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Oz Clarkes Let Me Tell You About Wine [PDF / Epub] ☆ Oz Clarkes Let Me Tell You About Wine Author Oz Clarke – Thomashillier.co.uk Oz Clarke Britain's most popular wine writer is totally in tune with what novice wine enthusiasts want to know learn and most importantly enjoy about the fruit of the vineHis accessible and comprehens Oz Clarke Britain's most popular wine writer is Let Me Epub µ totally in tune with what novice wine enthusiasts want to know learn and most importantly enjoy about the fruit of the vineHis accessible and comprehensive beginner's guide is a wonderful treat for wine lovers eager to enhance their knowledge Clarke lays out Oz Clarkes PDF/EPUB ² the rules of wine tasting explains what creates a wine's signature taste describes all the top grape varieties and their individual characteristics and dispenses wisdom on how to make the perfect match of food and wineA section on spotting “corked” and faulty wines also helps newcomers gain confidence in their choicesAfter Clarkes Let Me Kindle Ñ discussing the basics Oz takes readers on a world tour of wine through the main winemaking regions of Europe the United States South America and other key wine producing countries.

6 thoughts on “Oz Clarkes Let Me Tell You About Wine

  1. Brian Williams Brian Williams says:

    A brilliant guide to wine for a beginner as well as a informed wine enthusiast I especially enjoyed the country by country articles in Part 3 There's some specific suggestions made in those articles too which is helpful This book is well worth the price It's one to keep on hand for general reference purposes

  2. Julie Christine Julie Christine says:

    Good on ya' Oz I'm working on scripts for a series of short wine education videos for work and this has been a fantastic reference for getting back to the basics I love that he introduces wine as a series of flavor profiles The focus on a common set of flavors takes the mystery out of what's in the glass Clark provides the foundation of what we should look for in a wine's aroma bouuet texture The regional descriptions are as clear and succinct as they could be given the tangled web of country state and district appellation laws and classification systems The section on matching food and wine offers a brief but excellent template for considering flavors and wine styles All in all a big thumb's up for a comprehensive and engaging guide to exploring wine Purty pictures too The opening shot of Lake Wanaka in Central Otago about broke my heart Mr Clark definitely has an affinity for Aotearoa and its gorgeous wines

  3. Lindsey Duncan Lindsey Duncan says:

    This is a clear straightforward and informative overview of the basic principles of wine drinking There is little here of how the wines are made or the long term history of viticulture instead this book focuses on understanding flavors and how to find and appreciate them The discussion of the various grapes was particularly valuable to me; another useful aspect was the way Clarke outlined the naming and labeling of wines A bit of the snob shows he obviously feels red wines are of superior consideration But I found this a good guide for all levels; it's laid out in a way that provides a framework for further information

  4. Ivy Weston Ivy Weston says:

    My husband who spent many years in the restaurant business tries to educate me about wine The problem is that because we're usually drinking wine when he is trying to educate me most of it goes in one ear and out the other So this book for me was very helpful It breaks down in a very non pompous non pretentious non wine snobby kind of way the different types of wine regions etc for those who enjoy wine but don't know dick about it It's a lovely book too and would be great for displaying on the coffee table if you're into that sort of thing If you read it while you're sober you'll get the most out of it

  5. V V says:

    A customer brought this in for trade and the timing was excellent since Matt and I have been enjoying James Mays' forced tutelage at Oz's hands on BBC America Read it and am now on James' side

  6. Phil Phil says:

    Only so so Too basic even for the beginner there are better books out there

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