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  • 336 pages
  • The Embers
  • Hyatt Bass
  • English
  • 23 September 2015
  • 9780312429713

10 thoughts on “The Embers

  1. catherine ♡ catherine ♡ says:

    I really love the cover for this but unfortunately the story itself didn't live up to it The book started off really slow and there were some time jumps that really confused me and made everything a bit muddy There was closure at the end but by that point I didn't really care and I also thought the ending was a bit predictable The characters I just didn't care for at all and overall I'm sad to say that the emotion I felt the most whilst reading this book was boredom

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I really didn't enjoy the characters in this book; however the plot was good A family torn apart by infidelity of the husbandfather brought back into the home because his oldest son is ill There is a lot of animosity between all the family mambers and Thomas the ill son is the only one who can or will confront it Thomas does die and it is only revealed how later in the book yet his family all live seperate lives and unbalanced because Joe the husbandfather will not answer uestions about his son's death Joe leads the most dysfunctional life once a very talented popular playwrite actor now living in a seedy hotel; very lonely and drunk The book ends with some mending in the family after Joe becomes ill I really didn't have or see closure with the family as a whole This left me wanting from the book I felt like I was just left hanging and wondering if the family completly discussed Thomas's death and were they reconciled A good plot that fell flat for me in the end I really didn't care for any of the characters They all seemed selfish and a bit lacking in character A decent read though and I would read this author again it wasn't a bad book for a debut novel

  3. Cabaret25 Cabaret25 says:

    Some of the writing is confusing some of it painfully real Some of the characters are flat some are achingly real and so are their foibles Sometimes you want to slap the characters in the face eh most of the time you want to do that actually I often found myself a little lost when jumping forward and backward in time Then there is the matter of the changed often for no discernible reason pronouns that make some of the sentencespassages extremely hard to follow One moment it is her father and in the next sentence it would be their father Might have been the author trying to communicate possession and emotion via pronouns however it doesn't come off at all Poor editing job on that It is rather frustrating that the explanation of what happens to Thomas is barely touched on Most of it you have to put together yourself which seems odd as it is a major life turning point for the characters But a lot of the family stuff rings truer than true Bass is great at dialogue fantastic of catching the nuances of difficult conversations and you really find yourself as a fly on the wall in these character's lives Most of the time it is a difficult place to be but you can't leave either

  4. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book and I was pleased to have been selected as a first reader for it The characters' complexities made it difficult for me to say whom I liked and did not like They all seemed to be basically good but as their deeds were revealed in the course of reading I bounced around between liking them and being angry at them The plot was great at surprising me I kept thinking that I knew what was going to or already had happened and I kept being wrong It was well written and challenging to the reader I was forced to reevaluate my opinions on what the words good and bad really meant in conjunction with the people in the story It really made me think about what my ualifications are for how I identify people and for how the pigeon holes we use can so easily be incorrect I would very much recommend this book to anybody

  5. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This book reminded me very much of The Gathering by Anne Enright It explores relationships within a family just as Enright's book does and both book's are very well written with beautiful languageIt is sad to read and watch the Ascher family fall apart and as you read you want the characters to work things out and remain the happy family they seem in the early part of the book I thought how sad that the death of one of the family members just seemed to bring about the collapse of the entire fragile family but the key part here is that the family was fragile before Thomas's deathI loved the ending of the book and while it is sometimes difficult reading getting to the end is very worthwhile

  6. Laurel Laurel says:

    What a uniue book It took me a little bit of time to get into the novel but once I did I was hooked I especially liked the flaws of each character and how they played off one another I don't want to give anything away but I really liked how the author worked in the relationship between the father and Ingrid a girl he meets at a hotel I also liked that you didn't find out the details surround the son's death until the end

  7. Bruno Bruno says:

    I believe this is a good book Well written especially the dialogues I can’t say that I sympathize with the characters except for very few certain moments but there is something absurd and at the same time totally plausible about the story that makes it very believable as real life It’s not hard to read and the author as a universal narrator does a very good job

  8. Renee Renee says:

    Great first book by new author Hyatt Bass The theme of the book really digs into the notion that there is nothing that happens to a child that does not implicate the parent in some way An interesting and complex book about familial relationships good and bad strong and weak and how at the end it is always about forgiveness

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Story OverviewEmily Ascher is getting married Like many brides she has pre wedding jitters After all her parents' marriage was volatile and ended in divorce And Emily has some ghosts haunting her not literal ghoststhis book is grounded in reality especially that of her beloved brother Thomas who died 16 years earlier By planning to hold the wedding on the site where Thomas died Emily finds herself remembering what her family used to be who she used to be and how things can fall apart even when so much love is present Estranged from her playwright father Joe who she idolized as a child and still tentative with her mother Laura Emily is reluctant to make a commitment to the man she thinks she loves but who doesn't seem to provide the kind of fireworks she was hoping forEmily's mother Laura thinks she has moved on with her new marriage But the prospect of seeing her ex husband Joe at the wedding makes her nervous that she thinks she should be And when Emily confides that she is having cold feet about the upcoming wedding Laura tries to find a way to reach out and make things right However everything she seems to do ends up going wrong and being misinterpreted by Emily Unwilling to lose another child Laura tries to find a way to help her daughter without alienating her and to finally make peace with the past that keeps calling to herEmily's father Joe is distant and an alcoholic His promising career skidded off track after his divorce from Laura and Thomas's death He seems to have lost his muse and compass in life Unwilling to reveal the depths of his pain to either Laura or Emily Joe suffers alone being cantankerous and difficult whenever he is in contact with Emily His guilt over what happened to Thomas and his unwillingness to divulge his part in it to Laura or Emily keeps Joe from being able to let this pain go But a trip to a small town to write about an inn for a lifestyle magazine a pity assignment ends up forcing him to face some of the demons from his past realize the depths of his drinking problem and begin to face what happened to his familyMy ThoughtsThe Embers is a perfect title for this book as it really is about the Ascher family sifting through the embers of the fire that destroyed their family The novel moves back and forth between the past and the present as each surviving Ascher struggles to come to terms with the tragedies that ripped their family apart Make no mistake the family had problems aplenty before Thomas's death but there seemed to be a promise of hope and reconciliation that is completely destroyed after Thomas dies Yet a small spark refuses to be extinguished and it is this spark that must be dealt with before Emily can fully enter into her marriage with a happy heartThis is a Hyatt Bass's first novel and I was impressed She does a good job of providing a glimpse into the minds of all the Aschers and the transitions between the past and the present are well done For me Joe was the most intriguing and confusing character And Emily was hard to empathize with as well All the members of the Ascher family end up so damaged with the possible exception of Laura that you really ache for them to find some peace and just talk with each other Unfortunately I think this is a very accurate depiction of dysfunctional family dynamics Sometimes the people you most need to talk to are the people you end up pushing away Again and again the Aschers turn away from each other unwilling to dig up the past But you do have to face the past if you want to make a future and the road leading the Aschers to reconciliation and peace is well written and convincingThis isn't a happy book but an emotional look at one family's implosion and how the road to reconciliation forgiveness and peace is not an easy oneMy Final RecommendationIf you are looking for a thoughtful examination of family dynamics this book would be a good choice Although it is not an easy or light read I think it is worthwhile especially if you are dealing with family issues of your own It might help you to realize how the past affects your present and that reconciling the events of your past may help you to move forward with an open heart I look forward to seeing what else this first time author has to say

  10. Sydney Sydney says:

    I really enjoyed the way the authors wove together the story of this family by telling the story through the present and through flashbacksI liked that all the way through the novel the story wove through twists and turns some expected some unexpected It's a haunting story of Emily who is trying to come to terms with her brother's death her mother's emotional distance and her playwrightactor father's ego and alcoholism all as she prepares to get married It is well written and well thought out something you don't often find these days in a novel I highly recommend it

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The Embers❰BOOKS❯ ✮ The Embers Author Hyatt Bass – A People Magazine Get Set for Summer PickOne of InStyle Magazine's Top 5 Beach ReadsBlessed with beauty talent and a loving family the Aschers seem to have it all Joe and Laura are the toast of New Yo A People Magazine Get Set for Summer PickOne of InStyle Magazine's Top Beach ReadsBlessed with beauty talent and a loving family the Aschers seem to have it all Joe and Laura are the toast of New York a wildly successful playwright and a wealthy well educated actress Then one winter night seventeen year old Thomas dies and the Aschers lose everything More than a decade later as their daughter Emily's wedding approaches the family yearns to reconnect But in order to do so Joe Laura and Emily will first have to confront the tangle of blame guilt and long held secrets that tore them apart Shifting between past and present over the course of sixteen years The Embers is an utterly gripping and exuisitely tender story of a family struggling to reconcile the past and embrace the future.

About the Author: Hyatt Bass

Hyatt Bass wrote directed and produced the film Degrees in July which was released in The Embers is her first novel.