Daddy Devastating Texas Maternity Hostages #2 eBook ´

Daddy Devastating Texas Maternity Hostages #2 ❮Ebook❯ ➣ Daddy Devastating Texas Maternity Hostages #2 Author Delores Fossen – For FBI special agent Russ Gentry Julia Howell is nothing but trouble First the Texas heiress blunders into his undercover operation to bring down a black market kidnapping ring Then she turns his lif For FBI special Texas Maternity eBook ´ agent Russ Gentry Julia Howell is nothing but trouble First the Texas heiress blunders into his undercover operation to bring down a black market kidnapping ring Then she turns his life upside down with a single photographRuss's connection with the beautiful baby girl in the photo is instant and absoluteand Julia finds herself falling for this man who stepped up when most would have turned and run As bullets fly and their passion grows Julia is convinced this devastatingly Daddy Devastating ePUB ½ handsome protector will play an important role in an innocent baby's future And in hers.

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  1. RLA RLA says:

    The hero Russ is deep undercover trying to bring down an illegal baby selling ring when the heroine Julia approaches him jeopardising his cover Julia has tracked down Russ as the father of her late cousin's baby whom Julia is guardian of Thinking on his feet to avoid his cover being blown when members of the ring meet him Russ pretends that he and Julia are involved He is forced into letting Julia know just what she has stepped into and Julia is than a little shocked and scared When she confronts Russ about the baby he denies ever meeting her cousin and Russ realises that the father is actually his twin brother whom recently died Although Russ is shocked by the news of his nephew he also realises that he wants to be a part of the little boy's life But first he needs to finish his assignment and now Julia is involved They are forced to spend time together and this eventually leads to them falling for one another However Russ's dangerous life brings back painful memories for Julia but she is also able to confront her fears and realise that she wants to change her life as well as have a future with Russ and the babyThis was pretty much like the previous book I just read The Baby's Guardian in that the suspense part of the story is very good but the romance is really lacking Speaking of the suspense part while it was good and uite interesting there are a few holes in the plot that are a little difficult to ignore Also I found it hard to believe that the heroine would fall for and sleep with a man she only met a few days previously when she has spent the last 10 years as a virtual recluse after an attack It doesn't really work in my opinionBut the book held my interest it's OK Awful title thoughOriginally posted at

  2. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    I really enjoyed this book I enjoyed the banter between Julia and Russ I loved the way they first meet but I won’t spoil it for you The action and suspense was intense The plot twisted and turned and left me guessing on who the villain of the story really was I love books like this which leave you guessing throughout the story It keeps the story interesting The romance was sweet and yes at times Hot and Steamy Julia’s cousin used her dying breath to ask Julia to find Russ Lissa passed away shortly after giving birth to her daughter I want to add but I don’t want to spoil the book for you This is one of those wonderful books which the surprises of the book adds to its charm Sample from chapter 7 – She heard the sound A loud pop At first Julia thought it was the sound of a car backfiring but she thought differently when Russ yelled “Get down” But he didn’t just yell He dove at her and pulled her to the ground She hit hard and her elbows and knees scraped against the rough concrete when Russ pushed her against the metal rim of her front tire There was another loud sound and she saw concrete spraying from the pavement

  3. Janet Rodman Janet Rodman says:

    A child is kidnapped It is up to Special Agent Russ Gentry to broker a deal to get him back A heiress trying to do the right thing by her dying cousin becomes involved Lots of suspense action and plot twists Enjoyed this story

  4. Dani Dani says:

    It was okay I liked the conflict with the kidnapped infant's parents but the main concept of baby trafficking was freaky and made me sad I liked the ending with Milo dead and Tracy heading to prison It was relieving to read that the infant's father really did love him very much and was worried sick about getting him home

  5. Nelda Carter Nelda Carter says:

    your cousins baby but you love it and the uncle to the baby that you love and then there is bullets and kidnapped baby and the heat between her and the babies uncle

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