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  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    When the wheel on a carriage carrying passengers falls off in a snowstorm causing the carriage to tip over and become damaged some passengers are injured and they are stranded on a snowy road Two strangers who were in the carriage hero Taris and heroine Bea leave to get help and are forced to eventually take cover in a barn to escape the freezing cold During the night they get close together for body warmth and then they make love They agree to just one night and then go their separate ways when they are rescued in the morningThey eventually meet again in London The hero’s sister in law Emerald was there when Bea and Taris were rescued and Emerald has seen Bea in town holding her own weekly discussion groups So Emerald thinks she will do some matchmaking and she invites Bea over to her house one day And who should show upTaris bumping into a doorframe stumbling and tripping Bea thinks that Taris is a drunkard like her dead abusive husband was and she is disappointed in Taris and uickly leaves But Bea doesn’t know Taris has a secret He really isn’t drunk he is going blindThis was just an okay read The main couple were likable and the book started out well but as the story went on I found myself losing interest It seemed slow at times And some parts of the book had way too many exclamations points especially in the love scenes It made the scenes seem silly than romantic The storyline looked interesting with a hero going blind but it wasn’t really that compelling I thought I'd enjoy this book than I did

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Regency romance featuring an austere English lord and a plain ish Jane of a slightly lower class She's a repressed widow recovering from an abusive marriage He's a spy for the crown with ever worsening blindness He keeps his failing vision a secret for a good chunk of the bookThe hero and heroine meet one freezing night when stranded in a snowstorm in the English countryside Vivid imagery I felt the cold They spend one memorable night in an abandoned barn huddling together for body warmth Although they must separate to go their own way he cannot forget her nor she him We go from there Fairly decent writing as I recall It's been a while Coherent plot Some suspense Some smexy times Funny scene when she thinks he's a drunk because he stumbles around a bit due to sight loss Vividly suspenseful scene in the ballroom view spoilerwhen he is trying to protect her from a murderer but he's blind cannot locate the killer in the crowd Cannot hear or smell him among so many people hide spoiler

  3. Kate Kate says:

    I had really high hopes for this book Our hero is blind our heroine thinks she's plain though it's obvious she isn't no one she encounters in the book says she is and they like discussing politicsHERE THERE BE SPOILERSOkay so here are my issues Our hero Taris is blind great start He hasn't been born blind so he has to deal with the issues of being blind in a society that is not kind to those with disabilities Even awesomer He says he can count on one hand the number of people who know his secret but those do NOT include the servants at his house other than his valet Which I find particularly bizarre because you'd think they'd notice Especially people like his housekeeper and his butler I mean he spends ALL of his time there He has one friend in London who knows and acts as a guide through social events his brother is so racked with guilt that it just gets awkward He's managed to make his way around London though restricting it so he doesn't have to reveal his secret to the general public I would have liked to see of him learning to deal with being blindBea is plain And she's a bluestocking And she's barren but not really And she has a secret sensuality And her husband abused her because of all of the above And there's a man after her trying to kill her Too many tropes in one lady Not to mention that for an intelligent woman she's pretty clueless There were so many Misunderstandings that centered on her Taris pretty much thought she just didn't want someone to take away her freedom She thinks he's ignoring her because she's plainlower classtoo forward Then she thinks he's a drunkard There are a couple of moments where she could have put the pieces together much earlier OR JUST ASK She basically goes to him IN PUBLIC and says Hey I know you're an alcoholic I want to try and cure you And of course she gets pregnant because we can't have barren historical fiction heroines And no one seems to notice after 3 months except of course TarisThe sex was mediocre this is my first H historical so I don't know if that's par for course I prefer steam Considering this whole story revolves around a night they can't forget I was disappointed on that end They did it three times that's all I remember She seemed to know despite being practically celibate with her husband after he told her she was barren what to do what she wanted she wasn't shy I'll buy that but I'd like deets plzThe story seemed to fly by I wanted time to get to know these people I felt like not enough time was spent this was a full length story crammed into a category size Taris and Bea could have been interesting and much developed Instead we get constant flashbacks from her of her abusive husband her self destructive thoughts about how plain she is Taris not telling her he's blind again and again and a killer who is so easily caught there is one paragraph devoted to telling us he surrendered without a fightThat being said I want heroes like Taris who have problems besides the usual scarred soldier or lusty rake I bought the book specifically because of that and I challenge authors to continue to write about these heroes even when it doesn't work for this reader

  4. Amanda Caswell Amanda Caswell says:

    I had to read this story because the hero really interested in in that he was nearly blind and still stubbornly functioning in society The heroine is a recent widow grateful to be released from her abusive marriage The shelter for a night in a barn during a snowstorm offering each other comfort and warmth then meet again a few months later in London They reconnect each unsure of how the other feels but drawn together by circumstances and mutual pleasure in the other's company There are a few short sex scenes but only one of which I would say is remotely descriptive most are one or two general paragraphs The 'accidents' caused by a character are a little random for the motivation and the resolution takes place off page which I always find of a cop out than a literary choice The villain served to keep the characters together and little else I may skim through the first book in this series because she tends to write characters in interesting circumstances but I'm not driven to read any of her novels

  5. Susan Susan says:

    I am jsurprised the ratings on goodreads and are as high as they are The romance i tself was ok although not particularly explicit the writing style was ok although i didnt think much of the exclamations at times My main problem was thelack of historic detail and some points that i consider inaccurate Good historical romances should be filled withhistoric details that prove the writer understands the time period and has done some research I felt like the author did not do this First off Bea is newly widowedby just a month Yet there is no mention of her in mourning The first thing she does upon her arival in london is to buya bright colored wardrobe and to start a salon in her house Both of them actions i believe would have been reprehensible in the 1820sduring which time the book was set I am not even sure if women held salons to mixed audiences on the topics mentioned at thattime Further the whole sub plot of her solicitor's clerk stealingplotting against her seemed an afterthought and not well executed Also taris's heroic past etc felt thrown in and contrived And regarding her pregnancy i find it hard to believe that her morning sickness didnt start until the end of her third month especially with twins I mean has this author had a child does she not know when morning sickness begins? The babies are conceived in january and born in septi assume jthey were early or she just doesnt know how to do math Which bring me to her wedding which comes less thansix monthsafter her widowhoodi thought during thattime mourning Lasted for at least a year Despite the average writing style the book was flawed in manyways The onlyreason i am givingitthree stars is that it kept myinterest and was a uick read I dont plan to second the author

  6. Franziska Franziska says:

    This was surprisingly good The beginning was a bit clichee the young widow Bea and the handsome Lord get in an accident when their carriage brakes They flee the snowstorm into a barn and things get hot uickly But that kind of makes sense for them both And the characters have depth than I first thought The handsome Lord is actually almost blind but tries to hide this This leads to a lot of misunderstandings Bea is a widow who was treated badly by her late husband he abused her and she never again wants a man to tell her what to do She celebrates her new freedom and opens a debate club in her home A likable fierce heroine I also liked Taris and how his character developed His sister in law from the previous book was also very likable The writing of Sophia James was uit good Much better than I expected in this genre How she describes the characters emotions feels very real and the short sex scenes are very sensitive with little details Often in romance this is not the case emotions are often exagerated this was not the case here for me I just feel that fifty pages would have been good to give the novel depth Bea overcome her trauma of her abusive marriage and went from a lonely landlady to a wellknown woman of London's society a bit uickly The crime story was a bit underdeveloped and solved too easily But besides from that a nice read

  7. Vicki Vicki says:

    This was a sweet romance and I really liked it The characters were all well developed and had many sides and reasons for their actions Taris Wellingham was a war hero and he was wounded when he saved his brother from pirates in the Caribbean Now he is going blind from the wound That makes me want to read #1 in the series for that story Beatrice Maude Bassingstoke is a 28 year old widow trying to change her life after horrible marriage They are both on a public carriage when it over turns over and one man dies the driver is hurt Taris and Bea try to ride for help and they find a group of men coming to their rescue The men send Taris and Bea to find a huge barn filled with hay that will protect them from the cold and snow They shed their wet clothes and find some horse blankets and try to warm each other up with the obvious result The rest of the story is the results of that one night together with uite a few surprises

  8. Mary Mary says:

    This is what I love about having an ereaderI had never read anything by this author before but saw this title for less than 400 in the Kindle store so figured that it was worth a shot I was so pleasantly surprisedBoth the story and the characters reminded me of a Mary Balough book and that is a very good thing for me The characters were not perfect They both have secrets and issues that need healing I love to read books where the two characters help each other overcome their problems and fall in love a long the way I look forward to reading by this author

  9. Ariana Ariana says:

    I don't really have much to say about this book Both characters were forgettable too many things just didn't make sense it felt rushed and the POV changed mid page and I had a hard time figuring out who was talking I also didn't believe anything that happened and the inaccuracies were too many to ignore I think the ending was unbelievably rushed and everything leading up to it was just told to me not shown I think that the concept of the story was a good one It just wasn't executed successfully It is not something I would read again

  10. ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ says:

    My rating is a bit inflated because the book had a plain insecure heroine who had been abused but honestly it was a little too super sweet and cheesy for my tastes 35 starsStands up on re read when I am in the mood for my favored tropes; doesn’t feel too cheesy if I’m up for something light and fluffy

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One Unashamed Night [PDF / Epub] ☂ One Unashamed Night By Sophia James – Living in a gray world of silhouette Lord Taris Wellingham conceals his fading eyesight from society He has long protected himself from any intimate relationshipsPlain twenty eight year old Beatrice M Living in a gray world of silhouette Lord Taris Wellingham conceals his fading eyesight from society He has long protected himself from any intimate relationshipsPlain twenty eight year old Beatrice Maude Bassingstoke does not expect to attract any man especially not one as good looking as her remote traveling companionForced by a snowstorm to spend One Unashamed Epub / the night together these two lonely people seek solace in each other's arms The passion they unleash surprises them both Then a new day dawns.

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Georgette Heyer novels formed Sophia James's reading tastes as a teenager lying in the sun on her grandmother's porch overlooking a wild west coast beachHer writing life however started in Bilbao Spain After having three wisdom teeth extracted she was given a pile of Mills and Boons filled with strong painkillers she imagined that she One Unashamed Epub / could pen one tooMany drafts later she thinks she has t.