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Catland Empire [PDF / Epub] ☆ Catland Empire Author Keith Jones – Philip K Dick comes to Saturday Morning TV Catland Empire by Keith Jones is a graphic novel that is a melding of a Philip K Dick novel and a Saturday morning cartoon There will exist a future world wh Philip K Dick comes to Saturday Morning TV Catland Empire by Keith Jones is a graphic novel that is a melding of a Philip K Dick novel and a Saturday morning cartoon There will exist a future world where human beings have become empty husks stripped of all memory when it comes to things like how to have fun and play games or so says Mr Space to his associate Mr Time The solution Get the cats to teach humans how to have fun again This is all the Cat People do with their lives They are the fun and game mastersWhat follows is a tangled web of psychedelic science fiction blending anti consumerist politics and intergalactic liaisons between cats and dogs—bitter enemies kept secret from each other to avoid a planetary race war Victor Burg is plotting to wipe out all of mankind by having his brain chipimplanted drones commit genocide.

10 thoughts on “Catland Empire

  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    A strange book that had me at times thinking it was a work of genius but ultimately it had too many boring sections and an ending that failed to bring all of the elements together in a meaningul wayI recommend it as a gift for those friends of yours that post too many cat memes on Facebook I want to compare the work to Forming by Jesse Moynihan It has the same outsider artwork aesthetic and strange mythological infused storytelling

  2. Mza Mza says:

    Seduced by bright bright colours I failed to perceive this book was mighty retarded until it was too late

  3. Polly Polly says:

    This is a pretty weird book There's very little point to it unless you like looking at cartoon cats wearing suits or colored blobs who control the universe or evil dogs in suits It's kind of funny but not really kind of cute but not really and when I'd finished I was left wondering why the heck anyone had bothered to publish it which is a thought I usually reserve for the latest Dora the Explorer bookDon't buy it for your cat obsessed loved ones they'd probably rather have a new catnip mouse

  4. Jackson Nieuwland Jackson Nieuwland says:

    This is what I wanted Bacter Area to be The visuals are slightly toned down but they are iconicmemorable for it The colours are great making use of interesting textures I really liked the naked humans The decrease in visual detail allows for STORY Keith writes a Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy esue tale personifying Space Time and the Universe and their interaction with cats dogs humans and dinosaurs It's a lot of fun I want of these please Keith

  5. Annie Annie says:

    I ADORE PK Dick and could not have been misled by such an off base comparison Who with any sense would use the name of this AWESOME author AND Saturday morning cartoons in the same breath??? Puh lease The 1st 3rd of the graphic novel had some meaning a kinda funky plot but soon this became boring as the point has been made Over over ad nauseum 'Nuff said 'Nuff read

  6. P. P. says:

    wonderfully silly and despite the aggressive absurdity has a pretty involved backstoryworldbuilding concept I think my fav part was the interstitial pages with exclamatory words like zaft zorp zrimp and zimbo it's different every time and it made me laugh because that's the kind of person I amread it if you want to have a short fun brain interlude involving weird cat theories of the universe

  7. Rachael Rachael says:

    Maybe the concept went over my head but this was not my cup of tea At certain points I found the art interesting but it uickly became repetitive All the characters looked the same and maybe that was the point Still I found myself reading uickly to be done with it I have a hard time putting a book down once I start even if I don't like it The drawings are very crudely done and some human characters were inexplicably naked I'm fine with nudity if it makes sense in the context of the story but it seemed like there was no other reason other than the creator felt like drawing nether regions It did add a sense of surprise and humor so perhaps that's why

  8. Artnoose McMoose Artnoose McMoose says:

    A fun and colorful tale of the controllers of time and space trying to save humanity by sending cats down to earth armed with lots of hot dogs to entice humans into enjoying lifeSometimes the story was a little confusing not in the what is happening way but the why is this going on in this story kind of way It was a nice short read but I'm glad I got it at the library and didn't pay for it

  9. Curt Bobbitt Curt Bobbitt says:

    This silly graphic novel deals with intergalactic conflict between male forces Mr Universe Mr Space Mr Time human beings cats dogs and alien reptiles It explains the cluelessness of human beings and the hidden controlling authority of cats

  10. John Isaacson John Isaacson says:

    Keith Jones is hilarious and imagination

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