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The ueen of the Night ❰Reading❯ ➶ The ueen of the Night Author Paul Doherty – Rome August 314 AD and as the sun's insidious heat beats down murderous forces lurk in the underbelly of the city The normally cosseted world of Rome's rich and powerful is rocked by a series of viole Rome August of the Kindle Ô AD and as the sun's insidious heat beats down murderous forces lurk in the underbelly of the city The normally cosseted world of Rome's rich and powerful is rocked by a series of violent abductions as children of the elite are The ueen PDF or kidnapped and held for ransom Meanwhile veteran soldiers men who served Constantine along the Great Wall in northern Britain are being barbarously murdered; the indignities inflicted on their corpses reminiscent of the gruesome practices of the Picts whom they fought so many years agoThe Empress ueen of the PDF/EPUB ç Helena summons her secret agent Claudia in a bid to resolve these macabre occurrences But Claudia has problems of her own The perfectly preserved corpse of a young Christian woman has been disinterred in her uncle's garden and it falls to her to investigate this mystery too Now she must track her way through a murky tangle of politics religion and murderous violence ever aware that the slightest mistake could cost her life.

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  1. Иван Величков Иван Величков says:

    Понеже избързах с четенето на следващата и последна книга от цикъла тази ми се явява завършваща Мога да кажа че като цяло съм доволен и то най вече от това че Дохърти не се хвърли да го продължава безкрайноСлед като в предишната книга се намериха убийците на брата на Клавдия мотивацията и да работи за Елена стана доста по неубедителна Освен това още в предишната книга загадките започнаха да влизат в нормалните за автора ситуации което малко разваля атмосферата на древен Рим Тук Клавдия вече има писмо от императрицата с което може да задава въпроси на който си иска а и приятелят и – гладиаторът Муран обикаля навсякъде с нея като мускул Клавдия повече ми харесваше като незабележим шпионин от колкото като полицейски инспектор каквито Дохърти в началото на всяка книга от цикъла твърди че не е имало по това времеИначе загадките бяха доволно кървави и завъртяни – отвличания на знатни младежи брутални убийства на ветерани от британската война и един запазен труп на може би християнска светицаДа добавя че след като в „Вечната маска на смъртта” имахме римския вариант на Джак Изкормвача тук същият на Норман Бейтс изобщо не ме изненадаХареса ми как Дохърти наблегна този път на египетските култове в столицата на империята – нещото което други автори обикновено пропускат именно че политеистичен Рим далеч не е отдавал почит само на така наречените римски божества

  2. Jan Jan says:

    Not the first in a series but hard to find in the US; early 4th century AD Rome and an ex actress works as a spy for the Empress Helena Very enjoyable if far fetched story and likable characters with a large body count to keep the mystery interesting

  3. Becci Becci says:

    So far this is the only Doherty book that hasn't gone to goodwill The story was a little predictable but the characters and settings were fairly well establishedI wish I could enjoy Doherty's books but I simply don't

  4. Anna Bergmark Anna Bergmark says:

    uite entertaining Multiple plots keeps the pace up and it's not without charm and fun When the end comes you might roll your eyes and sigh though the wrap up is as far fetched as can be but what the heck Up until then you've been satisfied enough The descriptions of life in Ancient Rome is where you'll find the believability in this series

  5. Bron Bron says:

    a murder mystery set in Rome at the time of the Emperor Constantine The detective is a young woman in the service of Constantine's mother Helena We get a picture of what Rome was like at the very beginning of the ascendancy of the Christian church Two crimes which seem to be totally unrelated the brutal murders of retired soldiers who had once served on Hadrian's wall and fought the Picts and the kidnapping for ransom of sons and daughters of wealthy Roman's turn out to be part and parcel of the whole plot There's an exciting scene in the gladiators arena and the title refers to a rather terrible form of execution which the guilty suffer

  6. Tony Lewis Tony Lewis says:

    ueen of the nightA good example of historical fact and fiction mixed together the past comes to life in front of your eyes

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