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Sweetness and Blood ➺ Sweetness and Blood Free ➰ Author Michael Scott Moore – Thomashillier.co.uk An elegant and surprising history of surfing that examines its cultural influence in some of the most unexpected placesHow did an obscure tribal sport from precolonial Hawaii one that was nearly elimi An elegant and surprising history of surfing that examines its cultural influence in some of the most unexpected placesHow did an obscure tribal sport from precolonial Hawaii one that was nearly Sweetness and MOBI :↠ eliminated on its home islands by Christian missionaries jump oceans to California and Australia And how did it become such a worldwide passion influencing lives around the globeIn this brilliantly written travel adventure journalist and surfer Moore visits unlikely surfing destinations Gaza West Africa North England Berlin Bali Japan Cuba and Morocco to give the reader a folk history of surfing This is a personal sketch for any curious reader of how the modern sport moved around the world and mingled with cultures that either have nothing to do with Hawaii or have strong reasons to resist pop silliness from the First World The result is the story of hippies soldiers nutcases and colonialism; a checkered history of the spread of Western culture in the years after World War IIMoore brings to his subject a sense of adventure and relevance that will appeal to surfers and nonsurfers alike.

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  1. Lee Lee says:

    This could have been a good one hundred page book but instead the author decided to go with a mediocre three hundred page book When he is talking about surfing Moore has interesting stories to weave It is when he meanders away from this discussing local politics or what an Aussie surfer he meets thinks of the Ira War A better editor would have taken a 2 x 4 to these parts Made it about 70 pages

  2. Ozan Ozan says:

    I enjoyed the Germany and Japan sections of the book the most probably because I lived in both countries and am familiar with the culture I liked comparing “my notes” with author’s But other chapters were hard not to get bored of His idea of this book is good but execution falls short at times

  3. CourtneyT CourtneyT says:

    A fun traveloguesurf memoir that made me itching to hit the waves

  4. Nate Hendrix Nate Hendrix says:

    This was an interesting book about the origins of surfing at several different locations and even surfing the tide in a canal

  5. Todd Stockslager Todd Stockslager says:

    Moore goes around the world to trace the history of surfing's athletic economic and cultural spread to places not normally associated with surfing culture After a brief review of the accepted history Hawaii to California to Australia and the other usual surfing hotspots Moore takes off for Germany the Gaza Strip MoroccoYes Germany is landlocked and yes there is a small surfing culture on the canals and rivers of Munich But this book isn't about how big the waves are there or how to catch them but about how the culture got there his uestion at each location who was the first person who stood up on a board and rode a wave here? and how it has impacted the area politically culturally and economicallyWhile the American military during and after World War II was often the carrier of the concept of surfing to these far flung places this isn't a book about military imperialism but it is one that talks about cultural and economic imperialism and its influence in the least likely ways and places For example in the chapter on Israel and the Gaza Strip you will learn how surf boards crossed security checkpoints only to be lost in the cultural maze of Middle Eastern politicsThe closest I've gotten to surfing is boogie boarding during family vacations and listening to Jimmy Buffett music but Moore's subject and style doesn't reuire deep surfing knowledge partly because in proof of on of his points of how deeply engrained the idea of surfing is in the leisure lobe of the modern mindThe other aspect of this book I hinted at in my review title is its value as a travelogue of places some perhaps familiar some not so but all viewed with a different set of eyes I was reminded of Getting Stoned with Savages A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu or The Sex Lives of Cannibals Adrift in the Euatorial Pacific; Moore shares a similar vibe with Martin Troost in those fresh looks at familiar we assume places

  6. Alan Alan says:

    As many people know surfing originated as a recreational sport of Hawaiian royalty It was then taken up by commoners and when westerners arrived in Hawaii they were amazed at the Hawaiian's wave sliding In the 1920s Duke Kahanamoku went on a surfing tour to California and that is probably the root of the west coast's surfing culture What was once an obscure sport developed in one of the most remote places on the planet has since become a pervasive influence on every continent on Earth except maybe Antarctica Michael Scott Moore's book tells of his travels to surfing spots around the world and his efforts to uncover the earliest evidence of surfing in each of those places Hawaii California Indonesia Germany river surfing Morocco The United Kingdom surfing tidal boles Israel and the Gaza strip Cuba Sao Tome and Principe Africa and Japan it's a globetrotter's tale of life times culture and the incursion of surf culture into each of those places if you are looking for a book about surfing this is not it This is a book about a uest to understand regional origins of surfing Even so I found the book to be enjoyable even if it did seem at times like the book read like a travelogue blog 1 star You do have to admit that surf culture has infused itself into just about every part of global culture I saw a surf shop last week while I was traveling in north central Utah of all places I see surf emblems and posters all over the placeeven where I live in Idaho There's no surf here but there is actually uite an active long boarding skate boarding collective and long boarders and surfers share many attitudes and cultural perspectives I know this after living in Hawaii for 15 years and 5 years in Santa Cruz CA So Moore found that not only surfing but also surf culture has made its way around and into the world if his sounds interesting to you then you will probably like this book If all you want is a book about surfing keep on looking

  7. Ismail Elshareef Ismail Elshareef says:

    I was expecting a surfari of sort but what I got was so much I was immersed in a global adventure history lessons cultural analysis and fine reporting by the pithy prose of Michael Scott Moore A foreign correspondent and a world traveler himself Moore took me on a global journey that is as uniue as it is enriching He wrote nine very entertaining and informative chapters about the culture of surfing around the world starting in California and moving on to Hawaii Indonesia Germany Morocco England Israel Gaza Cuba Sao Tome and Principe and JapanHawaii has surfing in its blood culture and history and the state just recently made it a High School sport In California Huntington Beach is crowned Surf City and by so a sparked the birth of a new counterculture that soon after took over the nation In Munich people surf canals and risk being arrested for doing so In Morocco a surf school is instituted by the King to counter the radical Islamic wave threatening the youth In Gaza surfing is as popular as a falafel sandwitchThe stories collected in this book are a testament to the power of American pop culture and its indelible effect on the lives of people worldwide I'm not just talking Madonna Michael Jackson Eminem Friends Glee or Desperate Housewives I'm talking about skateboarding rollerskating and of course surfing The American way of life is evidently embraced and emulated even in parts of the world where we think we're so despisedYou don't have to like surfing to enjoy this book If you love travel and adventure you will enjoy it If you love history and culture you will enjoy it And of course if you love all of that and also surfing you will definitely love this book

  8. Jaimal Jaimal says:

    I wrote this review for San Francisco Magazine wwwsanfranmagcomThe king of Morocco institutes a surf school to combat Islamic radicals Punks in Munich dodge local police to surf urban rivers A Cali fornian doctor sneaks surfboards into Palestine for the Gaza Surf Club What’s happening here? When you think about America’s global pop culture influence Beyoncé George Clooney and Michael Jordan come to mind long before Kelly Slater But journ alist avid surfer and former SF Weekly theater critic Michael Scott Moore does a fine job of arguing that surfing—yes as in Point Break—may be our country’s most influential cultural export The sport is Polynesian in origin but its modern incarnation is distinctly American Moore travels to unlikely surf destin ations worldwide dredging up fascinating historical tidbits and interviews many of which debunk long held myths For example the first surfers to ride waves in Indonesia were not Australian hippies in the ’60s but an American couple Bob and Louise Koke in 1936 You don’t necessarily come away from Moore’s book convinced of his thesis but his irreverent style and diligent research capture a truer—and sometimes darker—aspect of the surfer’s sacred search for the perfect wave A —JAIMAL YOGIS

  9. Laura Laura says:

    It was a really good book When i first read the title I thought it was gonna b about a surfer but then 2 find out it has all of the history in surfing It was still super intresting I enjoyed the Indonesia and the Germany part the best The best section in the book was the Germany section Indonesia was a close second They both were like a story and pulled me in the Hawaii and California section was kinda boring since it only seemed 2 b history and facts It just told all the history on surfing which is cool but the Germany part was really intresting I really liked it when he would go out and meet the people surfing expecially in the Germany section where he meet a 20 yr old male name Sebastian but liked to b called Basti I think that guy might of been my old forgein exchange student cause he lives close 2 where the Germany section was located and he was named Sebastian but liked 2 b called Basti and he would b 20 yrs old now If Michael Scott Moore would of had that kind of thing in the Hawaii and California section it would of been intresting Best thing in the book was when Basti got in trouble almost started laughing out loud

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Basically a book about a guy who travels to a bunch of places where you wouldn't expect there to be surfing Germany Cuba Japan Morocco Palestine etc and finds their surf culture while waxing philosophically about the culture of the people who live in that location Essentially surfing traveled around the world in the 1940s propelled by US service men after World War II and a Life magazine article Sometimes he had very interesting insights but other times the generalizations about the culture eg his description of the Japanese were uncomfortably general and patronizing All and all an interesting book to read on my way back from Hawaii

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