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Perilous Passage EPUB Perilous Passage Junius Podrug Bystricepodhostynem.eu December 21, 2012 The Fabled Feathered Serpent Begins His Relentless Ascent Out Of The Bowels Of The Earth, Escaping Thousands Of Years Of Torturous Confinement Controversial Astrobiologist And Archaeologist Caden Montez Who Believes Teotihuacan Is The Best Site On Earth To Find Alien Life Forms, Such As The Serpent Is On His Trail While Exploring This So Called City Of The Gods A Place So Eerie It Terrified Even The Most Ferocious Aztecs She Discovers That The Serpent Has Broken Free.Ancient Mayan Priests Prophesied That When The God King Returned, He Would Open The Gates To The End Time Together With An Ancient 1000 Year Old Mayan Warrior Who Has Crossed The Gulf Of Time To Save Humanity From Extinction The Outrageous And Beautiful Caden Must Stop Him Scientists, Political Leaders, And Journalists Who Have Long Ridiculed Caden S Theories Have No One Else To Turn To The Mayans Fourth Horseman Of The Apocalypse Is On The Move, And Humanity S Survival Hangs In The Balance.

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    This book is an absolute waste of time The convoluted plot involves an environmental catastrophe caused by microbes releasing methane into the environment and killing the water as well as causing some unexplored mutation disease in humans Switch from that to the ancient world where we spend the next 100 pages following some ball player around as he makes his way through life under the yoke of Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent who turns out to be an alien I m not providing any spoilers here as Podrug reveals this in the first few pages and then repeats it over and over throughout the book as if he believes his readers are idiots that can t remember facts for than a few pages He does this with many of his so called plot points and key character traits Repeating them over and over so we dumb backwood folks don t forget when he delivers the dramatic moments in which these facts become important Either that or he just does it to pad what should be a short story out into a 487 page torture session.Just when you think he can t make it worse, he does You think the story is all about a scientist named Caden, he suddenly shifts it to a guy named Ta...

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    As a total Post Apocalypse junkie, this book attracted my attention immediately I am also a total conspiracy theory nut, as well as a believer in aliens and the whole twelfth planet theory, so this book was right up my alley Describing this book to my co worker brought many laughs, as it s hard to describe how one book can contain a pre historic alien causing a methane imbalance that creates a near apocalypse that is fought by a time traveling ancient ball player, but somehow it worked There is Aztec history and plenty of Central American foklore, shape shifting bloodsuckers, and a ball game resembling soccer, basketball, and almost quidditch, plus alien abductions, government agency infighting, and I ll admit that at times this book felt like a huge info dump and the writing was a bit like a research paper at times, hence the four stars, but the story itself worked cohesively and the end felt right I prefer a bit violence and hard edged survival in an apocalypse tale, which this book verges on delivering, but doesn t really go there in the end There was suffering going on, but the MCs all had clean water, food, even television and air travel, so don t go into reading this for a gritty PA adventure This book ties together the whole Zachary Sitchin theory of aliens heavily influencing the Mayans and Aztecs and also takes stabs at government conspiracies and the potential for the FEMA direc...

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    From the everyone reads krep sometimes department, Feathered Dragon 2012 is not the worst book I have ever read that honor still goes to Joseph Conrad s Under Western Eyes but I can t recommend it to anyone I picked this up at a grocery store just to see how a novelist might capitalize on the 2012 nonsense but was disappointed even in that low expectation inasmuch as the actual 2012 psuedo prophecies have precisely nothing to do with this novel I should have realized that, perhaps, it was the publisher that was seeking to capitalize the relative point size of the title s font should have been a dead giveaway Indeed, I d almost be willing to wager that the 2012 portion of the title was not the author s but was added and emphasized at the publisher s insistence I can almost hear the conversation The Mayan stuff seems grafted and weakly at that atop a story that is essentially Aztec in nature and could stand on its own with no reference to 2012 whats...

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    Well, I enjoyed the first person historical fiction narrative, written from the perspective of a meso american ball player This is only about a third of the book though Unfortunately, the rest of the book revolves around a contrived plot involving conspiracy theories, stretched so thin as to pass far beyond suspension of disbelief And that s before we even consider the ridiculously errant science that s so errant it can t even be called science...

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    I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend brought this hoe from the library for me I thought it would be some total quack book, all about conspiracies, since that s what he likes Turns out, there was a lot of interesting historical information, as well as a plot that truly sucks you in I read this in two days O fourse, I had to, as someone had it on hold at the library, and I had t...

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    It never fails to surprise me that there are such wonderful imaginations out there I love it when I can pick up a book and be surprised at what will come next It shows that everybody has a unique way of seeing things and letting the mind grasp views that are entertaining and thrilling.

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    Pretty much a waste of time First and third person mixed Contrived plot to fight an alien, or god, or something The most interesting part, the world going to hell in a handbasket, was completely skipped.And the ending says there s a sequel That I will not be reading.

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    Great read Interesting spin on a post apocalyptic world Had fun reading this one.

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    The premise sounded interesting, but I didn t like how it was going I only read about 50 pages and decided to stop So, even though I put that the book was read, I really didn t read it.

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    Interesting to read especially now that the date is near.

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