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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    This is classic well written science fictionScaled down lean and aggressive bereft of the heavy introspective reticence that weighed down Time Enough for Love this is simply a good SF adventure with Heinlein's signature technical attention to detail The origin of Lazarus Long and the adventure referenced in Time Enough For Love including Andy Libby and the beginning of interstellar exploration A must read for Heinlein fans

  2. Gary Gary says:

    Been slowly revisiting Heinlein lately for the first time since I was a teen This one confirms how I generally feel about his early period adult writings that they are actually like juvenile fantasies while his juvenile works are often better at communicating adult themesFull RTC or perhaps I will just write a blog piece on early Heinlein at some point

  3. spikeINflorida spikeINflorida says:

    Robert A Heinlein's Future History is a collection of short stories novellas and novels uoted as One of the Greatest Achievements in The History of Science Fictionuh NOT I found the short stories to be wooden clunky and anticlimactic However this novel Methuselah's Children was just simple funand I enjoyed the hard boiled get er done kilt cladden main character of Lazarus Long However I won't be reading the other Future Hstory stories as my life is getting shorter and my TR pile higher My favourite Heinlein master works are still The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress and Starship Troopers

  4. Jim Jim says:

    This is an important book if you're in to the Heinlein universe It is the first good introduction to Lazarus Long who is the central character in many of Heinlein's later books Unlike his later books this one is a short fun read The basic premise is an oppressed minority fleeing before the public government can get their greedy hands on them There are some interesting looks at aliens human nature along the wayThis book has been included in a couple of his collections as it is really a novella although it has also been issued as a stand alone novel I'm not sure if the novella versions are edited down as I've never read any

  5. Darth Darth says:

    Finally a CLASSIC that live up to the billingI had grown weary of the same old trite You HAVE to reads that just didnt live up to the billingHaving read a lot of Larry Niven and now starting on the Heinlein series' I think it is safe to guess Niven grew up on Heinlein as I see some pretty serious similarities between Lazarus and Louis Wu but since I have loved the Niven it follows I loved the HeinleinI may have been aided in this by expecting to be let down after slogging thru the endlessly repetitive Fantasy of David Eddings that folks seem to eat up like crazy dont get me wrong I enjoyed the Belgariad but everything after that just seemed to be a remake of the same storyBut Methuselah's Children was what I expect good old fashioned hard Sci FI to be Men of Earth head out to the stars without all the mind numbing complications and needless enumeration of every potentially adverse event taking place over the course of the story Sorry Ben Bova but you are the worst at thisThe almost scary part of this is that he wrote it in the 1940's wwwfantastic fictioncouk credits this at 1941 making it so ridiculously ahead of its time as to be either laughable or scaryAt any rate if you like hard sci fi that doesnt get all bogged down in its own clever attempts to beat you to death with boring science but still rings true enough to buy into AND still maintains a level of human involvement give this one a spin It isnt perfect but it is just what I was looking for

  6. Esther King Esther King says:

    This was a good hard sci fi piece but it seemed to be missing a bit of emphasis and context I’ve read so much other stuff from this genre and era and there just seemed to be a bit of a gap here It wasn’t uite what I hoped for so a little social discourse would have gone a long way

  7. Kat Hooper Kat Hooper says:

    Originally posted at FanLitMethuselah’s Children introduces us to Lazarus Long a popular character in several of Robert A Heinlein’s books Lazarus who wears a kilt but there’s guns strapped to his thighs and can’t remember how old he is is descended from one of several families who long ago were bred for their health and longevity Lazarus and his extended clan live very long lives — so long that they must eventually fake their own deaths and take new identities so that others don’t get suspicious about their supernatural abilities This has become a problem however as technology in the United States has reached the point where people are identified by their DNA and it will soon be impossible to hide So some of the family members are experimenting with a new plan; they’re outing themselves — telling their friends and neighbors about their longevity and hoping for a good responseUnfortunately this has backfired The government doesn’t believe that genetics is the cause of their longevity; they think the families are hiding information and techniues that anyone could use to delay death and they see this as treason The families are now on the run They plan to hijack a spaceship and escape the planet before they’re all rounded up for examination Then they’ll cruise the universe looking for some other world where they can live happily ever afterMethuselah’s Children is short 7 hours on audio and mildly entertaining The book originally published in 1941 has aged fairly well and deals with the topics of class warfare civil liberties personal property privacy freedom and the need for meaningful work Further features include some dull meetings some aliens who remind us that humans are pretty weird and a trite resolution to the whole affair At the end I was left wanting to see of Lazarus Long and wondering if Heinlein has written any books for adults that don’t include incestBrilliance Audio’s version was narrated by MacLeod Andrews He has a really nice voice and judging by his photo on the back of the audiobook which I enjoyed looking at much than I liked looking at the cheesy cover art for Methuselah’s Children I thought he looked too young to pull off a convincing 200 year old Lazarus Long Wrong He was really good

  8. Adam Adam says:

    Methuselah's Children is an early sci fi novel by Robert A Heinlein It originally appeared in three parts in the magazine Astounding Science Fiction in the July August and September issues of 1941In 1958 it was published as a full length novel expanded somewhat by Heinlein I don't know what was added or changed but it can't have been that much because it's still a very short novel despite there being enough plot to fill a 1000 page epicThe story involves a group of families who enjoy incredibly long life thanks to selective breeding When news of their longevity is revealed the rest of the world goes mad wanting to know their secret formula which doesn't exist So they hijack an interstellar cruiser called New Frontiers and go in search of hospitable planets The fact that they find than one habitable planet and make contact with than one alien race is why I said there's enough plot to fill a book much much longer than this oneAs it is it's an enjoyable read but the descriptions feel sketchy at times and Heinlein employs than one deus ex machina to move his characters aroundYour enjoyment of this book will probably depend on your enjoyment of Heinlein's wacky ideas I'm not totally sold on his worldview but I enjoy reading about it

  9. Craig Craig says:

    I read the Signet paperback with the inappropriate Gene Szafran cover of this one many years ago and have just revisited it via my excellent local library's audio selection I was surprised to have remembered it uite well; Lazarus and Andy and Mary were all uite well and waiting for me just as fresh and thought provoking as I remembered and not at all as distressing as I'd feared from my last memories of Time Enough For Love If there is such a thing as an overlooked classic by Heinlein I suspect that this is it It's also a cornerstone of his future history series

  10. Jeff Yoak Jeff Yoak says:

    I just loved this book silly It's early Heinlein packed with adventure and excitement Two of my favorite characters Lazarus and Libby are front and foremost in this story and it provides a lot of color and background for the Howard families I read this story after others that are chronologically prior in the Future History and it works either way This would be a great starter book for new Heinlein exploration2015 I finally got around to reading this one with the kids It really hooked them enough that I'm going to try Time Enough for Love with them even though I had previously planned to wait until they were much older

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Methuselah's Children [KINDLE] ❆ Methuselah's Children By Robert A. Heinlein – The Howard Families were the product of a genetic experiment an interbreeding programme which had produced one hundred thousand people with an average life expectancy of a century and a half Now at la The Howard Families were the product of a genetic experiment an interbreeding programme which had produced one hundred thousand people with an average life expectancy of a century and a half Now at last their existence was known on earth and the entire world demanded to share the secret of eternal youth It is contrary to our customs to permit scientific knowledge to be held as a monopoly for the few was what the expert said and it wasn't long before members of the Howard Families were the victims of vicious crime This dramatic and frighteningly believable novel is a welcome addition to the oeuvre of a brilliant science fiction writer.