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Willing Slaves: How the Overwork Culture Is Ruling Our Lives PDF Epub Willing Slaves How The Overwork Culture Is Ruling Our Lives Author Madeleine Bunting A Hardhitting Expose Of The Overwork Culture And Modern Management Techniques That Seduce Millions Of People To Hand Over The Best Part Of Their Lives To Their Employer Work Has Come To Increasingly Dominate British National Life Job Intensification Affects Every Shopfloor, Office, Classroom And Hospital, As A Cult Of Efficiency Has Driven A Missionary Magnetism Of Tighter Deadlines And Exacting Targets In The Most Exploitative And Manipulative Work Culture Developed Since The Industrial Revolution What Do We Get In Return For This Hard Work Stagnant Wages, Job Insecurity, Stress, Exhaustion The British Workforce Has Not Been So Powerless For Over A Century Willing Slaves Exposes The Paradox That, Though We Re All Being Exploited, It S Work That Has Come To Give Our Lives Meaning Religion, Political Causes, Family Life Have Become Secondary.

  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Willing Slaves: How the Overwork Culture Is Ruling Our Lives
  • Madeleine Bunting
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 9780007163724

About the Author: Madeleine Bunting

Madeleine was born in North Yorkshire, one of five children of artist parents She studied history at Corpus Christi, Cambridge and Harvard, US She held a number positions at the Guardian including reporter, leader writer, religious affairs editor, and for twelve years, she was a columnist She wrote about a wide range of subjects including Islam, faith, global development, politics and social ch

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    In this book Madeleine Bunting takes and in depth look at the overwork culture that is dominating the United Kingdom although the messages and evidence are relevant throughout the world Bunting explores this issue in depth, discussing how the past decades have seen the development of an overwork culture, looking at the extremely negative impacts of that culture from increased stress and mental health problems to less time to care for those we love and then looks at the solutions to the issues In doing so Bunting sets up an impressive argument It is well researched, exquisitely argued and extremely relevant to a range of political issues we face around the world today The only critique I have of Bunting s work is that sometimes she can be too thorough At times the points are a bit laboured as she uses num...

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    A very interesting book about the working culture in the UK, which was quite an eye opener It was packed full of enlightening stats i.e that fewer women are in work ten years after the birth of a child, then are a year after somewhat reflecting a need to go back to work straight away, and then how being back at work puts a strain on thing...

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    Not sure why I picked this up from the table at the Unconvention when I have already done the opting out it suggests, at least to a certain extent It explores the overwork culture which it claims is a product of the last thirty years or so and lays at the door of companies out for profit There are lots of examples and descriptions ...

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    Good critique on society s obsession with working long hours and making career the centrepiece of one s existence Some very good points made about the detrimental effect on mental health, family life, friendships, etc and how many workplaces try to replace these in o...

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    I found this personally very relevant to my life While it doesn t offer many solutions, it is thought provoking and has encouraged me to value my free time and not to get sucked into the quantity of work being ...

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    Torn with this one.Well written, interesting topic, plenty of references to back up points But too too long Much better as a longer article found myself skipping pages as the points were being repeated.

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    why the british work the longest hours in europe but the economy is still behind the big european economies also, the stresses involved with the long hours, competitive nature of the work place and culture and how to achieve a balance between one s work and social life.

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