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Transformers Download Transformers Author Jennifer Frantz Bystricepodhostynem.eu Ratchet, A Transformer Medic Who Changes Into A Rescue Vehicle, Is Always There To Help His Fellow Autobots As They Battle The Evil Decepticons Read All About The Adventures Of This Heroic Bot Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 8 3 2010 Pages 32 Reading Level Age 4 And Up

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    I really liked Ratchet to the Rescue Of the three Transformers stories my nephew and I have read I Am Optimus Prime, Rise of the Decepticons, and this one , I think that Ratchet to the Rescue has the best message and the best story I liked that Ratchet was held up as an example of a hero that uses his brains perhaps than his brawn although he won t shrink from using his brawn in a pinch My nephew liked it because Ratchet is a Transformer that can fix other machines, which reminded him of his mechanic father The illustrations in this one are a little inconsistent Some look fairly juvenile, and others are very visually interesting Still, this is another good book in the Transformers I Can Read serie...