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The Wolves of Andover [KINDLE] ❀ The Wolves of Andover ❄ Kathleen Kent – In the harsh wilderness of colonial Massachusetts Martha Allen works as a servant in her cousin's home taking charge of the neglected household and locking wills with everyone around her including a m In the harsh wilderness of colonial Massachusetts Martha Allen works as a servant in her cousin's home taking charge of the neglected household and locking wills with everyone around her including a mysterious Welshman who works for the family a man whose forceful nature matches her own.

  • Paperback
  • 420 pages
  • The Wolves of Andover
  • Kathleen Kent
  • English
  • 10 September 2016
  • 9780230750579

About the Author: Kathleen Kent

Kathleen Kent’s fifth book titled The Burn seuel to the Edgar nominated The Dime is a contemporary crime novel set in Dallas Kirkus gave The Burn a starred review and The Washington Post writes “Raymond Chandler praised Dashiell Hammett for taking crime fiction out of the drawing room and into the streets With Betty Rhyzyk Kathleen Kent brings those mean streets to life as excitingly as an.

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  1. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    It is 1673 in colonial Massachusetts Martha Allen is twenty three and unwed She accepts work as a servant for her cousin who will soon bear her third child While tending to the house Martha is drawn to a hired man working her cousin's land Thomas Carrier is tall and strong and Martha cannot resist the allure of his rugged nature But Thomas has many secrets in his past secrets that put him and any who dare to love him at great risk Though the prose is not as rich as Kathleen Kent's first novel The Heretic's Daughter Kent's exceptional talent as a writer is still evident Many passages in The Traitor's Wife are vividly rendered The boggy ground was chilled but she felt warmth on her upturned face through branches of willow and beech She smiled in surprise at the coltsfoot growing like borrowed sunlight along the shaded dimples at the river's edge; and on the opposite shore she spied columbine its red blossoms stirred into motion by hummingbirds An easterly wind chilled and saltwater pungent blew at her back filling her apron like a sail and lifting ropy strands of hair at her neck Character descriptions are particularly well crafted She had seen her reflection in a bucket of water often enough to know she had a kind of beauty mirthless though it was; her skin was clear and unspotted her forehead high and sloping Her black hair thick and ropy as a horse's mane was no doubt her glory but she knew her brows knitted together too often to be pleasing causing a deep well to form between them However because the story is told from multiple limited omniscient perspectives character descriptions are sometimes given over and over again While each of the descriptions are uniue in their formation the excess of portrayals make the book feel redundant Martha Allen and Thomas Carrier are two intriguing characters Martha is fascinating for her independent and resilient nature Thomas is alluring for his mysterious past and his warmth Their interludes are particularly enjoyable during moments of flirtation At a time when the smallest gesture can have great meaning even slight touches are charged with sexual tension She stared at his solemn mouth and at the dark stubble on his cheeks growing like a crown of briars surrounding the pale and weather worn flesh that were his lips and unthinking she placed a cautious finger to the deeply recessed hollow at the base of his throat and felt his pulse strengthen under her touch Significant entertainment is gleaned from the secondary plot line that follows five assassins who depart from London and cross the ocean in search of a wanted man They face many unexpected challenges on their journey and their story unfolds like one part comedy of errors and one part gruesome coincidence This book will suffer from a lack of mystery and suspense for any who approach it after having read The Heretic's Daughter Readers new to Kathleen Kent's books are well advised to read The Traitor's Wife first though The Heretic's Daughter is arguably the better of the two Two stories collide in The Traitor's Wife a tender yet brutal historical fiction novel that transports readers across time with its polished prose

  2. CoffeeBook Chick CoffeeBook Chick says:

    Note In order to effectively review The Wolves of Andover I have to discuss Kathleen Kent's incredible debut The Heretic's DaughterThere wasn't any doubt I wanted to read Kathleen Kent's The Wolves of Andover since I loved her first book The Heretic's Daughter so much I read and reviewed it and a few other books about Salem in this post here Part of my desire to read her first book other than my own interest in the Salem Witch Trials was because Kathleen Kent is a direct descendant on her mother's side of Martha Carrier one of the nineteen victims who was hanged for being pronounced a witch To some degree most people are fascinated by this event A few ill placed rumors and frenzied actions created one of the most pervasive panics resulting in innocent men women and children to live in deplorable conditions in the town jail only to be executed because they would never agree that they were witchesThe Heretic's Daughter is told through the young strong voice of Sarah Carrier their daughter as her family deals with the accusations against Martha Kept in a filthy cell for months with only a bucket to share with other prisoners for a toilet their final sentence of death is heart wrenching to readKent's second book The Wolves of Andover takes place well before these fateful events It's the story of how Martha and Thomas met and the relationship that ultimately secured their friendship and loyalty to each other When Martha is nineteen years old she goes to help tend the home while her cousin struggles in her final months of pregnancy Thomas is a man living and working to save for his own plot of land by helping Martha's cousin and her husband on the farm Initially a uiet existence it is a peek into the world of 17th century America the subtle but sweet courtship that occurs and the secrets that are part of both Martha's and Thomas' pasts Life during this time is just plain hard Everything everyone could be untrustworthy they could easily be a wolf to come prey upon your most intimate vulnerabilitiesBut this is also about Thomas and the rumors whirling about him As a Welshman and member of the Royal Guard of the King of England when he was younger he is rud to be the executioner of Charles I and there is a bounty on his head The colonies are known to have kept uiet the whereabouts of those who contributed to the rebellion against the king those who followed Oliver Cromwell on the battlefields But will the town remain uiet when the four thugs who are hired in London make the dangerous journey across the Atlantic to hunt down Thomas?It's truly amazing how Martha and Thomas are significantly entrenched in two very distinct events in history a King overthrown in one country and the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials in anotherPart of the reason why I love Kathleen Kent's books so much is that her work is unbelievably polished Her scenes are as pure and true to how one might write and read in the 17th century without losing any sense of its readability in our modern times Each scene smoothly transitions to the next Character development is such a key strength with her work and while Martha's strength to fight back is documented in history her famous words confidently spoken during her courtroom trial without fear You lie I am wronged It is false and a shame for you to mind what these say that are out of their wits it is the uiet strong and unbelievably tall and honorable Thomas who engaged my interest even so in this book While The Heretic's Daughter introduced her to the world The Wolves of Andover has unuestionably and firmly established Kathleen Kent as an expert author one whose books should always be kept on your shelfRead her work in the order it was published and intended First The Heretic's Daughter and then The Wolves of Andover You know what is going to ultimately happen to these two noble and tough people in the early years but they don't and this is where it is so genuinely moving and tragic Kathleen Kent has such a captivating way of bringing you directly into the heart of the tragedies and for that I am extremely thankful to read her work and I look forward to much much from herIf you're interested in the Salem Witch Trials the people who were part of it and their story of who they were before the trials the humanity and the sadness of this terrible time you should probably go get this book right away

  3. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    Boy meets girl 17th Century style This is the story of how Thomas and Martha Carrier met fell in love and married If you've read The Heretic's Daughter you know they didn't uite live happily ever after but that's twenty years down the road from The Wolves of Andover A little brush up on English history is nice here tied in to Thomas's life before he came to America It's the stuff you learned in public school and then promptly dumped from your memory When you read it you'll say oh yeaaah I remember Oliver Cromwell Good ol' Ollie regicide extraordinaireI wondered what the author was getting at with the wolf baiting scenes early in the book It seemed to be an attempt to liken Martha to the wild things she being already a veteran Wild Thing herself Wild Thing you make my heart sing Thomas Carrier would definitely have sung her that song Thomas and the Troggs the Time Travel Troubadors The wolf motif doesn't really fit in with anything else in the story though so it's probably a good thing they've already changed the title to The Traitor's Wife But the new title is kind of a spoiler all by itself isn't it?3 12 stars bumped up to 4 because the second half redeems the first half

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    The Wolves of Andover is somewhat of a companion book to Kathleen Kent's The Heretic's Daughter although it can be read as a stand alone novel It traces the relationship of Martha Allen and Thomas Carrier the parents of Sarah Carrier from The Heretic's DaughterMartha a hard headed and free thinking woman of colonial Mass Bay Colony is a spinster at the ripe age of 19 and fears the loss of her independent thought through marriage just as much as spinsterhood if not It takes the slow and steady wooing of Thomas Carrier to convince her that a bonding with this man will be a marriage of two eual minds and heartsThe chapters alternate between Martha's life as a serving woman to her petulant married cousin to the storyline featuring a group of hired assassins sent from King Charles II to hunt down and bring to justice the executioner of his father King Charles I The executioner was a member of Cromwell's New Model Army He was extremely tall and strong His name was Thomas Morgan but most believe he changed his name after leaving England and now goes by the name of Thomas Carrier Is Martha's stoic and soft spoken suitor really a regicide? What does that mean for their relationship? Can she trust this man with not only her heart but her life? Kent's novel explores these and other uestions with the same deft hand she used for The Heretic's Daughter I enjoyed re entering Kent's colonial world and learning about Sarah's parents and how they came to be together However I didn't find this story as strong or as absorbing as Kent's first novel for while I liked Martha's plotline very much the storyline containing the assassins was very distracting and boring IMO There wasn't a great deal of factual historical meat to flavor this offering like The Heretic's Daughter and it showed Coming in at only 290 pages using a large font to boot there wasn't a great deal of reading meat to savor eitherOverall a decent read but not as spectacular as her debut However Kent will remain an author to watch

  5. Mary Mary says:

    “Oh fer Christ's bloody sake Martha I didna' raise ye to be well regarded To be liked Any puny weak waisted slut can be liked I raised ye to be reckoned with”Colonial Massachusetts Martha Allen is sent to her cousin's home to earn her keep Hers is a life of drudgery hardwork and disappointments but she is strong willed and sharp tongued and she catches the eye of Thomas Carrier the family's hired labourer Thomas is a handsome Welshman known for his silent strength and rumoured to have played a pivotal role in the assassination of King Charles I The new king Charles II wants to avenge his father's murder a painful public death for the regicide and he sends a group of assassins to the colonies to find ThomasI listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator was very good Martha is a great character bold and defiant but she still seemed authentic for the time period I enjoyed the slow developing relationship between Martha and Thomas but otherwise I found the story a little slow My mind wandered especially during the info dump on Cromwell's Army and Thomas's role in the English Civil war Given that this book is a preuel I wonder if it would have had impact had I already read The Heretic's Daughter?

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    When I found out there was a preuel to The Heretic's Daughter I was so excited Kathleen Kent had swept me back to the 1600s in the midst of the horrific witch trials and the Carrier family I found myself absorbed and surprisingly attached to these complex people After a glimpse of the strong love between Martha and Thomas Carrier I wanted to know about their early lives how they met etc And then I learned about this preuel telling just that yayIn The Heretic's Daughter I learned about the Salem Witch Trials In The Traitor's Wife also known as The Wolves of Andover I learned some English history specifically Oliver Cromwell King Charles I and II the English Civil War or the Great War among other things and all very painlessly while wrapped up in an engaging story I couldn't put the book down and like other good historical fiction I was referring to my encyclopedias learning Love it Also Kent's family history motivated me to dig out my family tree and I found some of my ancestors hailed from Andover MA in the 1600s also A few of them were killed by Native AmericansThis may sound greedy but I wished there had been about Thomas and Martha after they married This book ended too soon for me which I think is a sign of a really good read I look forward to Kathleen Kent's next book

  7. Mary Mary says:

    Originally titled The Wolves of Andover The Traitor's Wife is a preuel to The Heretic's Daughter The new title is befitting since the wolves are a minor detail throughout the story This is the story of Martha Allen and her romance with Thomas Carrier during colonial times in the newly colonized America If you have read the Crucible and know anything about the Salem witch trials you are already familiar with bits of this tale The author is a decedent of the Carrier family Martha is sharped tongued and strong willed characteristics undesirable as wife Thomas is actually strong enough to deal with her and finds himself intrigued with this strong woman Their daughter Sarah is the main focus of The Heretic's WifeWhile this could be considered a romance it is much than that The historical background is astounding and brought to life through the love of this subject by Kent It is written in period language which at first bothered me and then I really got into the story and it really took off I couldn't stop reading until I was finished If you enjoy Philippa Gregory or Alison Weir you are sure to love this one

  8. Bryn Greenwood Bryn Greenwood says:

    I was really enjoying this but I had to give it up By page 57 two wolves have been killed the titular wolves? I managed to skim past the gory details but three pages later a dog is killed after enduring a dog fight I just don’t have the stomach for dogs being killed especially when I can’t see what function it serves in a story This seemed like background noise to a larger scene

  9. Maria Headley Maria Headley says:

    I just reviewed this book's seuel The Heretic's Daughter and I should say that it is perfectly reasonable to read them out of order The events in this book actually take place before those in Heretic's Daughterthough this book came out as a seuel The Wolves of Andover is the story of Thomas Carrier and Martha Carrier historic figures who are also ancestors to Kathleen Kent the author Martha Carrier was one of 19 people hung as witches in Salem Thomas was her husband and he had a fascinating history of his own I won't go to far into the plot of this book to avoid spoilers but it's great It gives a new perspective on events I'd never really understood those of the English Revolutionary War This book is a gorgeous braid of history rumor legend and compassionate imagination bringing two intense and fiery individuals to life and detailing their unconventional love story as well as the mysterious history of Thomas Carrier a Welshman come to America carrying British military secrets in his memory Kent manages to inhabit many characters over the course of the novel the perspective shifts as the novel progresses and we spend time with characters ranging from a tavern mistress to an eel boy to a hired assassin but the story of the understanding that develops between Carrier and Martha is the heart of the book and it's beautifully done Recommended

  10. Booknblues Booknblues says:

    The Wolves of Andover is the preuel to Katherine Kent's The Heretic's Daughter In the Wolves we get to know Martha Allen as a young woman She is sent to help her cousin Patience during a difficult pregnancyWe soon get a picture of Martha Allen a young woman who is sure of herself and who has the ways and means to let it be know Martha is prickly by nature and won't be cowed or submit In her early twenties she is old to be unmarried but has no desire to enter into a marriage except on her termsWhile working for her cousin she comes into contact with Thomas a tall giant of a man with exceptional skills but much older than her Kent is skillful in slowly building the tension and interest between these two peopleWhile all this is going on we have the action and adventure of the search for the man who was responsible for the regicide of King Charles I We are presented to London's seamy underbelly and it isn't a pretty sight but it does demonstrate Katherine Kent's talent as a story tellerAs someone who loves historical fiction I glady recommend this book

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