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The Fighter King ➾ [Download] ➾ The Fighter King By John Bowers ➳ – While on Vega to sell defensive fighters Oliver Lincoln is trapped in the middle of an interstellar war The Fighter ueen saga starts hereA military science fiction action adventureRated R 139000 words While on Vega to sell defensive fighters Oliver Lincoln is trapped in the middle of an interstellar war The Fighter ueen saga starts hereA military science fiction action adventureRated R words Roughly euivalent to pages in a mass market paperbackThis book is the first of the Fighter ueen saga The books in the series may be read in any order each is complete within itself but if you wish to The Fighter ePUB ½ read them in chronological order for the best experience we suggest The Fighter King The Sword of Sophia A Vow to Sophia Star Marine The Fighter ueen“What a rush” Al Philipson“If you love stories packed with pulse racing scenes than the average Bruce Willis flick then this book is for you” Ben Brown“a rock solid launch to the series” Richard Winder.

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  1. Al Philipson Al Philipson says:

    Al Philipsons ReviewI’ve been reading the Fighter ueen saga as the books came out so I was expecting something exceptional when I started this preuelWow I got it and This is a great story told by the master of military science fictionThe main character Oliver starts out as a soft rich kid who’s anti war in spite of his father’s business of selling fighter space craft to anyone who’ll buy them — including the aggressive Sirians a bunch of KKK types who’ve colonized a planet that circles one of the planets in a binary star system His only major skill seems to be an ability to hit just about anything at any distance with his antiue hunting rifleHis first taste of reality comes when his news reporter sister is killed in an unlikely “accident” on SiriusThe Sirians are in the slave owning business and Oliver suspects they plan to use them to invade Vega a planet of genetically enhanced people that produces some of the most beautiful people in the galaxy The price of a Vegan woman on Sirius is very high So Oliver trots off to Vega to sell them some of his dad’s fighters to help them defend against the inevitable invasion from the SiriansWell it turns out his timing is a bit off Just after closing the deal Sirius attacks while Oliver is still on the planet and he misses his ride home as the liner leaves orbit to avoid the invading forcesOliver has to grow up fast and face reality Does he hang around just long enough to get off planet or stay and help the Vegans? Circumstances make up his mind for him and the rest is where the story gets really interesting I couldn’t put it downSuck in that flabby gut grab your gun and get your mind in the game recruit Keep your feet dry; you’re in the army now

  2. Richard Winder Richard Winder says:

    An upper echelon military SF storyWhat would happen if the lunatic fringe neo nazis and white supremacists ever got hold of a starship and went away far enough to build an empire? Humanity's worst nightmare would ensue along with the rise of the 'Fighter King' The Fighter King is a rock solid launch to the series of stories by John Bowers featuring the arc of an interstellar war It has everything that you would want in a military SF novel Explosions Strategy Panic Tactics Arms dealers Political maneuvers Soldiers cussing Hi technology Death destruction and bloody mayhem But the violence and gore here is not gratuitous and the sweep of the novel leaves it a cut above the usual military SF fare Certainly we see the typical situation where war brings out the best and worst in our species But with majestic andimpressive world building Bowers weaves a yarn that portrays dynastictensions lessons about humanity and a careful study of the yin and yang of aggression and deterrence vs the pacifistic instinct Bowers certainly knows how a story is put together and he is particularly talented when it comes to using conflict to its best advantage The characters are archetypes at some level but they evoke sympathy at surprising moments Readers should be under no illusions about the unblinking view of extremely violent brutalityand graphic portrayal of inhumanity here definitely this is not a tale for the sueamish or faint of heart or those who prefer less violence I'm normally in the latter group myself However some of the best SF messages have come from such tales and this is after all a memorable story with a message That alone is worth five stars from me

  3. Al "Tank" Al "Tank" says:

    Bowers actually started the series with A Vow to Sophia then wrote The Fighter ueen This is actually his 3rd book in the series but I'd recommend reading it first if you're just starting into itWhat can I say? I enjoy everything Bowers has written but this is his best work yet He's struck a great balance between action and a story about growing up okay maybe maturing would be a better wordOliver starts out as a naive know it all with a rich daddy and has to shuck his naivete rapidly when he's caught in the middle of a war with his very survival at stakeThe book is a bit longer than most of the books published today but I breezed through it much too rapidly I always hate it when a good book comes to an end when I want to keep readingShoulder your rifle plop your tin hat on your head and keep it down You're going to war and people will be shooting at youSide note There is than one John Bowers in the book world This Bowers writes science fiction

  4. Orville St.Clair Orville St.Clair says:

    Just read Book One of The Fighter ueen series by John Bowers Great Book but then all of his areThis is the third series of his books I have started to go along with the Nick Walker and Starport books All of Mr Bower's characters are believable; the action is full bore I've run out of accolades concerning Mr Bower's workBuy one of his books any one and enjoy

  5. Don Harrington Don Harrington says:

    Well written a reluctant warriorAt first the premise seemed shaky but the book grabbed me almost immediately I thought about it when I wasn't reading it which is always a good sign A uniue take on human society I look forward to reading the rest of the series

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    It took a bit to get into this book but once I did I found myself rooting for the main character It was good to see a once spoiled rich kid grow into someone of character whom people want to follow Have only read a teaser for the rest of the series but this has gotten me wanting

  7. Don Willett Don Willett says:

    Great readCouldn't put it down Started a little slow but kept a good pace with good action and great detail Good characters and the story line blended very well

  8. Laz the Sailor Laz the Sailor says:

    This story became very preachy very fast Lots of interesting concepts but too many people doing bad things andor getting killed Although written a few years ago it could be read as a warning for current 2017 politics Built as a long saga 5 books at 450pp there is a lot of world buildingThe writing is solid but I'm probably not going to read the rest of these

  9. Volpot Volpot says:

    4 stars Surprisingly decent

  10. Krazykiwi Krazykiwi says:

    Hmmm The good This is pretty well written for an indie book the style is easy to read and moves along briskly The fight scenes are well done in fact considering this is sci fi set on another planet there's an unexpectedly good depiction of trench warfare Many of the characters are uite likeable and the author has a way of painting characters uickly with few words I really really wanted to like this book However I just can't really recommend this for so many reasons Which sounds a little uncharitable given that I did uite enjoy large chunks of it but the problems are very problematic Trigger warning Please don't read further if discussion of rape racism slavery and violence are issues Firstly the enemies are the result of several hundred years of settlement on a colony planet by neo nazis white supremacists and southern confederates The secret police are called the KK the planet keeps slaves and at the beginning of the story is planning to invade a neighbouring colony planet where the women have been genetically engineered to be perfect physical specimens of beauty in order to harvest them as a natural resource to feed the slave based economy I'll give you a minute to take that all in You may need two Ok back? Well as you can imagine an enemy made up of this much unrelenting evil easily becomes a caricature and that is pretty much what happens Even the sympathetic friendly enemy dude is just bad to the bone He not only doesn't care about slavery or how women are treated he keeps hypno locked that is brainwashed women slaves in his stable but worse even as the most sympathetic character on this side of the conflict he simply doesn't uestion it at all At one point he says that while the denizens of the planet they are invading will resist at first it doesn't matter because half of the next generation will be half Sirian his planet due to the wholesale rape of the female population by Sirian soldiers and by three generations they will simply have all been indoctrinated Worse our hero tries only once and even then half heartedly to talk this through with him although the two spend uite some time in each others company Secondly a major plot point turns on whether or not a woman presses charges against a man who assaults her A man who a admitted it to a police officer and b is found alone with the beaten woman in his apartment This totally did not work for me As mentioned this is some few hundred years into the future so why does she have to decide to press charges or not? In most modern western jurisdictions even currently this is not a choice the women has to make She may decide if she will or won't testify but if a man is found with bloody knuckles standing over a beaten and injured woman in a locked apartment she probably wouldn't have to And prosecution would not wait on her decision either way That this is even a uestion let alone the hook of a major plot issue just totally ruined any idea that this was an enlightened future earth with a global government that had gotten past war and disease Because this is peculiarly unenlightened in fact Finally the rapes Plural There are a lot of them The enemy soldiers rape everyone in sight and round up women to either send home or drive around in vans to outposts to entertain their soldiers In a POW camp the prisoners are given free pussy every third day and if they don't make use of it the women are executed in one brutal scene whipped to death in front of a crowd of male prisoners Every single named female character in this book is raped or dead or both by the end of it EVERY SINGLE ONE Oh except one Tascha She's just a slave who has to give up the baby she bore as a surrogate and wet nursed and is expected to do so because she's too trusting and bred to be a sex slave if she was released she'd just hook up with some psychopath and be dead in a year The HERO of the story asked to have her released TO HIS CUSTODY to be a nanny for a child where even if that load of bollocks is true she would be protected and cared for until she learnt to take care of herself AND HE ACCEPTS THIS REASON WITHOUT ARGUMENT Sigh I wanted to like this book a lot better than I did I like space opera I like military sci fi even if the sci in the sci fi here was a little Star Trek TOS Startanium Starpasses Space Marines I did like this book better than I should have particularly the long section in the middle where our hero is fighting a ground war as a grunt But I just couldn't ever recommend anyone else read it

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