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  1. dg dg says:

    But however the truth may be as to the origin and motives of this mysterious persecution there can be no doubt that with respect to the agencies by which it was accomplished absolute and impenetrable mystery is like to prevail until the day of doombut for now this case remains Unsolved™

  2. Bettielee Bettielee says:

    I seem to be reading a string of meh I love JSlF but this one he left too many thing unexplained And I cared very little for the love story which was pretty much nonexistent It was an interesting mystery but I felt I got no payoff

  3. Elle Elle says:


  4. EvilWebBoy EvilWebBoy says:

    The Familiar By Joseph Sheridan Le FanuThis story is part of the posthumous case files of occult detective Dr Martin HesseliusCaptain Barton is tortured by a being who looks like a dead crew memberthere is a spiritual system great Heavens how frightfully I have been convinced a system malignant and inexorable and omnipotent under whose persecutions I am and have been suffering the torments of the damned

  5. Ángel Ángel says:

    Tercer caso del doctor Martin Hesselius misterioso detective de lo paranormal En éste Le Fanu narra la historia de un hombre sujeto a unas terribles apariciones ue lo ponen al borde de la locura e incluso la muerte

  6. WheeldonHS WheeldonHS says:

    Meh Not his best work Could have been a really good story but too much fluff ie love story overt religious elements and lots of unexplained points made it fairly mediocre

  7. Vir - Física Lectora Vir - Física Lectora says:

    Me gustó porue refleja directamente uno de los grandes miedos ue tienen las personas y es el hecho de ser atormentados por auellos a los ue se les hizo mucho daño en el pasado

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The Familiar ❰Epub❯ ❥ The Familiar Author J. Sheridan Le Fanu – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 1814 1873 was an Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels He was the premier ghost story writer of the nineteenth century and had a seminal influence on the development Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was an Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels He was the premier ghost story writer of the nineteenth century and had a seminal influence on the development of this genre in the Victorian era Le Fanu studied law at Trinity College in Dublin He soon abandoned law for journalism In he began contributing stories to the Dublin University Magazine He became owner of several newspapers from including the Dublin Evening Mail and the Warder Le Fanu worked in many genres but remains best known for his mystery and horror fiction He was a meticulous craftsman with a penchant for freuently reworking plots and ideas from his earlier writing in subseuent pieces of writing He specialised in tone and effect rather than shock horror often following a mystery format Key to his style was the avoidance of overt supernatural effects Among his famous works are The House by the Church Yard Uncle Silas Carmilla The Purcell Papers and The Evil Guest NB The Familiar is a revision of The Watcher.

  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • The Familiar
  • J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  • English
  • 24 July 2014
  • 9781406549423

About the Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu

MR James described Le Fanu as absolutely in the first rank as a writer of ghost stories Three of his best known works are Uncle Silas Carmilla and The House by the Churchyard.