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Awesomely Simple [Download] ➹ Awesomely Simple ➾ John Spence – The six core strategies to elevate any business and how to implement them made simpleWhat do the world's most successful companies and organization have in common And what can you actually take away a The six core strategies to elevate any business and how to implement them made simpleWhat do the world's most successful companies and organization have in common And what can you actually take away and use from their examples Distilling the best fundamental business strategies trusted advisor and strategist John Spence helps you take a hard look at your business and together develop specific plans and action steps that will allow you to dramatically improve the success of your companyDelivered in Spence's approachable and straightforward manner Awesomely Simple reveals the six key strategies that create a foundation for achieving business excellence Vivid Vision Best People A Performance Oriented Culture Robust Communication A Sense of Urgency and Extreme Customer FocusFilled with case studies and clear action items includes easy to follow guidelines for implementing the strategies in any organization no matter its mission or size After concisely breaking down each strategy Spence gives specific examples tips tools discussion uestions and exercises for how to execute them successfully A perfect resource for business leaders Awesomely Simple will help you turn ideas into positive action and achieve lasting business success.

10 thoughts on “Awesomely Simple

  1. John Spence John Spence says:

    Yes I AM the author but here is the somewhat unbiased review I posted on my own book on I hope you find this helpfulI think this is a pretty good book Not life changing Not revolutionary but a good solid book on the fundamental aspects of running a highly successful organization Here is the deal I have worked as a business improvement consultant and executive trainer in than 300 companies around the world from tiny start ups to Microsoft GE IBM I have also read a minimum of 100 business books a year every year since 1989 What I have done in Awesomely Simple is to boil down all of that experience and information into the things that I feel really work Whether you are starting a new business trying to lead a team inside a company or you are the CEO of a mid sized firm I have tried to deliver superb information ideas tools and examples to help you be successful Along those lines I have also filled the book with tons of short audits recommendations examples surveys case studies and most importantly specific suggestions for how to take the ideas in the book and immediately put them into action in your organization Awesomely Simple will never win an award for ushering in a new way to look at business or for some really cool new theory of competitiveness What most people have said about the books is I knew a lot of the stuff you put in this book John but I have never seen it put together in one place in such an easy and engaging way and even though I thought I knew this information it was clear after reading Awesomely Simple that I was NOT doing the things you suggested and this book helped me figure out what I could do right away to start positively impacting my business If you are a business ownerCEO a manager a team leader or just want to know about the fundamentals of creating a truly excellent business I hope you will pick up a copy of Awesomely Simple AND drop me a note with your feedback comments and uestions I would LOVE to hear form you

  2. Ali Ali says:

    very great book i really like it

  3. Tanner Maluchnik Tanner Maluchnik says:

    Is your business or organization becoming so complex that you are slowing down and becoming less innovative?Then this book is for you

  4. Taylor Taylor says:

    At first I was annoyed with this book It was someone excessively positive giving straight up fluff speeches about mission statements and organization There were actionable tasks which were redeeming for the abstract narrative but it wasn't enough Happily I made it into chapter 3 and finally Spence got into the meat of the subject He discusses real action plans to communicate effectively emphasizes what he means and genuinely impressed me The next chapter was amazing too Chapter 5 and 6 started to get back to mediocrity but then the Conclusion was a proper review of everything discussed with very useful pointers and steps I'm glad this book was given to my husband as it's going to be a great resource to refer to over the years

  5. Devin Ambron Devin Ambron says:

    Any advice is good advice if you take action The business principles in this book are distilled from many disciplines of business management but what stands out is Spence's uestions and exercises at the end of each chapter Learning emotional intelligence then practicing emotional intelligence is a powerful component of communication Few companies master delivering value to customers while maintaining strong teams

  6. Megan Close Zavala Megan Close Zavala says:

    This was clear and easy to understand with some good advice A relatively uick read though not exactly exciting

  7. Ellen Baldwin Ellen Baldwin says:

    Pretty basic concepts that can never be reiterated too many times

  8. Rusty Fulling Rusty Fulling says:

    March 2010 The author does a good job in breaking down SIMPLE strategies such as MVV Mission Why we exist Vision Where we want to go Values How we will act along the way SMART Goals Specific Detail exactly what you want to achieve Measurable Goals must be uantifiable Agreed on Everyone has to agreebuy in on the goals Realistic Goals must be achievable otherwise demoralizing Timebound Specific date for achieving goalsConistent superior customer service can literally double your profit Customers expectations are1 Realiability Do what was promised on time accurately2 Professionalism Be ethical knowledgable honest3 Empathy Geniune care concern for customer satisfaction4 Responsiveness Prompt service proactive in anticipating customer needs5 Ambience Design comfort of your office cleaniness appearance of personnel4 P'sPassion Love the area of your focusPersistence 10 year rule Stick to it Study other experts in your field look at Mozart Practice Practice 7 10 years make adjustments get better getting feedback from coaches mentorsPattern recogintions Look for patterns such as basketball players who can see the who court biz coaches looking at the business as a whole etcYou can't make fast decisions if you don't know where you are goingA major part of strategy is figuring out what to say No to

  9. Jesse Langel Jesse Langel says:

    A distillation of business management If you're serious about business you cannot go wrong revisiting these principles and then conducting the effectiveness audits at the end of each chapter The author's introduction makes a compelling case for his credibility to write this John Spence has walked the walk in business I'm not surprised that only 10 15% of businesses actually execute on their major goals Spoiler alert the four impediments to execution 1 lack of well documented vision 2 lack of courageous communication 3 lack of disciplined execution and 4 tolerating mediocrity No major surprises there as they seem like typical human weaknesses based on complacency and organizational inertia I found some good new ideas along and was reacuainted with old ones A book like this should be used as a workbook after it's read They say good work is lost by a lack of a little That would be true if you read this without picking it up periodically to mull over its uestions It contains thought provoking uestions relating to your business's fundamental mission and operations

  10. Michael Michael says:

    I really want to tell you to run out and get this book I genuinely believe that it can have an amazing impact on your business The concepts in this book and an intense focus on taking action off of them was amazing The thing that wasn't the authors voice I did listen to this in Audiobook format so that may have had an impact but John Spence can't seem to help from mentioning himself and his experiences The man is brilliant and the ideas warrant a healty ego I just wish he had managed to keep it out of the book a little or at least approach the book in a way that put him at the center ie Crush It Spence read 100 business books a year for 10 years and it shows He just seemed to struggle between making the book about him or about his points and it detracted from some of the best business advice I've ever read I highly suggest you read this just want to make sure that you are warned

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