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  1. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    DRAGONWORLD was one of my favorite fantasy novels as an adolescent Also has many excellent illustrations

  2. Claudia Claudia says:

    I really hate the feeling when I can hardly wait to read a book and turns out to be a big disappointment It was the same with The Hobbit and LOTR The story starts promising despite the tragic event 2 children are killed by a dragon and town’s folks believe it was the sorcerers from next land Simbala who did it so they plan to go to war Pretty interesting setup but the writing killed all the excitement got to 15% and nothing happened besides the suabbling between the locals Then the story shifts to Simbala and there we got the same suabbling but not because of the war they have no idea about it yet but because of their next ruler I guess I was expecting something else something like Eragon maybe and I got none of it And the writing style sucks Not even the drawings could bring a spark to make me continue with it because I did not find them appealing either But I do believe that it will make a nice script and if it ever will be made a movie based on it sure thing I will watch it The conclusion is don’t judge the book based on my opinion; I’m not into Tolkien writing either – although my favorite movie of all times is LOTR – so I guess my rating is very subjective and therefore not a good reference to take it into consideration

  3. Janeen-san Janeen-san says:

    I will try to give this long book the long book review it deserves Last year I was desperately searching the shelvs of my local library's spring book sale My brother claimed he saw a bearded man walk out with ALL the fantasy books in the entire place My brother and I were deeply disappointed and angry We loved and still love fantasy How could that man have taken all of the fantasy books? Surely notAt last I found one that looked promising DRAGONWORLD I was filled with curiosity Would this book be any good? I hoped so The name also drew forth my love for dragons I think dragons are awsome I try to read lots of books with dragons in themThe cover looked promising But I've learned many times never judge a book by it's coverNo sirThe back cover looked promising But I've learned many times than I'd care to admit don't buy a book JUST becasue it sounds coolThe title sounded awsomeBut I'm happy to report I did find a book that was indeed promising DRAGONWORLDAmsel is a hermit that lives inside a giant tree He loves to study nature and makes new discoveries freuently His house is a labyrinth of tunnels secret doors and massive rooms all dedicated to studying and storing and building One day Amsel builds The Wing; a large glider made of wood and leather He has a curious young student called Johan and must be careful as to where he hides The Wing Johan is a sneaky curious funny student; and is cabale it seems of anything Yet Johan is a wonderful student always willing to helpSo it surprises Amsel even when Johan steals The WingJohan is young foolsih He does not know what he is getting himself into when he steals The WingClimbing up to the highest point in Fandora he grasps The Wing tightly Thenhe jumpsA current of air lifts him upward For a moment he can almost see beyond the mist the hides the strange land of Simbala on the other side of the Strait of Balmor Simbala is a strange and magical place no one knows much about it It will probably remian a mystery to the people of Fandora foreverAnother current of air lifts Johan upwardsand right into the jaws of a dragonJohan's father Jondalrun finds Johan's body broken on the beach a few days later Heartbroken he rushes throughout Tamberly Town shouting Justice for my loss My son has been murderedCalling upon the the congintent of Concil Of Elders of Tamberly Town they fight about the many ways eight year old Johan could have died At first Jondalrun thinks it must have been Amsel The Concil burns his house down and Amsel is fourced to wander But the Concil pounders some Their final conclusion The SimbaleseThe Simbalese are magical people who live on the Other Side of the Strait of Balmor They have never met the Fandorians and could care less what happens to them They think that the only civilized race in the world is their own They look down upon the Fandorians as barbarians and animals Suddenly one of their children is killed by an unknown fource They argue who or what could have done it Thier conclusion The FandoriansFandoraSimbalawarWardeathDeathnot goodAmsel wanders and wonders how he can stop this madness He must convince his people that they should not fight Simbalabut the Fandorians; especially Jondalrun cannot be stopped They insist on WARIn Simbala however the people are hesitant They know they can esasly beat the Fandorains but should they really waste thier lives on unessary war?Read this scary plesant amazing fall down dead funny book to find out I loved it; the language was so incredibly complex The pencil illistartions by Jonh Zucker were unbeliveable And I mean unbelievable At first I thought a team of three or five people worked on one picutre I would recommend this wonderful book to children 13 and up for it contains some violence

  4. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    My mother gave this book to me one Christmas many years ago while I was still in college I remember that she was pretty proud of herself for indulging my appetite for fantasy literature This book along with several others made for one of my most memorable Christmas giftsI read much of the book on the plane back to Salt Lake City I hate flying and it made the journey a lot less painful 30 years later I still remember much of the story and can see the images that played across my imagination I lost the book in the Great Termite Incident storing books in an outdoor shed in Florida is never a good idea and for one reason or another I never got another copy even though it was one of those books that I wanted to share with my future children I wanted them to meet the dragon the way I had I still would like for them to meet that dragonIt is a sweet and simple story that is easy to read And that dragon is just one of the best creatures you will ever meet Two countries separated by great distances only know the things they have heard about one another Judgments are made with nearly catastrophic results Of course the dragon is key in helping to restore peace Eventually everyone learns their lessons and all ends well as it should in any good fairy taleMy children are all nearly grown now one has gone and returned from a mission and has since journeyed off to college with another But I would still like for us to read it together when I have all four of them home in a couple of weeks It just might feel like we're all still at home with all the time in the world to read great books together even if it's just for a little while

  5. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    got a third of the way through this and decided I didn't care any It's a fantasy novel about various human kingdoms under threat from dragons and from each other but it failed to excite me

  6. Justin Lambert Justin Lambert says:

    I finally finished Dragonworld yesterday and I took the remainder of the day to digest it This was a truly well written fantasy novel with all the right pieces to the puzzle The heroes there are several were flawed and real the villians there were also several were sympathetic and entirely three dimensional The plot was large enough to fill the space without getting out of hand or too mired in itself to enjoyIn the end it was a perfect self contained epic fantasy which left the door open for seuels but neither needs nor demands themI've read in various places online that Dragonworld is a children's book I can't find any indication by the authors that that was the intention and I don't notice it to be immature in the least But then again the very best literature is often able to transcend artificial age barriers as is evidenced by some of the most enduring classic titles in fantasy Lord of the Rings Chronicles of Narnia Alice in Wonderland and so many others So in closing I'd definitely recommend reading Dragonworld and I'd like to know what you think about it too Reading Progress0508 page 300 540% The book's just getting better and better I definitely recommend Dragonworld for any pure fantasy aficionados I especially like the fact that magic is an exceptionally understated factor in the story While it's obviously going to be there it is a Fantasy novel after all I think some authors rely so heavily on it magic becomes a huge ugly crutch on which everything leans0501 page 168 300% It's been slow going but only because my writing work has been very busy lately I'm very impressed with Dragonworld subtle yet deep world building with familiar but not cliched characters and situations The political intrigue is interesting without being overbearing and the building drama of two nations at war for no reason keeps the plot plunging forward at a good paceI'm looking forward to finishing it0421 page 1 00% So since I couldn't make it through The Company I decided on a completely different flavor for my next book to dive into I'll let you know how it goes

  7. Jonathan Boyd Jonathan Boyd says:

    Despite the oddly generic title Dragonworld is a deep uniue fantasy story of a uality to rival the modern fantasy greatsDragonworld revolves around a largely meaningless war between two nations magical Simbala and rural Fandora sparked by a tragic misunderstanding and an ancient mystery At the heart of this lie a lonely brave hermit with a heart of gold; a grief wracked furious father; and an enigmatic misunderstood dangerOn the eve of total defeat Fandora goes to aid of Simbala whose uixotic monarch Hawkwind has discovered a danger to both nations important than any mere war A relic from ages past saves the day as the nations unite to fight for their mutual survival against a great evil from the NorthDragonworld was probably meant for teenagers but its charm will satisfy any lover of magic and swordplay Good characterization exciting action and a well developed story keep things interesting This is a very good read

  8. Dale Dale says:

    Originally published in 1979Illustrations by Joseph ZuckerWay back in 1985 I bought a paperback copy of this book at Viewpoint Books a great store in Columbus Indiana I sold it to a used book store a few years later and I forgot all about it A couple of years ago I found a copy at a thrift store and I snatched it up feeling like I had found a relic from my past I remembered that I loved the beginning of the book and I loved the pictures there are than 80 pencil drawings throughout the book but I couldn't remember anything else about itSo I finally got around to reading this book and I have determined that I did not finish the book 34 years ago I remembered the first 30 pages or so but everything else was a surprise and not a particularly good one with the exception of the aforementioned drawings they are uite excellentThe book is set in a world with two continents separated by a narrow strait of very volatile water The eastern continent Simbala is filled with people that are like Tolkien's rangers and people that are sort of like elves but they are still people They live in the woods and in the forests They fly air ships which are sort of like hot air balloons They also dig deep mines which is not like elves I know but this is barely touched on in the book The western continent Fandora is full of people that are sort of like Tolkien's hobbits mixed with his dwarves They are farmers villagers and fishermenFandora is horrified by the sudden violent death of two of its young people It looks like both are attacked from above so it is assumed that Simbalese air ships have crossed the strait and attacked them The Fandoran villages unite and build a ragtag army to cross the seaSpoliers aheadMeanwhile Read at

  9. Ian Banks Ian Banks says:

    Johan is a young boy living in one of the farming villages of Fandora One day he steals a glider designed by his friend the reclusive inventor Amsel He is killed mysteriously but his father Jondalrun believes the culprit to be Simbala the wealthy country across the water ruled by the controversial Hawkwind Jondalrun leads his country to declare war upon the Simbalese Meanwhile Amsel has decided that he must discover the truth of what happened to Johan and journeys further than he ever dreamed in order to discover the truthByron Preiss was a publisher of many varied educational and genre related books during his career J Michael Reeves is a bestselling author of books than I can think of while Joseph Zucker is an illustrator with a back catalogue of projects that would make many other artists insanely jealousFirst things first I love this book to pieces I’ve owned two copies of this a mass market paperback I first read when I was 14; and a first edition I found in a second hand bookstore when I was 35 It is a gorgeous object to own both in its intrinsic value as a book and as a story that has moved me for almost thirty yearsAs a story it moves slowly almost stately you are nearly halfway through the story before the action really kicks in But the build up is worth it There are countless scenes of nations preparing for war of events gaining momentum of characters being shown pathways to choose Then it just doesn’t stop until you reach the conclusion As an epic it seems uite small compared to the multi volume doorstops we are accustomed to today but the ‘70s were a uieter time in publishing and fantasy wasn’t uite the publishing juggernaut it would become in the next decade so many stories were over and done with in the course of a single tome Which for this reader at least can be a very good thing Also this book owes a considerable artistic debt to the works of J R R Tolkien but it is not a slavish clone that you can still make out the serial numbers under the filing If complete originality is what you desire this might not be for you but if you like a book that wears its heart on its sleeve feel free to set aside a few hours or days for a top taleThe authors use their pages wisely and give us a vivid portrait of two peace loving countries going to war with one another Plus it has DRAGONS Or rather a dragon and some lesser creatures known as coldrakes led by the mysterious Darkling Interestingly despite being a story about two countries going to war there is not a single character that you could identify as being a genuine villain Princess Evirae could be classed as one but she is really only a schemer plotting to keep Simbala in the hands of her Family And she has a couple of moments where you are totally sympathetic to her and what she represents But I have barely mentioned the illustrations Many times in books I have found myself in violent disagreement with an illustration or cover picture wondering the artist and I have read the same text or wondering why an illustrator was chosen that seemed to completely disagree with everything the author was trying to achieve However Mr Zucker’s pictures are gorgeous evoking memories of Tenniel and Sendak They capture scenes and characters perfectly supplementing the story in a way that is very rare in literature My only complaint about them would be that some of them were reproduced far too faintly for the book making them a little too hard to see And there are others that you almost have to bend the spine of the book to see which is an anathema for some of usFinally just read it There’s a lot to enjoy here and the absence of seuels save for a computer game released a few years after the first publication mean that this is a solitary gem waiting to be rediscovered

  10. Benjamin Thomas Benjamin Thomas says:

    I first read this novel about 15 years ago and always wondered why it was never reprinted It is a well told tale enjoyable to read and in a style reminiscent of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings The characters interact well together and there is excellent depth to them It is not predictable nor does it fit into the tight little cliched fantasy that is so prevalent today If you want a solid fantasy read this is a pretty good one

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Dragonworld ➻ Dragonworld Download ➼ Author Byron Preiss – Thomashillier.co.uk Somewhere beyond the northern mists lies a land where dreams live and dragons are real This is the tale of the twilight of the dragons of two nations plunged into war by a tragic misunderstanding of a Somewhere beyond the northern mists lies a land where dreams live and dragons are real This is the tale of the twilight of the dragons of two nations plunged into war by a tragic misunderstanding of a shy dreamer's incredible voyage of peace to a long forgotten land where nightmares are born A magnificient creation a sweeping epic of high fantasy set in a richly imagined world vividly brought to life with over eighty pages of stunning illustrations by Joseph Zucker.

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