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Amar Chitra Katha Mahabharata Vol. 1-3 The Mahabharata Presents Sweeping Visions Of The Cosmos And Humanity And Intriguing And Frightening Glimpses Of Divinity In An Ancient Narrative That Is Accessible, Interesting, And Compelling For Anyone Willing To Learn The Basic Themes Of Hindu Culture The Mahabharata Definitely Is One Of Those Creations Of Human Language And Spirit That Has Traveled Far Beyond The Place Of Its Original Creation And Will Eventually Take Its Rightful Place On The Highest Shelf Of World Literature Beside Homer S Epics, The Greek Tragedies, The Bible, Shakespeare, And Similarly Transcendent Works This Collection Of 3 Volumes Contains 42 Different Chapters 1 The Kuru Princes Of Hastinapura Veda Vyasa S Epic On The Bharata Race Was First Recited In Public By His Disciple Vaishampayana At The Behest Of The Ageless Seer Vyasa Himself The Recital Took Place In The August Presence Of King Janamejaya, Great Grandson Of Vyasa, And The Many Learned Sages Who Had Assembled For Janamejaya S Sarpa Satra A Twelve Year Long Yajnavv This Volume Describes The Lineage Of The Kuru Princes When Pandu, The Father Of The Pandavas, Dies In The Forest, His Wife Kunti Returns To Hastinapura With The Five Boys.The Great Dronacharya Trains The Kuru Princes In The Art Of War The Feats Of Strength Preformed By Bheema, And Arjuna S Skill At Wielding The Bow Awake Jealousy In The Minds Of Duryodhana And The Other Kuru Princes.Duryodhana Plots The Exile Of The Pandavas To The City Of Varanavata Acting On The Coded Warning Given By Vidura, The Pandavas Manage To Escape From The Burning House Of Shellac.They Live In The Guise Of Mendicants At Ekachakrapura Later They Proceed To Panchala To Attend The Swayamvara Of Draupadi Arjuna, The Skilful Archer, Wins Draupadi S Hand In Order To Obey Their Mother S Words That They Must Share Everything Equally, All The Five Brothers Are Married With Due Ceremony To Draupadi The Pandavas Are Recalled To Hastinapura And Are Given Half The Kingdom.2 The Pandavas In Exile Volume 1 Described The Training Of The Pandavas And Kauravas, The Pandavas Escape From The Burning House Of Shellac, Their Marriage To Draupadi And Their Subsequent Return To Hastinapura.In This Volume Are Described The Slaying Of Jarasandha By Bheema The Subjugation Of The Other Kings By The Pandavas And The Rajasooya Yajna Performed By Yudhishthira Later, In The Game Of Dice, The Pandavas Lose Their Kingdom And Live In Exile.At The End Of The Period Of Exile, When The Pandavas Come Back To Claim Their Kingdom, Duryodhana Refuses To Part With Even Five Villages.3 On The Battlefield Of Kurukshetra The First Two Volumes Of The Mahabharata Described The Growing Animosity Between The Kauravas And The Pandavas, The Costly Game Of Dice Which Led To The Banishment Of The Pandavas For Thirteen Years, The Events During The Exile And The Proposal Of Peace From Dhritarashtra Conveyed By Sanjaya To The Pandavas.This Volume Describes The Attempts Of Krishna To Bring About A Peaceful Settlement Between The Kauravas And The Pandavas They Fail And A Bitter War Is Fought For Eighteen Days The Pandavas Emerge Victorious In The End.

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    This is a set of 3 volumes book which covers whole Mahabharata with illustrations This comic book is just a simplified version of original epic The book is divided perfectly into three volumes Crisp and fast moving book once you are fam...

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    Whatever is found here may be found somewhere else, but what is not found here is found nowhere So says the Mahabharata, the longest epic in world literature Found this beautiful three tome comic which gives a simplified version of the story and acquired footage of Sadhguru explaining the events from a yogi s perspective This is not just a story, this is everyone s story To see jealousy, valour, love, hate, lust, friendship and divinity personified in different characters To learn from their mistakes without suffering the consequences yourself truly a human story of the highest level It is too complex to fathom, past lives, future lives, boons, curses, complicated family trees, a story spanning several generations, different races from celestials, demons, gods and brave and weak men alike While reading ...

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    23 June 2018 Picking this up again as research for my second novel in which my aim will be to take readers to historical India, to a world of royal opulence and hedonism, treachery, heartbreak and love against the odds And yes, it will be a gay fantasy, only with handsome Indian heroes Highly recommended for lovers of epic mythology and warfare, where the gods fight alongside men, warriors are granted divine weapons, and queens embody strength, majesty and grace to inspire love and respect and, in some cases, fear Anyone who enjoyed the Iliad and is interested in learning about different cultures will likely enjoy this epic The Mahabharata is a sweeping tale of political intrigue, heroism and feats of supernatural prowess set against the panorama of Indian royalty and mythology Add in beauty, love, divinity, nobility, and flawed characters pitted against each other in devastating conflict both psychological and physical and you get the ultimate triumph of good over evil It covers just about every human emotion and act one can imagine It even has LGBTQ...

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    Really enjoyed reading this to my kids It was a perfect way to learn about the epic story and cast of characters from the Indian classic This also was a perfect way for me to learn the contextual backdrop prior to reading the Bhagavad Gita Non Kid version Fas...

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    I thought that these series of books refreshed me I also thought that it was well illustrated and factual I loved how it kind of had a prologue and an epilogue If there are any books like this, I would love to read it.

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    Superb Illustrations, Lots of back stories and explanations Enjoyed it through and through Best 1200 i ever spent

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    Amazing book about Indian History Mythology.

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    Fantastic illustrations to the world greatest story.With limited technology Amar Chitra Katha came up with great work I wish they try their hand with the latest technology too.

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    Fantastic book, so many things to understand learn, and change your view about life and the society.Will read this book again after a few months.

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    a sexually charged violent romp through mystical India.