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10 thoughts on “Valkyrie

  1. Mary Lou Hoffman Mary Lou Hoffman says:

    Title THE VALKYRIESeries Valkyrie #1Category Genre Paranormal RomanceRecommended for 18 due to sexual contentReceived from Mandy M Roth in exchange for an honest reviewGrammarediting A – near perfectThis is the first book in the Valkyrie series They will need to be read in orderThink you know everything there is to know about vampires? Set that aside This is a uniue trip into a new world Honestly I loved every character in this story There are some that there is no doubt that they are the bad guys and some that are unuestionably the good guys but most are somewhere in the gray area in between and how deliciously fun that isGreat story great characters I took one star off because there was some plot discontinuity that interrupted the flow for me but I will speak to the author when she has some time to visit and point those out to her andor have her explain what I missed – LOL Don’t let that keep you from picking up this book and enjoying it Trust me they were minor points of discontinuity just had me shaking my head and then moved on They were not integral to the storyAs always Mandy Roth delivers a story that you will surprise and delight with plenty of snark humor and steamy love scenes

  2. KelticKat KelticKat says:

    I thought for sure this would be a good uick read for me Even though it combines mythology and lore with some hot and steamy timesMaybe it’s because I never really connected to Valerie she never seemed to reach beyond the words on that page a bit thin and unreachable Her relationships with others never felt real for meI have enjoyed some of Ms Roth’s other works so maybe this just wasn’t for me

  3. Sue Me Sue Me says:

    The Valkyrie byMandy M RothFast paced action filled with PNR's Please read it and let me know what you think 45 stars March 16 2015Valerie Falkyr is the mispronunciation of the word Valkyrie She and everyone around her now call her Valerie Something horrible happened to her 5 years ago or Additional injuries were sustained when she was run over by a car That was fortuitous as then an ambulance was called and she was transported to the local hospital There she is at first cared for by Dr Payton Sullivan and nurse Molly Payton is the first to see objects levitate around her He has grown too fond of his patient to report this unusual activity and enlists nurse Molly to help keep an eye on her and make sure no one else knows of her capabilityAfter far too few months recuperating from what should have been fatal injuries she is is discharged and moves in with Molly She is completely healed no scars nothing to show for the near death experience But she has no memories before she was lifted into the ambulance What she does have is terrible frightening dreams filled with death blood and piles of bodies flames and a hooded figure running ahead of her The dreams are occurring freuently and she is no longer sleeping The only golden moments in her life now are when she is with Molly or Payton Payton is now her loverMolly has a boyfriend Joey who owns a pizza parlor They plan to get married soon They are very much in love Molly adores vampire movies and in particular gorgeous actor Guytano Marsarius who is filming a new vampire movie on the outskirts of town The new waitress at the restaurant drops a slice of hot pizza on Valerie so she runs home to change her clothes Valerie hears a woman's shrill screams and runs to help She doesn't uestion she just goes to this abandoned warehouse A bit strange but it is a PNR bookShe meets Guytano who at first thinks she is an overzealous fanBut she knows himfrom her pastsomehow He recognizes her too but keeps uiet about the former association He has a tall red haired Irish friend named Torin Vaughn who she also seems to recognize Torin has an evil sister Sive Sive and Valerie detest each other on sightIn another scene Payton and Valerie visit an old book shop The owner hands the two of them tea that Valerie recognizes as containing lovageand whispers that she know that she is a Valkyyrie and blesses her and Odin A new piece to the puzzle And another memory returningIt is described how Valerie comes to Gregory in the midst of a Roman battle He is Fae She has come to offer to take him back to Valhalla for eternal life or make him whole to live out a natural life on Earth If he is Fae he already has eternal life according to mythology There is much to their love story that I think might have been expanded and given the romantic sexy boost that some readers including myself were looking for in this book She meets him again in modern times as a singer in the night club they visit She calls him Gregory Her memory is beginning to return my note There seem to be a few too many characters to keep track of in too few pages There is her ex fiance Dustin who pops in and out on several occasions There is Tom the repair man Charan who looks familiar Lucha Camille Kerr and Gregory her true love even though Lucha calls her his immortal lover There is Valhalla 'Heaven' and Hell There is her 'creator' who we don't know much than his name and that he has great powers Mysteries galore yet to solve Mandy Roth styleMy personal opinion is that some should be left for the next book Too much going on for one book World building is one thing but in reading the comments of others I think this book would make readers happier split in two if not three The information about children in Valhalla left out or left until a later bookThere are several mysteries to figure out over the next books I already have book 2 purchased and waiting for me to start Many commented on there being no HEA I thought her getting back with Gregory a marvelous HEA; and how he saved her just the ICINGThis is indeed an action filled adventure filled with many heroes who all seem to want to love Valerie There was not as much laugh out loud humor as some of her books but I did think that there was a HEA that characterizes a romanceI received this book for an honest opinion and I hope those of you who read my long winded review felt that I was fair in my assessmentIf you love Mandy Roth's books I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS ONE THEN TELL ME WHY YOU AGREE OR WHY NOT IS THIS ONE OF HER BEST BOOK EVER?

  4. Robin Robin says:

    I was so psyched to see the tittle of this book The Valkyrie as I really enjoy Norse mythology especially stories in loving the Valkyrie Combine that with the awesome paranormalscifyromance adventure writng of Mandy Roth and it's pretty much a sure win I was a bit disappointed with the story and pretty confused at times especially the last third of the bookThe story starts out a bit slow but it does draw you in with the mystery of who and what Valerie really is it's also intriuing to see her powers slowly evolving and her bonds to her best friend Molly and budding romance with Peyton They know Molly is a bit which make them even protective and supportive of herAt some point Valerie hears the screams of a women and rushes off to rescue her She embarrassingly finds herself on the set of a vampire horror movie with a gorgeous lead male and the screaming woman turning out to be an actress This is where Valerie gets involved with Guytsno the lead male who is a vampire in real life The plot takes off running in many directions at this point Several lovers from the past join the story and we learn that Valerie is really a ValkyrieVampire who's dad might have been a Wizard and who's mom was a ValkyrieInstead of Valerie being the strong Valkyrie heroine she starts to come off as flighty and a bit clueless as well The fact that there are five lovers from her past and present life doesn't seem to phase her and it seems she is sexually attracted to almost all the males who come close to her Despite her lack of memory she has apparently had a very busy past The last third of the book seems to rush uite a bit and the story comes to an unresolved ending certainly not yet a happy one some of this does get resolved in the other book in the seriesThis was my second reading of this book and it was a bit clear as I had a chance to read the preuel book Valhalla which ties all these characters stories together for the most part and gives the reader bit of a timelineValerie's reactions were a bit underwhelming when her closest friends fall victim to tragedy I was upset than she was Perhaps these events the reveal of what she truly is and hints of her past are so enormously overwhelming that some of her off behavior and reactions is understandableOn the plus side there is a whole lot of action suspense mystery varying species of paranormal characters and its worth an afternoons read I highly recommend continuing on to read Valhalla it will clear up Valerie's story throughout hype hundreds of years of her existence and it is still a pretty good adventure

  5. Cherri-Anne Cherri-Anne says:

    I’m also a hundred years dead I always wondered how Vampires kept track of their “ages” LOL This book is absolutely wonderful I did not think it possible but Mandy has managed to astound and amaze me yet AGAIN with another fantastic story that is eual parts uniue romantic hot awesome This is the first book that I have read that has a Valkyrie in it let alone as the main character so I was going in with little to no expectations beyond the fact that I would enjoy it just because it is written by Mandy As expected Mandy did NOT disappoint In fact I don’t know if Mandy COULD disappoint me She hasn’t so far and I have read a LOT of her books This book has a darker subject overall tone to it and reminds me of Mandy’s Daughter of Darkness trilogy which is the first series that I read of hers and kicked off my full blown stalker love for her I love the sarcasm and snarky sense of humor in here So many awesome lines but a couple of my favorites are – “Kill a vamp gain a nod – score one for me” And then the classic “No pain I made a mental note to keep a bottle of Gregorios next to my bed at all times for pain relief He was cuter than a bottle of aspirin that much was for sure” Mmmm what I wouldn’t give for a bottle of that myself Of course having this humor is one of the things that has helped Valerie cope with her life Or what she KNOWS of her life that is I actually loved the concept of the storyline regardless of what “species” Valerie truly is and can’t wait to read True to form Mandy has written another compelling story that had me hooked from the start Of course having great depth to the characters and a great mystery with the guessing game of just who what Val was before she woke up doesn’t hurt either Some of the things I look for before declaring a book a great book is if I can relate to the characters feel what they are feeling and talk about them like they are my friends and also get pulled into the world that it takes place in as well as wanting to keep reading and reading Not only does this book do that but it also shows that Mandy has that special gift that only a few authors can successfully lay claim to As long as you like your books to be addictive completely engrossing and leave you reaching for the next one then this is the book for you

  6. Beth Fuller Beth Fuller says:

    Five years following a horrific accident and Valerie still can't remember her prior life She's reconciled herself to that and has moved on to building herself a new life with the help of her closest friends Molly and Dr Payton Sullivan; the nurse and doctor who were there for her during the long healing process after the accident When a popular production company comes to town to film a movie past meets present and everything she has known gets turned upside downThe play off the Valkyrie legend from Norse mythology was a fantastic storyline for me I was pleasantly surprised by the way the author chose to spin it It boggled my brain at first because really how does something like that happen to a Valkyrie of all deities? Ms Roth did an excellent job of answering that uestion without reuiring the reader to suspend all modicum of belief in spite of this being PNR I enjoyed the way Valerie's Valkyrie attributes started to trickle back along with her memories and even her somewhat self deprecating sense of humor I did stumble a bit over Molly and Payton's parts in the story but all in all the end did justify the means I'd like to think that it was part of the set up along with the introduction of a number of possible male leads for a follow on book That would tickle me to no endI would highly recommend that others read this book It holds up well as a standalone but I'm sure that most readers would hope it's a long seriesI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  7. April Symes April Symes says:

    A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest reviewThe story starts out 5 years ago with the heroine waking up with not knowing who she is in a hospital bed This is what happened to Valerie Falkyr after being found totally battered She ends up making friends with the nurse who took care of her and the doctor on her case ends up her boyfriendloverFast Forward 5 years—Valerie has moved on never finding out much about her background since the attack on her She has accepted she may never find out what happened or remember who is or wasValerie finds out there is something not uite human about herself but she doesn’t want to admit it to her friends afraid she will run them off But come to find out they know Valerie doesn’t want to look too deep as to why they aren’t too curious about her “magic” or her background She is just happy they aren’t running from her Life is finally going right for her But things are going to drastically changeA film company comes to town to make a film and Valerie is face to face with sexy Italian hot Scottish –they are both fighting over her Not verbally but literally Memories start to trickle in and then come seeping in haunting her The author writes a great backdrop of a story using a Norse storyline for a modern day romance story with an actionparanormal twist Love how the story is written with the flashback from Valerie’s past with each man she was with Do not want to give spoiler but just to say WOW Cant wait to read book twoMy rating 48 stars

  8. Leanne Leanne says:

    5 years ago Valerie woke in hospital with no memory except for her name And for the moment she's fine with not remembering who and what type of person she was before thenHer normal life is all of a sudden thrown into chaos from having nightmares of her doing acts of evil to having knowledge of magik to meeting three gorgeous but mysterious males to all them having to fight for their livesI'm not going to go into too much description of the book cause I will end up giving away too many spoilersBut believe me this is an amazing book from the eually amazing author Mandy M RothOnce you start this book you just don't want to put it down It's full of mystery with twists and turns were Mandy's having you wondering what's going to happen nextLike I said it's full of mystery and it's also has sexy as sin males human and non human sultry females vampires wanting revenge scorching hot sexual encounters and epic fight scenes And the lead female Valerie is a great character like all of Mandy's leading females she no wallflower she knows what she wants and knows how to fight she doesn't know how she knows she just knows in her gut and goes with itIf you love Ms Roth's other paranormal romances you are gonna love this one just as much as themI can't wait to read book two If I could I would give this than 5 starsI thoroughly recommend that you get this book and read it and I know you'll love it just as much as I did

  9. Lisa Lopez Lisa Lopez says:

    This book sucked me in with Valerie who has amnesia from an accident that should have killed her five years prior Valerie is living with her best friend who was also her nurse and being pursued romantically by her Doctor that watched her miraculously heal after that tragic dayShe has settled with the fact she may never get her memory back and enjoys her friends antics to set her up after her last failed relationship with a cheating loser However the night she is about to embark on changes everything Her true inner nature is there waiting to emerge and it does upon hearing a woman scream in a dark alley being chased by someone Valerie runs to the rescue only to find herself face to face with a hot italian male and scottish rogue who fight over her literally The memories start seeping in after this as well as the facets of her life she may wish had never come back to haunt herWithout revealing the book I will say this There are multiple love interests for Valerie but she is not jumping in and out of bed with all of them as many books do These interests are written tastefully and in a way that it is hard to decided to root for as the leading man in Valerie's lifeMandy M Roth has a knack for writing heroines I like to read The Valkyrie delivers on many fronts as far as a paranormal genre and I am looking forward to the next book Valhala

  10. Nikki Brooks Nikki Brooks says:

    Valerie has amnesia from an accident five years ago injuries that should have killed her Valerie is now living with her friend who was her nurse and is trying to put off romantic entanglements with the doctor who saved her PetyonShe seems top cope well with the thought of not getting her memory back and tolerates Molly's plans to set her up after Dillon her ex fiancéecheated on her Her innate abilities are beginning to emerge she can kickass like a pro She finds this out running to aid who she later finds out is an actress in a movie Things move on at a brisk place and before she knows it Valerie is ass deep in troubleUnlike most Mandy books where you have your uber dude who you just know is the good guy and going to get the girl there are multiple hotties for Valerie to choose from each with a layer of involvement with her in her past lifeThe story of the Valkyrie made a nice change from the usual paranormal staples of shifters and vampires I really enjoyed the story and the characters even though near the end i had a lump in my throat no spoilers here though

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Valkyrie[PDF / Epub] ☆ Valkyrie ✩ Mandy M. Roth – A Valkyrie Novel For Valerie Falkyr “Who am I” isn’t the only unanswered uestion It’s where she was before she woke up four years ago All she knows is she has one best friend And Payton the do A Valkyrie Novel For Valerie Falkyr “Who am I” isn’t the only unanswered uestion It’s where she was before she woke up four years ago All she knows is she has one best friend And Payton the doctor she trusts with the shreds of her lifeJust as her relationship with Payton starts to heat up and Valerie begins to reach out for something like a normal life a series of bizarre and unexplainable events begins pummeling her from all sides Leaving her with a new uestion to add to the list “What am I”Magical abilities she didn’t know she possessed are emerging And dreams of a former life she doesn’t want to remember leave her in a cold sweatAs darkness descends and old enemies resurface Valerie finds herself caught in a dark bloodthirsty world with no way out Her only defense—Lucha Gregory and Kerr three not uite human lovers from her inked out past The only uestion left is whether she will survive long enough to remember which one loved her most.

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NY Times USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy M Roth is a self proclaimed Goonie loves s music and movies and wishes leg warmers would come back into fashion She also thinks the movie The Breakfast Club should be mandatory viewing forokay everyone When she’s not dancing around her office to the sounds of the s she’s busy writing sexy paranormal operatives Mandy lives in Oxford Mississ.