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33 A.D. ➶ [Read] ➲ 33 A.D. By David McAfee ➾ – Jerusalem 33 ADThe vampires of the era have long sought to gain a foothold into Israel but the faith of the local Jewish population has held them in check for centuriesWhen one of their own betrays th Jerusalem ADThe vampires of the era have long sought to gain a foothold into Israel but the faith of the local Jewish population has held them in check for centuriesWhen one of their own betrays them to follow a strange young rabbi from Galilee the elders of the vampire race send Theron a nine hundred year old assassin to kill them bothThe rabbi's name is Jesus Killing him should be easy.

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  1. Stacey Stacey says:

    #1 Vampire conversion No I don't mean humans converting into vamps after bloodsucking I mean vamps seeing Jesus and converting to Christianity Okay then #2 People with strong faith glow Oh wait it's only CHRISTIAN faith that glows Presumably if you only have pantheistic faith or whatever you don't get the glow After the crucifixion of Jesus the whole damn nation started glowing with faith in Jesus completely ignoring the fact that Christianity remained a fringe group among the Jews he wants instead to convert the whole lot of them to the glowing light#3 A centurion has a death knell conversion to Jesus just before he gets remade into a vampire and retains this overlay of faith even after he risesPahSeriously this is Religious Fiction masuerading as a horror novel Its premise though interesting would have been better served if the author had not attempted to stretch it around his obvious intent of retaining the concept of One True Faith I gave it two stars based on the fact that I finished it and the concept was interesting Too bad the story had to go through so many gymnastics in order to stay on the right side of Jesus LitUpdate The author has contacted me privately to correct my inaccuracies and to let me know he disagrees with my review He assures me that he is not a Christian and feels the comparison to Religious Fiction is unwarranted because apparently non Christians are incapable of writing religious fiction I'll be sure to share that with my writer friends who write stories that don't reflect their personal faith In addition Mr McAfee you'll note that I said you wrapped your novel around the concept of One True Faith I did not suggest that it is your personal belief so your correction is moot He also wants me to know that the Christian Glow really wasn't Christian because Christians didn't exist until after the crucifixion Because of this distinction he claims ANY believer in the One God whether or not Christian could Glow with faith Point taken I should have said follower of Christ instead of Christian My bad for confusing the two they really ARE uite different Heh My point was that he clearly was tying the Glow with the religious persuasion NOT with faith as he so claims or there would have been many Glow ers of many faiths including the pantheistsI don't review many books maybe 10% of my read catalog but I have to say this is the first time I've ever had an author write me to tell me I was wrong My OPINION is that this book has serious problems I've enumerated three of my problems with the book and received a correction on those opinions but my further opinion is that it is a correction without distinction One starUpdateThis update really should precede the last one since the behavior took place during the few hours between when I posted the original review but before I responded to the email the author sentI have noted several days after the fact that you McAfee have gone around to a couple other locations around the internet whining about my review and including some ad hominem attack supposing that I wrote letters to Clash of the Titans protesting pantheism? YOU made it personal YOU wrote ME to tell me that my OPINIONS of your book were wrong then YOU went around the internet on some sort of whining attack fest What the hell is wrong with you? The internet is a small place for niche readers and if you want to go whining in public to your friends regarding the mean old wrong reviewers don't expect that your reviewers won't see it And in ALL OF THIS you have never satisfactorily addressed my original observations other than to tell me you are not a Christian which I never claimed and that I was just wrong FAIL

  2. Stephen Stephen says:

    FINALLY a vampire story that doesn’t wussyfoot around with easily vanuished opposition Oh no here we getFANG BANGERS vs JESUSin a steel caged death match for all the marblesNow put the brakes on before you go conclusion jumping that this is either “Christian” fiction or “anti Christian” mockery I don’t think it's either which is one of the things I found so intriguing about McAfee's writing While there are some DUH? religious elements JC in a supporting role I think the story is fairly neutral and can me enjoyed no matter which side of the fence you’re on or even if you think the existence of the fence is metaphysicially uncertain That in itself earned the author a pretty big kudo from me as I would certainly call it out to you if I thought this book was engaging in genre masuerading while hiding some form of agendaOf course people on bothall sides of the afore mentioned fence may think differently so let me give you the plot summary and you can do the figuring for yourself PLOT SUMMARY Set in Jerusalem in the year See title the author takes the biblical story of the Passion of Christ and layers in a vast conspiracy involving vamps It's pretty interesting According to the back story vampires ruled by the mysterious “Council of 13 have long orchestrated human history to serve their buck toothed purposes Now an upstart rabbi guess who is raising all kinds of ruckus and messing up the fang bangers long term plans Something must be done and a 900 year old assassin is called upon to terminate Jesus with extreme prejudice From here the biblical events of Jesus’ arrest and execution are played out as elements in a blood sucker plot designed to remove Jesus before he mucks up the Council’s plan for world domination I thought the author's interweaving of the story elements with biblical references was well done I also thought his descriptions of the vampires was interesting and I especially enjoyed the concept of the Lost Ones which to my experience was something new to the Vampire mythos The “Lost Ones” are worthy of a “tip of the cap” to go along with my earlier kudo Now tied up in all of this is the “religious” element that I want to mention without detailing in order to avoid major spoilage NOTE minor spoiler may be unavoidable One of the primary threats that Jesus represents to the vamps is directly tied to his preaching of faith in God Faith is one of the story elements and is akin to “garlic” or “silver” or other vamp irritants However the threat to the vamps does not stem from belief in any particular religion but from the “physiological effect” resulting from the strong conviction that comes from belief in some outside power uasi religious kindasortasure I won't uibble with that But it’s not in your face and don’t think it overwhelms the narrative in any way I actually thought it was a very clever plot device and reminded me of a similar “belief based” protection used by Poul Anderson against the realms of Faery in Three Hearts and Three Lions Overall I debated with myself whether to give this 3 or 4 stars and I decided to split the baby and settle on 35 It was a fast read that never bored me and I thought the premise was gutsy and original Going into the novel I was very curious to see how the author would deal with a vampire story set during the life of Jesus since it had the potential to offend a wide audience of people I thought he handled the subject matter of the story very very wellAn enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing what the author comes up with next

  3. Ellen Maze Ellen Maze says:

    In the interest of brevity I’ll refrain from summarizing the book plot please see the Item Description for synopsisI have some advice for you if you’re about to read this book Do not begin it if you only have a ‘few minutes’ to spare You will get sucked in by the first paragraph if not the first words and I’m not easy to please when it comes to contemporary vampire fiction I first began to read this novel when I had five minutes before leaving the house That was my mistake—once started I was blown away and made myself late trying to put it down It’s that intriguingAlso helpful do not pick up this book for some ‘light reading’ Author David McAfee spins a vampire yarn that obliterates all predecessors He will touch on issues as deep as religion and as terrifying as an ancient race of vampires known by their Hebrew name Bachyir The bloody attacks are not for the weak kneed reader and the appearance of the greatest Man to walk the earth creates a dichotomy that thrills and enthrallsYou know by now that this Man we speak of is none other than Jesus Christ In fact the only constant you can count on is the parallel account of the activities of the famous Jewish Rabbi McAfee does not trample the faith but weaves a tale around the events during Passion Week fitting his vampire plans seamlessly into the historical record You will know Jesus’ fate because of history—the rest is up for grabs who will live who will die and who will be tortured by the bad guys McAfee’s novel refuses to be pigeon holed into a genre as it shatters a number of industry norms by melding the vampire tale with the biblical account of the crucifixion This is not a ‘Christian’ tale but neither is it offensive to those who hold that faith The thematic elements of GoodLight versus EvilDarkness are guaranteed to occupy your mind long after you’ve read the bookTechnical Data I love the cover of this book and it reflects the mood of the story very well The interior format is flawless and professional making the read not only easy but fun with a hand drawn graphic by McAfee himself at the top of each new chapter Taking into account the author’s expertise with prose and suspense it is hard to believe this is his first novel I predict a long and illustrious career for him and I look forward to his next book Bravo Mr McAfee BravoEllen C MazeAuthor of Paranormal and Vampire Fiction for the Discerning ReaderRabbit Chasing Beth Rider

  4. David Burton David Burton says:

    Let me preface this with the following I am not into vampire novels The genre does absolutely nothing for me This particular book caught my attention when I saw the cover and the title The description sold it Vampires trying to assassinate Jesus – brilliant ideaI was not disappointedIt’s written by indie sensation David McAfee If you haven’t heard of his name you will because this man knows how to write a thrilling story and grab a reader’s attentionI could NOT put this book downThe story is based in Jerusalem in 33 AD the week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth It is an incredible ride this story as McAfee weaves an intricate tale of Bachiyr vampire secrecy with the events surrounding the crucifixion The cast of characters are flawed yet you love them anyway They lift off the page and you cannot help but empathize with their respecitve plights whether their intentions be diabolical or notIn all this McAfee handles the character of Jesus deftly He places him in all the key areas and in the few scenes that include dialogue with him he sticks to what would be very much in character – that of a simple manI’m not a religious person and my first thoughts when I saw this title was that this might be Christian fiction I tried it anyway and I can’t tell you how thoroughly impressed I am not only with the story which is uite neutral around the Christian theme but also McAfee’s writing It is riveting material that makes you yearn for If you read anything this summer make sure it’s this book I for one will be looking at McAfee’s other books – vampire or notHe’s that good

  5. Robert Duperre Robert Duperre says:

    If one were to take the story of the crucifixion and combine it with vampires you would most likely get one of the most clichéd stories imaginable I’ve read uite a few tales regarding this very setup – all in short story format mind you – and they all were variations on a few different plots Either Jesus himself is a vampire hence his rising from the dead or he becomes Jesus Christ Action Star staking those pesky vamps left and right These are unimaginative stories They either don’t do anything new with the characters or they pervert them to where they’re no longer viable And also there tends to be a trend towards using these stories as a promotion or criticism of Christianity Never have I seen a story that took the setting of Christ’s last days and used them as a framework In other words taking the setting and telling a story around that setting to create a complete comprehensive and entertaining workNever that is until I read 33 AD This was a book that I loved so much that I can come to only one conclusion about its authorI have seen the new face of horror and it resides beneath the glossy waxed dome of David McAfeeMr McAfee has done the virtually impossible He’s taken an iconic figure and backdrop stayed true to their roots in legend and layered a very human tale that deals with the supernatural over it This book is bloody brutal depressing and also moralhowever that morality doesn’t overwhelm the reader as ethical writing is wont to do Instead it makes us think both about what we feel about our own past misdeeds and the power each of us holds within us to forgive ourselvesThe two most important characters in 33 AD are Theron a vampire assassin who’s lived for than nine hundred years and Taras a golden haired Roman Legionary think a primitive version of the Secret Service whose greatest desire is to skip out of Jerusalem with Mary his forbidden Jewish lover and start a family Although there are many other characters including Marcus the Centurion whose nobility and strength are measured against his weak willpower making him a fantastic creation this is ostensibly their story Theron after killing a renegade vampire at the beginning of the novel is saddled with the task of executing Jesus as the Nazarene and his ability to heighten the faith of those around him is dangerous to the Bachiyr Vampiric Council of 13 This proves to be an arduous undertaking becaue Theron as a vampire cannot get close enough to a man with such strong beliefs Because of this he goes about framing the supposed prophet for all intents and purposes setting in motion the events that lead to Jesus’ demiseTaras on the other hand is a loyal and capable soldier He is strong both in beliefs and in physicality He as well as every other Roman is turned against the Nazarene due to Theron’s actions And this is where the meat of the novel lies Theron and Taras are different characters and yet they are virtual mirror images of each other One could imagine that Theron when he was still human oh so long ago might have been virtually identical to the Roman he now calls adversary It’s a brilliant piece of writing and I think the similarity of their names is meant for the reader to realize that when you cut down to the core they aren’t as different as they think they are In this way the entire book is about the choices and the aforementioned need to forgive oneself Theron cannot He’s been around too long deviated too much to will a change even though he can No matter how much strength he possesses he will always be weak Likewise Taras towards the end when confronted with a decision that will define the rest of his life is similarly frail This speaks to the humanity in both of them Even Theron though immortal is inexorably human and it is that human frailty that leads to his ultimate descent into madness And when Jesus “rises” from the grave that event is mirrored by the rebirths in different ways of the two main characters In other words you can draw a parallel between all three the monster the hero and the prophet and come out on the other side thinking they’re all uite analogous In writing it this way the author is telling us that at our core we’re all the same all fallible and it’s up to us – and ONLY us – to changeThe subject of religion when used in fiction is a slippery slope to climb It can come off as preachy or ostentatious and while a core Christian might find that intriguing my guess is that the majority of readers in no way want to be sermonized to This is yet another way that McAfee did an unbelievable job He succeeded in taking the base values of the sermons of Jesus – his theories of love forgiveness and togetherness – and took away the devout fanaticism that can curtail lesser works In this novel Jesus is a loveable though ethereally strong hippie The scenes in which he is involved are tastefully done subtle and sublime He is not a man of action but one of introspection tenderness and amnesty He never gives up hope for those he runs across and in the reflection of that faith in others lays the refraction of his words It causes those not ready to hear them to back awayI’m sure some especially those who aren’t Christian may look upon this book and think it distasteful It is not I myself am strictly anti religious Whereas I do have faith I understand the dangers of dogmatic belief and have no desire to pursue it However and this is important McAfee does NOT preach He uses the beliefs of New Testament Christianity as a tool not a be all end all because I think most would admit that the idea of love community and mercy are something to strive for In other words much like in AA he takes what works and leaves the rest You will find no heavy handedness hereOkay one last thing Because I’m anal and certain facts never escape my attention I have to mention the only problem I had with this book In one scene a character is described as “short only five and a half feet tall” The problem is the average height of a Roman at that time was barely five feet even Not a huge gaffe but one that I noticed and I wouldn’t be pretentious old me if I didn’t point it outThat being said it’s a tiny little issue that doesn’t take away the fact that this is a fantastic and beautifully written novel There is death and rebirth betrayal and loyalty hope and despair and ultimately sorrow We see where the characters end up and we feel sorry for them It’s well worth the read and I have to admit that I did cry than once while sitting on the beach reading it For me it is the best vampire novel to come out since “The Vampire Lestat” hit the shelves a uarter century ago And I LOVED that bookYou get a heartfelt recommendation from me people Go get it Make David McAfee a success We should all want to read of what he has to offer

  6. Mike Mike says:

    I’m not a particularly fast reader so it takes me a while to finish a book because of this I tend to not want to read anything than once However as I sit here writing this review I just finished 33 AD for the third time33 AD is a dark and gritty story involving vampires something the genre desperately needed at that time in my opinion Theron is an assassin for the vampire governing body known as the Council of 13 he is sent on a mission to discover why one of their own has abandoned them Taras is a Roman guard whose main desire is to leave and start a family Their two paths uickly intertwine with each other and they both realize their plans are about to change David McAfee does an amazing job of creating an intriguing story that is unlike anything I have read before it kept me completely immersed from start to finish The use of Jesus as a character is done perfectly his importance to the story is paramount while still managing to somehow stay in the background for a majority of the book This thrilling story is made even better with original and compelling characters and concepts such as the Lost Ones something you’ll just have to read for yourselfEven though I’m not a religious person I can understand why the use of religion in a fictional story might rub some people the wrong way but I never once got the impression that the author was either preaching religion or trying to belittle it in any wayThe fact that 33 AD sits on my “favorites” shelf is kind of funny when I think about how unlikely it was that I even decided to read it I first heard of this book about 5 or 6 years ago when Twilight and True Blood were massive so that is what I thought of when I saw anything having to do with the vampire genre and those portrayals just aren’t what I’m interested in Luckily I still read a uick synopsis and the concept peaked my interest enough to ultimately give it a shot

  7. Jess Haines Jess Haines says:

    Theron an elder vampire who works for the leaders of his kind as an assassin is sent on a mission to find out why one of their own has betrayed them It’s been said that Ephraim has turned from his vampire brethren to seek salvation Theron investigates and discovers that a human was behind Ephraim’s abandonment of his vampiric nature Upon reporting back to the vampire leaders Theron is charged with the mission of destroying – as painfully and brutally as possible – the man who could turn one of their own against themMatters are complicated when Theron discovers that Jesus of Nazareth is protected by a strong shield of faith He can’t approach the human without becoming terribly weak To ensure the mandate by his leaders is followed out Theron instigates a plot against Jesus that involves the Roman forces occupying Jerusalem carrying out the execution for him And that’s just the beginning33 AD is a new and original take on both vampires and the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ This story is an action packed thriller filled with mystery intrigue betrayal and murder The attention to detail and careful plotting are masterfully done You’d never guess this was David McAfee’s first novel I thoroughly enjoyed this book It had all the elements you’d expect of a gripping tightly plotted thriller Best of all nothing is held back – the gritty realism of what it meant to live in Jerusalem during the occupation of the Romans is captured beautifully The arrogance and casual cruelty of Theron and the other vampires was so perfectly done you have no trouble seeing them as the monsters they truly are If you’re tired of the usual Victorian esue genteel vampires flooding the bookshelves and want something darker and to the tune of SALEM’S LOT McAfee’s 33 AD is for you

  8. Alice Alice says:

    Lots of blood And lots of vampires And one legendary figure at the crux of his life What's not to like? Theron the Lead Enforcer for the vampire head council loves his job He gets to hunt and kill and feast as he pleases What could an undead hit man want? Until one vampire breaks away from the pack to follow this upstart preacher named Jesus Yes that Jesus But nobody annoys the vampire council and gets away with it and Theron's sent to eliminate Jesus Except there's this Roman official who's after Theron for killing the official's brother And the Uriah Heep of vampire clerks who's after Theron's job And Theron's worry that if he screws up the council will turn him into a Lost One Ew Don't ask McAfee deftly recreates first century Jerusalem's sights sounds smells and politics All of these swirl around one annoying preacher who's throwing a spiritual wrench into Theron's chance for promotion The horror and mystery of the vampire councils and the added star crossed love story are icing on the cake A vampire type cake of course With blood and violence and sharp teeth that I ate up in three sittings

  9. Not Now...Mommy& Not Now...Mommy& says:

    Have you ever read a book that was so GENIUS that you wished you could go back in time to the exact minute the author finished the manuscript and kidnap said author and imprison him in a dimly lit basement where you would have his memory of life before imprisonment erased all so you could pass the manuscript off as your own? That's how I felt after reading 33 AD Such a great read by author David McAfee I can't begin to describe how I felt reading this book The way he combined the story of the vampires with the history of the persecution and death of Jesus Christ was absolutely amazing I look forward to reading many novels by this author and truly hope that there will be a follow up to this story as I would love to know what happened to certain characters

  10. D.A. Schneider D.A. Schneider says:

    This was a very interesting take on the crucifixion of Jesus The author weaved a fascinating conspiracy story involving vampires and roman soldiers into a well known biblical tale The characters were well developed and despite the actions of Taras a Legionary assassin I found myself pulling for him to have a happy ending Great storytelling supporting players and settings beautifully descriptive The only negative thing I can say about this book is that occasionally the dialog slipped into what seemed to be modern terminology than what might be heard in 33 AD This is really a minor gripe and does not hinder the story in any way All in all a very enjoyable read

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