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  1. Abbie Collinson Abbie Collinson says:

    It’s not bad if you want to reminisce about season 1

  2. Jenny / Wondrous Reads Jenny / Wondrous Reads says:

    Okay so hands up if you're a Glee fan Most of you? Thought so It's definitely a show that's taken the world by storm and who can blame it? For the most part it's fantastic though it's weekly moral storylines could be toned down every now and then Anyway this isn't a review of the show it's a review of 100% Gleek The Unofficial Guide to Glee While this book may be unofficial it's still packed to the rafters with show actor and character info and is a must buy for all fans of Ryan Murphy's addictive all singing all dancing display of talentBasically anything you want to know about Glee you'll find in this book There are character and actor profiles for pretty much everyone including the opposing schools music guides for each episode the lowdown on McKinley High's scandals and a section on McKinley romances There's even a huge fold out poster included at the back which I'm sure will adorn many a fan's wallAs far as unofficial guides go 100% Gleek is up there with the better ones There are many pictures to stare at or if you're a Puck fan like me drool over I do like a badass boy who has a secret good side Some of the images could be better as there are no official promo stills only public photos of the cast which I suppose is the only downside to an unofficial guide Did you know that in the Director's Cut of the Glee pilot episode Mr Schu gets an extra song? No me neither I'm off to see what else I can learn 455

  3. Pio Ibrahim Pio Ibrahim says:

    I'm a gleek and honestly I am addicted to the show and this guide is actually usefull for all people interested in all things GleeIt sheds the light on all episodes in season 1 volume 1 which may help bring back some important notices and secrets you might have not captured the first time you watched Also the book takes a look into each of the main characters and sub characters with exclusive real biographies and pictures The book features a series of Games and challenges that are both fun and noteworthyI found this book to be useful yet lacking some important ideas and I hope to be reading it's continuation soon

  4. Ubalstecha Ubalstecha says:

    This guide to Glee pretends to be the McKinley High School year book With character bios episode synopsis and uizzes there is a lot there for the fa The problem with the book is that they don't have enough promo shots to fill a book so the authors have gone with shots of the actors from various public events This means that they don't necessarily look like the characters they play For example Jenna Ushkowitz does not dress like her character Tina Cohen Chang so the pictures become of a distraction Still for the teen fan of this series there are plenty of pictures of the hunky boys for crushing which is really why this book has been written

  5. Mikayla Mikayla says:

    This book had some really cool info in it so you can learn alot of new things about the charater you like The besy part of this book was that it had a really awesome poster in it Overall it's a really good book to read in your spear time

  6. Michelle Wardhaugh Michelle Wardhaugh says:


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100% Gleekthe unofficial guide to Glee [Ebook] ➮ 100% Gleekthe unofficial guide to Glee ➭ Evie Parker – Thomashillier.co.uk High School Musical with a difference Glee is the hottest TV show of the year This all singing all dancing musical dramedy follows a bunch of aspiring misfits and underdogs as they attempt to make the High School Musical with a difference Glee unofficial guide PDF/EPUB ¶ is the hottest TV show of the year This all singing all dancing musical dramedy follows a bunch of aspiring misfits and underdogs as they attempt to make their school choir coolThe perfect guide to the cynical sweet and downright 100% Gleekthe Kindle - funny hit show this companion book is packed with behind the scenes facts set gossip and full colour photos it's a must read for all you Gleeks.

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  • 100% Gleekthe unofficial guide to Glee
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  • 11 November 2014
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