
  • English
  • 14 February 2017
  • 9780763650025

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    I had a hard time choosing a rating The book is cleverly organized into 12 chapters rounds , complete with ding ding to show the end of the round The text is poetic, and the images are lovely I had a hard time with some of the content, though It seemed to me that the author tried too hard to paint Ali as a totally good guy and then had trouble explaining multiple marriages and children out of wedlock, firing friends, etc I lived when many of the events described were h...

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    Nonfiction written in lyrical poetry form A fabulous example of how to present nonfiction in a unique format Corretta Scott King Award.

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    Energetic poems and beautiful illustrations.

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    In this wonderful biography, Muhammad Ali life story is being told as a twelve right fight It also reads like a large poem It cronicles the life of a fired up teenager from Kentucky who won 1960 Olympic gold to the day in 1996 when a retired legend, hands shaking from Parkinson s, returned to raise the Olympic torch It depicts Ali in the ring, against opponents like Sonny Listo...

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    I think a theme for this book is to stay with what you think is right In the book Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay was asked to fight in the Vietnam War but Muhammad said no because if his religion.

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    Twelve Rounds to Glory is the biography of Muhammad Ali s life told by Charles R Smith There are a few unique qualities in this biography which are truly captivating First, Charles Smith managed to organize Muhammad Ali s entire life into 12 rounds From beginning to end any person seemingly familiar with boxing is provided with an excellent schema which enables the reader to follow Ali s life in an organized way Charles Smith also captured a number of exciting moments in the ring, even going so far as to describe each jab and hook The language utilized is confident and poetic, any person who has heard Muhammad Ali speak would instantly associate the authors style of writing with Ali The Illustrations by Bryan Collier are striking and rich The colors used to depict Muhammad Ali throughout the book shows a wide range of tone variation common in reality due to lighting but often neglected by other artists The illustration on pages 38 and 39 I found particularly interesting The style in itself has a pop up book effect yet it is a flat image The photographers depicted in the drawing actually seem to be taking pictures of you the reader If you look behind the photographers what you may have dismissed as a simple black background becomes a sea of faces.Muhammad Ali surely wasn t a perfect man, but he is a grea...

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    This book is a beautiful poetic expression of the life of Muhammad Ali, his life as a legend, an eloquent speaker and his heart of gold Twelve Rounds to Glory The Story of Muhammad Ali is a poetic expression of Ali s life From his birth in Louisville, Kentucky to his current life and struggles with Parkinson s Disease, follow along with each round of the book as Ali battles through his boxing career In reviewing this book I learned about many highlights in Ali s life I was not aware of Like his earliest interest in boxing brought on by a stolen bike, his encounter with man, a cop, who became his trainer Ali s arrest, jail time and why, plus so much Each round a snippet of his life s greatest and not so greatest moments This book ends with a glance at her personal life, his many wives, all his children and what he is doing today In the back of the book you will find a timeline which outlines his career from 1942 up to his retirement from boxing in 1981 Written by Ali s son this book is not just about his fathers boxing career, but also about the struggles Ali encountered in breaking the mold Which as a black man included standing up for himself and eloquently speaking out Throughout his career Ali was his own promoter by his...

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    The author explains to the reader how you should never stop to do what you love and follow your dreams The setting takes place in many different places all over the world, but he was born in Kentucky where he did not have a lot of money and had to work very hard He boxed in the middle late 1900 s against some of the best boxers in the world The protagonist of the novel is Muhammed Ali who is a professional boxer and is one of the best in the world The story is told in third person omniscient and gives details about what Muhammed is thinking Muhammed Ali born as Cassius Clay worked hard and hard to be a boxer and faced many obstacles He had to face many consequences, but fought through them to follow his dream and do what he loved I think that this book was very good and was full of action and adventure When Cassius was entered to serve in the army and refused although he knew he would have to go to jail, he did it for the love of the sport I thought it got a little boring at times when it didn t give full detail about certain things, but overall I thought the book was very good I had a text to self connection because my grandfather once served in the army, and also I play sports and they...

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    An exceptional picturebook biography with layout and verse and art style that portray the essence of Muhmmad Ali The book is organized in 12 rounds based on significant events or stages of his life The the light filled almost glowing collage illustrations seem to jump from the dark background pages The book portray the ups and downs of his professional career and personal life without glossy over his failings Quotes and phrases in bold large black print at odd angles and placement on the page remind me of Ali s personal style that was flamboyant and unpredictable Ali was known to taunt his opponents and play up to the press with rhyming chants so it seems appropriate that the main text of the book is written in a rhythmic rapping style, however in parts this seems contrived and at times especially in the beginning of the book I had to read passages 2 or 3 times to understand the the message or facts being conveyed I imagine many children will have difficulty reading an...

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    There are some books I pick up because I m a children s librarian but end up reading for myself DREAMHUNTER was one of those books TWELVE ROUNDS TO GLORY was not There was never a moment in which I didn t know that my profession was the only reason I was reading an illustrated biography about Muhammad Ali, written in verse While reading the book I assumed that it won the King honor for the illustrations, which are excellent But no, I went back and checked and it won for the writing Huh I really, really don t und...

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Twelve Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammad AliDownload Twelve Rounds To Glory The Story Of Muhammad Ali By Charles R Smith Jr An In Depth Look At Ali S Life Through Twelve Rhyming Poems Collier S Bold Pictures Are Among The Best Of His Illustrious Career BOOKLIST Starred Review A Coretta Scott King Honor BookA National Council For The Social Studies Notable Trade Book For Young PeopleFrom The Moment A Fired Up Teenager Won 1960 Olympic Gold To The Day When A Retired Legend, Hands Shaking From Parkinson S, Returned To Raise The Olympic Torch, The Boxer Known As The Greatest Waged Many A Fight Some Were In The Ring, Against Opponents Like Sonny Liston And Joe Frazier Others Were Against Societal Prejudice And A War He Refused To Support Because Of His Islamic Faith The Rap Inspired Verse Weaves And Bobs And Jabs, While Bold Collage Artwork Matches Every Move Capturing The Louisville Loudmouth With The Great Gift Of Rhyme Who Shed The Name Cassius Clay To Take On The World As Muhammad Ali.