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The Fate of Nature The Fate Of Nature Ebook Author Charles Wohlforth Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk What Capacity For Good Lies In The Hidden Depths Of PeopleStarting With This Question, Award Winning Author Charles Wohlforth Sets Forth On A Wide Ranging Exploration Of Our Relationship With The World In The Fate Of Nature, He Draws On Science, Spirituality, History, Economics, And Personal Stories To Reveal Answers About The Future Of That Relationship.There Is No Better Place To Witness The Highs And Lows Of Our Treatment Of The Natural World Than The Vast Wilds, Rocky Coasts, And Shifting Settlements Of Alaska Since The First Encounter Between Captain Cook S Crew And The Alaskan Natives In 1778, There Have Been Countless Struggles Between People Who Have Had Different Plans For The Region Some Have Hoped To Preserve Alaska As They Found It, While Others Aimed To Create Something New In Its Place.Incidents Such As The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill May Seem Like Cause For Despair In The Face Of Such Profound Tragedies, Charles Wohlforth Has Found Heartening Developments In The Science Of Human Altruism This New Understanding Of What Causes Humans To Cooperate And Act Conscientiously May Be The First Step Toward Taking The Actions Necessary To Preserve An Environment That Has Already Been Altered Drastically In Our Lifetime.A Clear Eyed, Original Work Of Research, Reportage, And Philosophical Reflections, The Fate Of Nature Gives Us A Chance To Change The Way We Think About Our Place In Society And The World At Large.

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    I recieved this book from a first reads giveaway I chose to enter because I am interested in Nature and I lived in Alaska for several years where much of this book takes places Charles Wohlforth masterfully uses the unique setting of Alaska and its wildlife, history, and people to explore questions about whether human kind is essentially selfish and competitive or whether altruism and dedication to conservation and nature can save our planet and its wildlife and wilderness The Fate of Nature is a thoughtful, in depth book It is a cautionary tale about what could happen if selfishness and destruction of nature continue, yet it is also full of hope and promise for the future The first chapters explores questions about the minds and spirits of animals such as Killer whales and explores the spirituality of nature s intrinsic value and human connection with nature In reading The Fate of Nature I enjoyed reading about many different human characters and their attitudes towards ...

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    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this, and just finished reading it LOVED IT Mr Wohlforth does a wonderful job in creating visuals for the reader, and it makes it like you re actually there He also does a good job in making the reader think Between The Valdez accident, and the current situation in the Gulf of Mexico, we are ruin...

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    This was a very good book Different from my normal reads I m fiction but it was very interesting and enjoyable Learned things while reading it I had no idea about.

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    Simultaneously logical and researched, poetic and emotional, heartbreaking and hopeful Perfection.

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    My opinion of this book changed as I read of it I was ready to give it up after the first 60 pages it seemed like just another rambling environmental treatise but then he pulled it all together ala a John Irving novel This book has some real gems and some great writing It will take you a long time to get through it, but it s worth it if you take it slow The slower you read it and let things sink in, the better For those who interested in the BP not really Exxon oil spill in Alaska, see Greg Palast s books Wohlforth presents the same material in this book, but in a quiet way You need the outraged investigative reporter style of Palast for that material to really sink in The spill might not have happened had they fulfilled their promises to the Alaskan first peoples to use guide boats and might have had little impact had they had oil containment ships actually on hand as promised and required by law rather than in dry dock where it wasn t operational for months It was a tragedy of trying to save a relatively small amount of money, but the reason is still clear they re still in business, the fine was low, etc and their shareholders don t give a shit about anything other than how much their stock is rising and beating the returns on companies where their friends have invested It would have been an entirely different situation had all the shareholders been living on the Alaska shore they would still extract every ounce of the oil, but they would have been m...

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    This book explores whether mankind can avoid destroying the planet Charles Wohlforth has provided a very interesting and though provoking book that merges insights from game theory, animal psychology, and the history of Prince William Sound.I really enjoyed how he combined topics as diverse as the behaviour of killer whales and ravens while examining the 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes and the Enlightenment I also enjoyed the historical exploration of Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchots early attempts at conservation This book is deeply researched and very well written Wohlforth recounts how the conflicts over conservation in the early 1900s shaped the American political system today, and also includes a disquieting detour on the historical link between the laudable desire for conservatio...

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    The Fate of Nature is complex book that I found simultaneously disturbing and hopeful Through his own explorations, research, and interactions with various individuals, the author poses questions about the fate of both nature and humanity and their ties to one another Wohlforth explores the relationships between community, science, economics, and history in an attempt to enlighten readers to the issues that affect human life and the environment Wohlforth introduces readers to an extensive variety of people, all of whom have been af...

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    This book provides some good Alaskan history and overviews of ways of thinking about who and what people are, what defines us But it s biggest contribution is the attempt to bring these things together in search of a new way for us to live, to organize ourselves that will allow community to reemerge encompassing all people and creation in any given place I finished tonight with the sense that I will need to read it again and will likely get even out of it by doing so Th...

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    This may be a stop and think kind of a book, but it was a little to political for my tastes There are some issues I have with Wohlford s conclusions, especially in regards to the United States Constitution Being that this is the first thing that I have...

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