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  1. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    A compilation of stories that have originated with Liberty Christian Ministries They specialise in dealing with Christians and others struggling with same sex attraction The homosexuality issue seems to have become seriously controversial in Christian circles and many avoid discussing it altogether The church of England has sadly compromised its biblical stance as have many other denominations The result is that some Christians are confused about where they should stand and others think that if they pretend the issue doesn't exist it will go away There is also a climate of fear about expressing biblical views on the issue due to the general direction of the law makers But this sin with all its associated damage will not just suddenly vanish any than any other sin We must not give in to groups like Stonewall who want to abolish Christian views on the subject altogether There is a difference between saying homosexuality is unacceptable to God and being homophobic When one says the Bible stands against the performance of homosexual acts that is not homophobic It is not vilification to say that God rejects some human sexual behaviour And it is no homophobic than rejecting Christ and his messengers is Christophobic Paul condemns a range of human behaviours 1 Corinthians 6 vs 9 11 Homosexuality is on the list alongside drunkenness and greed Paul does not suggest one is better or worse than the other these kinds of actions are incompatible with being the people of GodThis book will help Christians to better understand same sex attraction and how to interact with those who are struggling and desire to change There is a big difference between someone who says that they are gay Christian and proud and someone who acknowledges their difficulty and desires to deal with it biblically The latter are the people that really need our support and help not our condemnation and judgement All of us are prone to weakness and temptation why is homosexuality suddenly the big taboo? Let's make it clear Heterosexual adultery is no and no less of a sin than homosexuality Christians do not argue for heterosexuality but for obedience to God That has implications for all of us no matter what our gender orientationThe book has testimonies from those who are attempting to live biblically despite their same sex attraction either through praying and hoping for change in their orientation or through life long celibacy There are success stories for both approaches It also documents a parental perspective when a child comes out as gay Also when a husband or wife tells their spouse they are strugglingI particularly liked the appendix chapters which deal with1 How we went gay as a nation2 Is homosexuality biologically determined?3 On homosexuality and change4 Homosexuality in the New TestamentThis is a good book that will not only encourage Christians to give proper support to those struggling but will clarify where Christians should stand on the issue of homosexuality

  2. Fiona Fiona says:

    Short and pretty straightforward different people share their stories of being Christian and gay Probably revolutionary in 2003 but feels a bit dated now and the stories feel starkly told with an implicit bias The appendices are the most helpful part of the book

  3. Angus Mcfarlane Angus Mcfarlane says:

    A compassionate balance of conservative theology and pastoral care for those who identify as homosexual and for those who don't The first part is the personal stories of people who have we involved with liberty ministries These are predominantly positive stories as might be expected but they are humble in tone not dogmatic and practical rather than overly spiritual The second part is academically oriented but still palatable tackling issues such as the gay gene whether behavior can change and the homophobic scriptures I don't think this would necessarily convince someone to change their position on these issues but for those with a Christian perspective it offers many useful points

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