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10 thoughts on “Mama Tandoori

  1. Jacoline Maes Jacoline Maes says:

    I absolutely didn't like this book and I am really surprised to be writing this I loved De ijsmakers The Ice cream Makers and I really liked Giovanna's navel Those books had an amazing atmosphere and I loved the writing style and well just everything about them Maybe the thing with Mama Tandoori is that it is supposed to be funny but apparently it's not my kind of humor Next to that there isn't really a storyline and I found some of it to be very repetitive It didn't hold my attention and I only finished it this fast because I wanted to be done with it So I think I will stick to reading Ernest van der Kwast's serious novels because his humor just isn't for me

  2. Rehan Abd Jamil Rehan Abd Jamil says:

    I'm smiling and sometimes laughing n crying His mother's love is rather peculiar but understandable

  3. Desiree Flaws Desiree Flaws says:

    I feel like this book had great potential but didn't deliver the characters with the exception of the middle brother were strong and relatable even if I wanted to shake his father by his shoulders I got confused about time lines in places and often things were repeated Having said that I did giggle at times so I am giving it a couple of stars

  4. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    I liked reading this book Sometimes you learn certain new things by reading different books I must admit I did find it funny in some places Ernest van dear Kwat's mother made me laugh it took her three months to pack everything In 1969 when his mother left India and arrived in the Netherlands she had two suitcases filled with bangles necklaces and earrings She got job as a nurse and moved into a room in a nurses hostel She hid the suitcases under her bed Earnest's father was studying medicine I laughed even Adventurely there were no suitcases under his parents bed as they made way then for other valuable items such as inherited microscope and bales of basmati rice Do you keep anything strange in your suitcase? I suppose suitcases do come in handy to store things in I wonder what items you readers keep in a suitcase? uite a bit happens than I have mentioned Mama Tandoori is a very funny book to bring anyone some light joy entertainment

  5. Marlinda Marlinda says:

    It was lovely to read a book with a smile on your face and a giggle every now and then

  6. Gwen Kooi Gwen Kooi says:

    I tried but did not see any humour in it Glad to put it away

  7. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Although this book is officially fiction it bears close resemblance to the author’s family situation Notwithstanding the title and the fact that most chapters relate incidents in the life of the Indian mother the book tells us about the author and his own difficult relationship with his mother than about the lady herself In fact traits of the mother and other major characters such as Uncle Herbert and Granny Voorst are exaggerated to the point of caricature In the case of the mother the caricature might be extended to a certain type of Indian woman and appear offensive although I am sure that was not the author’s intentionThe exaggerations or perhaps they are not ? make for some amusing episodes but this reader did not feel she got to know the characters themselves More than in most works of fiction the author’s perspective is dominant Although the back story of the mother’s romantic entanglement with a patient of hers when still working as a nurse in India and information that the author gives us about her sisters provides some explanation for the mother’s behaviour one never gets her own point of view Perhaps the story is too close to his own life for the author to enter into the lives of his characters as happens in the best novels

  8. Joan Joan says:

    I received this book as a giveaway from Goodreads It certainly made me smile but also to feel uite sad Veena was certainly a force to be reckoned with she never bent and she was always right Feared by many and a tyrant in her own family She could never rise above her disappointments and had a very black and white view of the world Although well off her husband a doctor she always felt the need to haggle to get the best price and couldn't bypass a bargain even when she had no need of it Amusing when looking as an outsider but not for her husband and children In a way understandable when you discover her childhood experiences

  9. Megumi Megumi says:

    Hm I think my expectations were just too high judging from what I heard about it It was a nice read nevertheless but it's not like I'd want to reread it or really recommend it to others later The ending also felt too open to my liking

  10. Maria Maria says:

    Still do not really know what to say about this one

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Mama Tandoori ❰Read❯ ➪ Mama Tandoori Author Ernest van der Kwast – Mama Tandoori is het geromantiseerde verhaal van de Indiase moeder van Ernest van der Kwast Ze leeft bij het motto 'Gratis is goed' en heeft altijd een deegroller op zak Ook de rest van de familie is Mama Tandoori is het geromantiseerde verhaal van de Indiase moeder van Ernest van der Kwast Ze leeft bij het motto 'Gratis is goed' en heeft altijd een deegroller op zak Ook de rest van de familie is een bont gezelschap Uncle Sharma speelde als Bollywoodster in meer dan tweehonderd films en tante Jasleen was ooit de grote atletiekbelofte van IndiaZonder schroom vertelt de schrijver over de levenswandel van zijn onalledaagse familieleden wier voetstappen nog lang in de oren van de lezer zullen naklinken.

  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • Mama Tandoori
  • Ernest van der Kwast
  • Dutch
  • 03 June 2015
  • 9789038893204

About the Author: Ernest van der Kwast

Dutch writer Ernest van der Kwast was born in Mumbai India Mama Tandoori his breakthrough novel enjoyed huge success in the Netherlands and Italy selling over copies In he produced the novella Giovanna’s Navel which entered the Der Spiegel bestseller list immediately after publication in Germany in spring His fluid sensual style has charmed critics everywhere As.