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Taking on the World ➱ Taking on the World Read ➹ Author Ellen MacArthur – Thomashillier.co.uk When Ellen finished the Vendee Globe yachting's toughest race aged just 24 the nation took her to it's heart The depth of the affection for Ellen is extraordinary she makes people feel like they can d When Ellen finished the Vendee Globe yachting's toughest race aged just the nation took her to it's heart The depth of the Taking on ePUB ½ affection for Ellen is extraordinary she makes people feel like they can do anythingThis is her story written intrue Ellen style in her own words without the help of a ghost writerPassionate dramatic and and deeply affecting her story will move and inspire all who read it.

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  1. Ben Starling Ben Starling says:

    Who is this Dame Ellen MacArthur? In 2001 'she raced single handedly non stop around the world in the Vendée Globe when only 24 years old second in one of the hardest races in offshore sailing Prior to her Vendée success she won the solo transatlantic race from the UK to the USA and went on to win the Route du Rhum from France to the Caribbean in 2002'She departed 'from Falmouth UK in 2004 on board the 75ft trimaran B and returned 71 days 14 hours 18 minutes 33 seconds later having sailed over 26000 miles to become the fastest person to circumnavigate the globe single handed She was knighted by the ueen in 2005 and has received the Legion d'Honneur from French President Nicolas Sarkozy' from the Ellen MacArthur Official Website bioTopics Covered Ellen begins with family life at 4 years old and moves on in great detail from there Every early sailing step she ever made takes up the first half of the bookGetting into her prep for the Vendée Globe and her description of actually sailing it lasts for most of the rest of the tome Her win in the Route du Rhum from France to the Caribbean in 2002 is tacked on in just a few pages at the end The Best Part MacArthur's drive to get sailing from pretty much day one in her life is very clear Her dedication and indeed determination over decades is amazing Her life is told with great honesty and poignancy covering not just her many successes but also her failures for example her failure to get into vet school It gives a bright picture of an outstanding young woman driven towards her goals and it was great to see her achieve themBest part about this book? I was on the edge of my seat every time she described having to climb the mast under terrifying Antarctic conditions and was vastly relieved every time she made it safely back down to the deck I had no clue what conditions in extreme solo racing were really like when I picked up this book I am sure that reading about it doesn't come close to actually living it but it certainly paints a vivid picture And I learned that while I admire such daring exploits when I head off on my own long term sailing adventures I will certainly be heading straight for warmer climes Wishes Hmm She repeatedly gives thanks to the support teams that made her achievements possible But in a vague and general way I would have liked to hear about specific support team incidents builders mechanics etc and how these fed into the final outcomeOne began to get the uneasy feeling that these thank yous were perfunctory and added in as an afterthought This is true at the beginning of the book and less true at the end Somehow Clare Francis' descriptions of this aspect of racing in Come Hell or High Water seemed a lot personal and believable Conclusion Inspirational Glad I bought it I'll pass it on it's good to spread inspiration around

  2. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Ellen is pretty amazing The you read the you realise that the sport is very like motor racing at its high levels Ability is nothing compared to the fight to get a seat in a good car In this case scraping together the funds to get a boat and the entrance fees to races are key Ellen is so lucky time and time again her undoubted abilities as a sailor would have come to naught without the help of so many people and coincidences of money arriving at just the right moments and her own indomitable will to keep on fighting on while pretty much living on nothingSince Ellen wrote this book herself you have to give her credit for mentioning her various boyfriends nearly all of whom help her at critical times and then get ditched if they a need any emotional support themselves or b are not 100% interested in her goals or c cannot any longer push her career Most of them don't seem to mind too much and you have to be impressed at the single mindedness of it all The pressure is intense too and you have to be relieved that she doesn't crack up from it as it seems she might in a couple of placesThe sailing is really tough too Not like Dinghy's

  3. Stephen Dawson Stephen Dawson says:

    An inspiring book by an extraordinary woman This is a book about a girl who saved her school dinner money for years in order to buy herself a boat; who sailed single handed around Britain while a teenager; and who through sheer determination got herself into the position where she could become the youngest person to complete the Vendée Globe singlehanded around the world yacht raceAt the time the book was written the Vendée Globe was the natural climax of her life so far and it is a shame that the understandable delay in finishing the book led her to add a little in afterwards but that is a minor criticism and it is a real rollercoaster of a read In comparison with Sir Francis Chichester's book of his early exploits there is a lot emotion here and it makes for a interesting and captivating read

  4. Erin Billington Erin Billington says:

    An awesome woman True grit Amazing ambition True dedication Real passion An inspiration A heroine

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I doubt I would have picked up this autobiography were it not for a couple of pretty slight connections Some years ago I made the acuaintance in less happy circumstances of Ellen's Aunt Thea who introduced her to sailing and I have now moved to the area and my children attend the same school that she did I can think of worse famous alumniI have very little interest in or knowledge of sailing other than second hand for all that sailing if you have the money seems to have greater merit as a sporting activity than many However I was like Ellen captivated by Swallows and s whereas this book despite describing the great moments of peace and oneness with the forces of nature did not generate a flicker of aspiration I was interested in all the different skills reuired and how much repair and maintenance is needed all that sewing and mucking about with fibre glass She seems to be a pretty remarkable individual even for the rather splendid family and upbringing she enjoyedand there is a freshness a naivety about her writing It can feel a bit like being on an ocean of peaks and troughs all a bit intense emotionally but perhaps that is just how it is for her Obviously it's her own book and there may be other versions but despite plenty of cynical capacity on my part checking closely between the lines I could only see a remarkably functional human being even given the level of focus reuired to pursue her goals at this point in her life I found it all refreshing amongst the mire of celebrity

  6. Jim Bowen Jim Bowen says:

    I'm not altogether sure about Taking on the World which focuses on the early life of Ellen MacArthur the English yachtswoman It finishes when she's 26The book details her life how she fell in love with the sea her drift into single handed racing and her success in the races she enteredDon't get me wrong the book's thorough You'll really understand her life after it's read it's just that beyond her Vendée Globe success I'm not sure that she had much to say beyond her scrabbling round for sponsorship money to sailAs an example when she was 17 she won a sort of British Young Yachtsman of the Year If you'd asked me before I read the book I'd have said I didn't know why she won it Having read the book I'm not the wiser She admitted as much herself The people she was up against had won this or that competition So far as I can tell she was just excitable about racing and went on a lot of sailing courses Hardly a ringing endorsement for British sailingThe other thing that struck me during the book was how much she didn't know even in the run up to her big race I mean she's a sailor and she seem to have difficulty interpreting where to find the best winds which just irritated meDon't get me wrong I have respect for her but this book lessened her in my eyes if I'm honest This might make me a little unpopular I think as she's popular in some uarters but the I think about it the convinced I am that I'm right about this

  7. Jen Jen says:

    I loved this book for the heart that Macarthur put into it but parts of it seemed to drone on Being a writer I know how hard it can be to put so much of yourself onto the page for others to see but Macarthur does it with confidence grace and charm I also read this book while backpacking through Ireland and Germany and I think that my own adventures at the time added a lot to the adventurous tone of the book I would recommend that this book be read while traveling or while planning a trip Don't be afraid to bring your own experience into it

  8. Steve Steve says:

    I followed this race in 2000 2001 and couldn't wait to be updated each day for 3 months as the drama unfoldedEllen is not a professional writer but has done a nice job talking about her life experiences and preparation to race Her descriptions of what she went through during the race both emotionally and physically are mesmerizing

  9. Monique Monique says:

    Wow what a fantastic book Reading the book you're with her on Kingfisher sailing the Vendee Globe advancing wave upon wave and feeling her emotionsEllen is really magnificent She's such a brave woman She makes her dream come true and that's why I respect her so much She's a true hero to me

  10. Monica Monica says:

    I love her single minded obsession I had been a bit reluctant to read this book at first because while I'm interested in sailing I'm not that interested in racing Still my boyfriend insisted so I gave it a shot I almost gave this book 5 stars but then got a bit bored at times

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