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The Ryel Saga [Download] ➻ The Ryel Saga By Carolyn Kephart – Intricately layered and exoticRobin HobbI fell in love with this book The Ryel Saga is a poignant touching somber and exhilarating read all in oneTo run your eyes over each word is a grand event by ev Intricately layered and exoticRobin HobbI fell in love with this book The Ryel eBook ✓ The Ryel Saga is a poignant touching somber and exhilarating read all in oneTo run your eyes over each word is a grand event by every definition of the word grand Let it capture you let it overwhelm you Once you reach the end you'll understand that you've undergone something rare something beautiful something you might only see two or three times in your life The Journal of Always Reviews“Masterful fantasy by an extremely talented author” In The Library ReviewsCritically acclaimed when first published in paperback a decade ago The Ryel Saga duology WYSARD and LORD BROTHER is now digitally available in a revised and expanded second editionThe Ryel Saga A TALE OF LOVE AND MAGIC joins WYSARD and LORD BROTHER in a single volume It is available as an e book and in paperbackLord Adept Ryel Mirai leaves the great Art citadel Markul to rediscover the long lost spell that will release his mentor from the wraithworld of the Void but a malignant sorcerer likewise imprisoned has enlisted the aid of Ryel's strongest rival to find the spell first Amid dangers joys and temptations Ryel encounters unlikely allies and unforeseen enemies and learns that he may well gain all that he wishesalthough perhaps not as he wished it Visit for the entire first chapter print media reviews and Note The current emended second edition revised March supersedes all previous versions of THE RYEL SAGA and should be regarded as the standard text of the novelA blinding jolt seared the wysard's brain core and he grunted a cry as he crashed backward into the stiff spread arms of cold Argane At once the goddess enwrapped him with inexorable silver and stone Caught and struggling Ryel watched in pain bleared impotence as Roskerrek leapt the dais steps like a red panther his feral eyes gleaming deathlust The watching faces faded the shouts silenced Existence shrank to a pair of poisoned eyes a lethal length of steelNow I have you Seizing Ryel by the hair Roskerrek jerked the wysard's head back baring the throat Now it ends Kephart's latest novel is UEEN OF TIME contemporary magic realismurban fantasy that takes the Faust legend in new directions Her short fiction is available separately and as the collection PENTANGLE FIVE POINTED FABLESAbout the author Early life as a military brat gave Carolyn Kephart an appreciation of nomadic lifestyles a fascination with world cultures and close up insights into the warrior mentality and its manifestations all of which influence her work She loves things that nourish the spirit and widen the mind.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • The Ryel Saga
  • Carolyn Kephart
  • English
  • 13 January 2016

About the Author: Carolyn Kephart

I'm an eternal learner and constant explorer For me existence is The Ryel eBook ✓ an endless search for all that is best in life One of my favorite uotes is Tennyson's I am a part of all that I have met and everything that I am finds its way into my writingPlease note The revised and expanded and paperback and ebook editions of the Ryel Saga duology WYSARD and LORD BROTHER supersede all previ.

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  1. Al Al says:

    Since getting a Kindle I’ve made a conscious effort to branch out from my normal genres reading books I wouldn’t have given a second glance in the past This was one such instance The last book in the fantasy genre I remember reading was at least twenty years ago Given that I’m not sure how to evaluate the story or the fantasy world created within the book against others in the genre All I can say is I enjoyed the story and find it impressive that anyone has the imagination to create a world so different from ours yet vivid and internally consistentHowever there are two things about “The Rykel Saga” that any avid reader would be able to judge and should appreciate The first is the vivid descriptions In a world unlike our own I need all the visualization help I can get Kephart’s ability to paint her fantasy world in words is amazing The other item I both appreciated and found intriguing was the use of language Subtle changes in syntax from the norm and the use of obscure words act as continual reminders that the world you’re observing is foreign Some of those words may not in be in your vocabulary they weren’t in mine but typically the meaning was apparent from context If you’re reading on a Kindle you’ll find almost all are in the built in dictionary Grab the opportunity for a little vocabulary building as you read like I did

  2. Donna Donna says:

    This book is really a 35 but I'm bumping it up to 4 Ryel is a boy from the Steppes who becomes a powerful wysard He eventually leaves the wysard city of Markul to save the worldThis book was originally two separate books The author says in the forward that she was forced to split it into two books for reasons of length I assume but for the e book edition she put them back together and added about 40% content So it's like the director's cut of a movie Sounded great to me I definitely think it worked as one book; I never could see an obvious place where the first volume would have stopped However I'm not sure it needed the extra 40% I really enjoyed the first 34 of the book a lot and read that much almost in one sitting but then it seemed to come to a crashing halt get bogged down and finally ended too easily plot wise I would recommend it with reservations It is a long book and I think a slow reader might have trouble with it

  3. Robert Duperre Robert Duperre says:

    Rating 49 out of 5VerbosityMost of the time when I pick up a book and see this in action I roll my eyes and mutter “Oh no” There are just way too many authors that fall in love with their own words with their ability to craft clever phrasing They overdo it and overdo it until you just can’t stand to look at the endlessly droning seuences of words any longer This is usually the result of a writer who’s trying to emulate “traditional” literature without understand what that is in the first place I’ve struggled through a few of these types of books and it never ends wellHowever there is a rare breed of verbosity that stems not from self indulgence but the uncanny ability to turn a manuscript into magical epic poetry In these instances the words are necessary They build atmosphere envelop the mind and spiral the reader into a world they could’ve never imaginedThat my friends is Carolyn Kephart’s The Ryel Saga in a nutshellI have to admit that at first I was a little wary of this book It’s long twice my usual 120k word count limit it’s wordy and the plotline spirals in many different directions seemingly at once But what I failed to take into account as I first dove in was that this is the work of an author at the top of her game a writer who fully understands human emotion doubt and yearning a woman who knows how to build a world and recognizes that there are many many different types of beautyeven in darknessThe Ryel Saga is named after its main protagonist Ryel Mirai a wysard aka magician sorcerer mage from the mystical city of Markul He leaves the city in which he’s been raised since his early teen years when he was lured from his home in the Steppes by his uncle Edris when he is offered a vision of his dearly loved mother stricken with sickness and dying Being well trained and powerful in the use of the Arts the Markulian term for magic and having been trained to be a healer Ryel brings it upon himself to save herAlong the way he discovers that he is being sought by a daemon named Dagar an old sorcerer of dead magic I guess you could call him a necromancer whose soul or rai as it’s called in the book lives on even after his body has been destroyed It seems Dagar wants Ryel’s body and he’ll stop at nothing – and stoop as low as he can making Ryel’s life far beyond miserable – to make that happenRyel has other adventures as well He uncovers lost family finds out information about his beloved uncle Edris that rattles his world and turns him into a man possessed falls in love thwarts a revolution starts a revolution uncovers the mysteries of his Art and its legacy suffers an ancient malady and finally fights in a massive battle to save not just the city of Almancar but the entire realm as wellThere I’ve just compressed seven hundred pages of plot into three short paragraphs Of course this isn’t everything there is to it – there are intricacies aplenty woven throughout the story – but if I were to make this an actual recap the review would be fifty pages longAnd besides that – and though this might be funny to say – the strange thing about The Ryel Saga is that the plot as complex and well thought out as it is is almost a secondary aspect of the book Actually now that I think about it it might be third in lineThe first thing that grabbed me about the book was the scenery I mentioned at the beginning how this reminded me of poetry and the settings are what made me think of this concept Each city and realm visited is so vividly described that they come to life in the mind’s eye But oddly there is a lot left to the imagination as well This might sound like a contradiction but it’s not From the sway of the Steppes grasses to the mists surrounding Markul to the gardens and excesses of Almancar to the filthy deprived buildings in and around the cursed city of Ormala most everything is explainedso much so that what is left out feels mystical such as the feel of the street under foot or the gust of the wind on a character’s face It’s a strange sensation to have while readingand a wonderful oneThe second and most fantastic of all are the emotional ties that bind the characters both to each other and themselves There is love aplenty – between siblings lovers old rivals even enemies There is hatred shown the most in disease and the scars that result from a life filled with torment Two characters the brothers Essern beautifully illustrate this point Look out for their characters My two favorites in the entire book after Ryel himself There is the anguish of loss and the hope that some how some way those lost loves might be returned to you There is longing for life love and family There is honor amongst heroes and none among the religiousAnd this as a matter of fact might be the most profound aspect of the story In the world of Destimar religion is as much a bane on the populace as would be cancer on the human body Religious leaders use their preaching to motivate organize and manipulate their charges And yet the text does not lose sight of the everyday person’s need for belief I completely loved and appreciated this facet of author Kephart’s storytelling She comes across as evenhanded highlighting the wonders and necessity of faith while at the same time illustrating via her fantasy world the way leaders throughout history have used the peoples’ desire for understanding and salvation to turn one sect against the other triumphing the longing of the many in order to heighten the gains of the few She doesn’t form an opinion about this and isn’t preachy; she just presents it as simple fact Though truth be told this reviewer thinks she tips her hand at the end and lets us know in the tiniest of ways how she might actually feel about the subject of spiritualism and conviction I could be wrong but that’s the way it seemed to meAbove all else The Ryel Saga is the story of faith – faith in one’s self in one’s principles in one’s ability to overcome Ryel is the embodiment of this He believes in his uest He may doubt himself at times but he never truly falters He knows what he’s capable of and trusts in his Art his magic and his capacity to learn In fact throughout the whole book he never stops learning He’s like a giant sponge an advocate for the uest for knowledge of the viewpoint that to gain knowledge only leads to the desire for knowledge and that in the end we can never stop but we’d be damned to a life of slow death if we stopped tryingIn case any reading this review need it spelled out for them despite my initial misgivings I fell in love with this book The Ryel Saga is a poignant touching somber and exhilarating read all in one The sentiments are real the small scenes take priority and the action seuences are tastefully done In a lot of ways it’s like going on vacation to the island of St Thomas You know it’s ornate you know it’s a commitment and yet once you get there you can’t help but sit back and enjoy the experience Reading this book is just like that – like sitting in the sun letting the emotion of the moment grab you and allowing it to take you where it may To run your eyes over each word is a grand event by every definition of the word grand Let it capture you let it overwhelm you Once you reach the end you’ll understand that you’ve undergone something rare something beautiful something you might only see two or three times in your lifeAt least this reviewer did And it’s definitely an experience I’ll never forgetFinal note to say I docked a single point from the execution grade because of some minor formatting errors aka a few missing uotes and some character name confusion These weren’t major issues however so the damage is minimal Definitely does not take away from the enjoyment of the story ObviouslyPlot 10Characters 10Voice 10Execution 9Personal Enjoyment – 10Overall – 4950 495

  4. Volpot Volpot says:

    Overall I thought this was a pretty decent read The plot was was good The characters were well doneThe author has a good command of language and description The storytelling was goodNow it wasn't perfect From time to time I was frustrated as the main character seemed to randomly alternate between helplessnessincompetence and brilliance I also thought the ending was a bit forced and unsatisfying But the latter could just be my disappointment that it didn't end as I expected it wouldBottom line It's a good read and given that it's really both books of a duology and that when I bought it for Kindle it was 099; it's a steal

  5. Misty Baker Misty Baker says:

    The most beautiful thing about fantasy novels are the languages in which they are written I want you to take the time to think about this for just a second1 The time period in which these novels are set is seemingly insignificant2 The setting in which the scenes are formed is of the writers own design and3 The common use of godsdemonsmagics open up reels of recently lost or dismissed vernacularHere is a genre in which the author makes the rules not conforms to them Their characters speak in whichever manner they like and the author is free to build kingdoms and histories with loads of imagined flourish no need for factual poignancy when your lands are your own That being said if find you are one of those people that love the elouence and epic nature of fantasy think Goodkind or George RR Martin then the reason above should be than enough to entice you into the world that Carolyn Kephart created in “The Ryel Saga” But if you are one of those people that need convincing than a beautifully sculpted magical world then how about the fact that this is a 2fer Yep that’s right 2 books for the price of 1 99Ryel has been living a lie but have no fear all of his misconceptions and preconceived notions are uickly unwound and rectified when his long lost uncle who just happens to be a wysard comes to take him back to Markul where he belongs Being thrown headfirst into “wysard” training is draining and to be honest a little daunting but not as daunting as the very sudden death of his mentor Finally realizing that his mentor is stuck in the wraith world or held captive by a malignant sorcerer as it may be Ryel sets out to rediscover a long lost spell and set him free Can he pull off the unimaginable? Who can he really trust? And importantly when he finally gets what he wants is it really what he wanted?In the first couple of chapters I was certain that “Kephart” had bitten off than she could chew Her descriptives were brilliant and vivid but were leading nowhere lots of hoping around no clear promise of a steady plot but thankfully after mentally scolding Kephart” to get to the point she finally did and the journey began Yes I do think that there were several occasions in which she floated away from the plot in search of unnecessary detail and expanded back story but this is not an uncommon mistake among new authors It’s hard to chop up a story you worked so hard on Also as with most fantasy novels it is not a uick read It will take focus to keep up with the plot especially the names and you may at times find yourself rereading a passage just to make sure you didn’t miss anything Since there were 2 novels in the version that I read it is also important to point out that the writing got even better fluid towards the end of what would be the first novel WysardAll in all I think it was a valiant and noteworthy start to a promising career and the future of fantasy writing aka buy the freaking book you have spent money on less entertaining thingsHappy reading my fellow Wysards and remember If your lovers eyes turn black and she starts laughing hysterically take it as a general rule of thumb that something is wrong

  6. Joy Joy says:

    I picked up this book after reading a favorable review from an online indieselfpublished book review blog This book is classic fantasy style with some new material and good writing along with it that made it a very fun read that I enjoyed greatly The magic system is reasonably well thought out and isn't very common so that its practitioners known as wysards are feared and even shunned a little bit The protagonist Ryel Mirai is largely likable and shows growth throughout the novel and the antagonists that show up are different and have interesting motives and development The story cuts off slightly abruptly but I believe this edition contains 2 parts of 3 third not released yet so that makes sense The only thing that bothered me is how at the beginning of the novel a big deal was made out of Ryel's virginity enhancing his capacity for magic yet when later in the book he did choose to lose that uality nothing was ever noted about its effects on his magic Apart from that good book and recommended if you enjoy fantasy novels with magic and politics included

  7. Jennifer MacDonald Jennifer MacDonald says:

    I love my kindle I love reading free books on my kindle even better I actually read the part one first was hooked and HAD to buy part two I opted to buy them both volumes together While this book follows the standard plot lines for fantasy books the details took surprising turns I was almost disappointed by the open ending But maybe that means this is really a trilogy?

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