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Little Madhouse on the Prairie ❰Download❯ ✤ Little Madhouse on the Prairie Author Marion Elizabeth Witte – Marion Witte was raised in a little house on the prairie but her childhood was nothing like the idyllic version of childhood made famous by Laura IngallsWitte's story has its roots in immigrant grandp Marion Witte on the Kindle Õ was raised in a little house on the prairie but her childhood was nothing like the idyllic version of childhood made famous by Laura IngallsWitte's story has its roots in immigrant grandparents who struggle to make a living on the harsh Midwestern plains Unbelievable hardship alcoholism abuse and abandonment were the norm during her Little Madhouse PDF \ youth Witte endured punishments that had devastating emotional effects She was often locked in a dark dirty cellar with the rats and mice terrifed and too little to turn on the light bulb that hung high above herAs Witte retells the circumstances of her youth it becomes clear that this book is much than a compelling story Madhouse on the PDF/EPUB » of childhood mistreatment The crux of her story maintains that once abuse stops the psychological damage lingers Even as Witte graduated from college became a CPA and had her own family she knew that there were wounds to be healed Witte takes the reader on the journey she pursued to heal from the past and the pitfalls and successes of that process Her honest and compassionate portrayal draws the reader into an analysis of negative adult behaviors and why we may behave in an emotionally immature manner This is a book that connects the dots between our childhood experiences our current adult behavior and the way we parent.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Little Madhouse on the Prairie
  • Marion Elizabeth Witte
  • English
  • 07 August 2016
  • 9780982225431

About the Author: Marion Elizabeth Witte

Marion Witte on the Kindle Õ is an author public speaker and Certified Public Accountant with a life long career of managing and owning business ventures She founded and manages the Angel Heart Foundation a non profit organization devoted to supporting positive parenting and youth empowerment She is the Editor in Chief of the Next Generation Parenting and Brave New Little Madhouse PDF \ Leaders websites Ms Witte’s memoir Lit.

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  1. Kathleen Pooler Kathleen Pooler says:

    When one thinks of a little house on the prairie visions of strong family ties loving parents and childhood memories of romping through fields and streams come to mindBut for Marion Witte it was a house of horrors She suffers beyond what any child or human being should suffer at the hands of an alcoholic emotionally absent father a cruel emotionally disturbed mother and an older brother who turns against herWith soul baring detail she chronicles her journey from this abusive isolated childhood where her mother locks her in a cold dark basement for punishment when she is 5 years old through her courageous journey to self awareness and healing when she is an adultAs the adult narrator she reflects back upon her painful childhood memories in a way that invites us into the mind of a child and helps us experience the hardships and abuse she endured Looking at her kindergarten picture of a beautiful yet sad five year old with a bruise on her cheek brings home not only the pain of abuse but the s of the times which dictated that people stay out of other people’s business No one advocated for this precious child despite clear evidence of wrongdoing Her writing style is engaging and reflects compassion insight and resilience As a child she witnesses the abuse of her cousin by her father’s brother Again no one steps in to defend the child In her back story we see how the cycle of abuse has been perpetuated through the generationsWith painstaking honesty she guides us through the difficulties she experiences in her adulthood as a result of her childhood abuse showing how the events and people from her past have followed her She takes us through her denial into her journey of self awareness which ultimately leads to her healing She turns her pain into a blessing as she carves out a mission to help children who have endured childhood abuseIn showing us her pathway to healing from childhood abuse Marion gives a gift of hope For those who have been abused there is hope for recovery For those who have never been abused she raises awareness For those who are in the helping professions she offers insights in the healing processThis is an inspirational and brave story beautifully written by a woman who was willing to face her vulnerabilities and share her personal journey In showing how she found a purpose for her pain she has touched us all It is a heart wrenching story of vulnerability resilience and healing

  2. Sheli Ellsworth Sheli Ellsworth says:

    Witte’s own story Little Madhouse on the Prairie A True Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit Angel Heart Publishing 2010 has its roots in immigrant grandparents who struggled to make a living on the harsh Midwestern plains Unbelievable hardship resulted in alcoholism and violence passed on to Witte by her mother’s wrath “The publication of my memoir is part of the first phase of my goal—awareness”The crux of her story maintains that once the actual physical abuse stops the psychological damage lingers Even after Witte graduated from college became a CPA and had her own family she knew that there were still wounds to be healed Psychologists know adults abused as children will carry self esteem issues; problems with judgment and decisions as well as trust and intimacy difficulties until mental illnesses—like depression; divorce drugs or drinking force them into recovery

  3. Kris Kris says:

    I feel compelled to share my views on Marion Witte's book Little Madhouse on the Prairie For any child living within a dysfunctional and abusive family is never a choice it's their misfortune The choice however to not only move beyond a horrific childhood but to change one's destiny shows not only the power of optimism but courage and strength of heart I was blessed as a child to be raised within a family where evident love and support was a way of life I never experienced any manner of abuse and as an adult today I still can't comprehend how any parent could abuse or neglect their children or allow others to inflict physical or emotional pain I can only imagine how difficult it was for Ms Witte to not only rise above the abuses she suffered but to become a success in spite of the odds Heartfelt thanks to Ms Witte for her willingness to examine her painful past and share it openly in order to promote her own healing as well as raise the consciousness of the abused the abusers and those of us that need to serve as protector and advocate to suffering children I view this book as The Handbook for Hope; it should be reuired reading for anyone who works with youngsters who are the victims of abuse and it can help those who have suffered emotional and physical cruelty understand the importance of healing and living their dreams instead of being haunted by their childhood nightmares Thank you Ms Witte for having the courage to relive examine and confront the covert abuses you suffered and for sharing your long path to recovery with the public Your book is a moving tribute to the power of hope and the determination to overcomeI have also posted this review on com so others will know it is available to help them

  4. Mark Mark says:

    It may be a blessing that not everyone relates to this book Fortunately most people have not endured the type of life that the author describes On the other hand if you are one of the millions of children who lived through a difficult childhood this book may be just what you need to bring some peace to your life I was lucky to have been raised in a loving caring household yet there are other people in my life that were not so fortunate and I have recommended this book to them I enjoyed this simple but very profound read It engaged me to the point that I finished it in one day This book delivers a message of hope that is appropriate for so many people for if we thought about it we all know someone who has been subjected to some form of mistreatment The author presents enough background information about her childhood to set the stage for the remainder of the story without telling us everything that happened This approach makes the story very readable without leaving one in total shock or a state of sadness After portraying her childhood experiences the book changes tone as the reader is carried on a journey of recovery and hope For me I have a new appreciation for what some children go through and a deeper level of compassion I believe that the we learn about what has happened to others and what is still happening in our communities and around the world the aware we become We then stand a better chance of working together to bring about the changes that are needed in the lives of children

  5. Dr. Patti Carey Dr. Patti Carey says:

    It is my true wish that everyone read this book and recognize the power of acknowledgement and forgiveness not that we have to forget or condone actions of our families but recognizing we have a choice to take responsibility for our present life Marion's book is a must read as a way to understand how families' behaviors overtly and subtlety affect children for the rest of their lives and how the power of facing the lions and tigers and bears can bring us to a place of acceptance self love and peace I doubt there is anyone who doesn't recall some element of an unfortunate event in their childhood and yet there are so many of us who have experienced the physical and psychological abuse dealt by troubled yet well meaning parents and those memories stay with us and impact us every day Marion's book is a wonderfully touching revelation of her experiences growing up in a dysfunctional family It is amazing that she was able to grow into the kind thoughtful and loving woman she is now Reading her book brought to the surface many of my own unfortunate events in earlier years While painful to look at it is uite cathartic to face those events now recognize their impact and choose to forgive and move on with life Marion's book is well written easy to read will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face What a fabulous talent Marion has to be able to touch readers in such a way Dr Patricia Carey Dallas Texas

  6. Brian Brian says:

    I was deeply moved by this book and could relate to many of the author's stories I understand all too well how we can carry a painful experience into our adult life and this book helped me recognize the importance of facing those dark memories however distant and scary I have read many books on the subject penned by doctors and therapists but this was the first that spoke from the victim’s point of view I like the fact that only a portion of the book was spent covering the actual abuse and the majority of it focused on recovery and the ups and downs of that journey The sections on forgiveness were among the most powerful ones for me as were the parts about having the courage to speak up These are two areas that are problematic for those of us who have incurred abusive childhoodsMadhouse doesn't have all the answers nor does it claim to Instead it shares one individual's journey from a child of abuse to the adult learning to live with it I would recommend this book to others for I found great comfort and strength from reading it Thank you to the author for sharing it with us

  7. Donna Donna says:

    I was very interested and intrigued when I heard about this book Little Madhouse on the Prairie A True Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit As I started to read the book I remembered that I had heard snippets of information about this author over the years I had not really thought too much about them at that time until I read this book The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I read Marion Witte's insights into the abuse she suffered in her early life It is really not something I can truly fathom I am so happy for her that she used those experiences to develop into a bright and very capable woman I think Ms Witte is a natural born story teller because Little Madhouse grabs you from the moment you pick it up and you truly understand her feelings as that scared little girl during the entire book One thing I came away with after reading Little Madhouse is that some people use their negative experiences to become something good and others can't rise above it I would love to know for sure what separates the two I recommend this insightful book Little Madhouse on the Prairie A True Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit

  8. Mandy Mandy says:

    As someone who understands about abuse and the effect it can have on your life I have to say I loved this book Not in the way you love a romance novel or a mystery story but in the way you love a book that is open honest and authentic I struggle with the idea of forgiveness and have not been sure that I could ever reach that point in my life This book helped me to see that not only is it possible to forgive someone else it is possible to forgive yourself My deepest thanks to the author for providing me with some much needed guidance on my journey

  9. Grace Peterson Grace Peterson says:

    I have a strong interest for the memoir genre I like the drama of a real life story I get a thrill out of reading how everyday people overcome adverse circumstances and develop a richer understanding of life I admire memoirists because they're not wimps They're gutsy Recently I met gutsy Marion Witte online and just finished reading her memoir Little Madhouse on the Prairie True Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit Angel Heart Publishing 2012 It tells the story of a sweet little girl who grew up on the North Dakota prairie Deemed a willful child Marion's mother took her discipline methods much much too far You can see the effects of that extremism on Marion's kindergarten photo both in her sad eyes and the bruises on her cheeks and forehead While Marion's mother was exacting her rage on her children Marion's father was either out working the farm or out working on another drink at the town bar Marion was abandoned The resilience of a little girl who grew up having never received tenderness amazes me But Marion grew and despite a phase of self destruct during high school devoted herself to creating a better future College coursework was easy for Marion and she earned a degree in accounting Eventually though the unhealed trauma of her youth became too much and in order to move forward Marion had to go back She shares the many methods and insights she learned to come to grips with her past and heal the emotional wounds As heartbreaking as it is to read this book will offer hope and encouragement to anyone dealing with similar issues There is hope in the message And an understanding that if Marion can survive and thrive I can too

  10. Little Book Club Little Book Club says:

    I am a member of a small book club in Los Angeles Each of our members takes a turn picking out the next book we will read Some pick current best sellers some pick old classics and some relatively unknown books A friend recommended Little Madhouse on the Prairie as my selection and I picked it for several reasons We had just finished a book by a big name author and I wanted to compare that type of read to a book by a new author The subject material of the book was intriguing to me The book contained a Book Club Discussion section which was very helpfulI must say I was shocked as I read this book perhaps due to the sheltered childhood I had I come from a very loving home so the idea that a child could be treated the way it is portrayed in the book was very foreign to me It was not the easiest material to absorb but I am glad I stuck with it For one thing I feel so fortunate to have been raised in the environment I was The “problems” in my childhood seem very unimportant when I now understand what other children have to endure I also realize now that I probably have friends in my life who have had difficult childhoods but who don’t talk about it because of the guilt and shame I think reading this book has opened my eyes and made me a aware and compassionate person

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