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The Eye of Jade A Mei Wang Mystery ➸ [Reading] ➺ The Eye of Jade A Mei Wang Mystery By Diane Wei Liang ➭ – Mei é uma chinesa moderna e independente; tem a sua empresa em Peuim trabalhando como detective privada Tem automóvel e mesmo o «luxo» mais moderno um secretário Um dia o «tio» Chen um amigo ch Mei é uma chinesa moderna e independente; of Jade PDF ☆ tem a sua empresa em Peuim trabalhando como detective privada Tem automóvel e mesmo o «luxo» mais moderno um secretário Um dia o «tio» Chen um amigo chegado da mãe dá lhe um caso para investigar Pede lhe ue encontre uma peça de jade da dinastia Han de grande valor desviada de um museu durante os anos da Revolução Cultural uando os Guardas Vermelhos infestavam as ruas e destruíam muitos vestígios do passado A investigação força a a The Eye ePUB ½ mergulhar na parte sombria e brutal da história da China — os campos de trabalho de Mao e as inúmeras mortes pelas uais jamais alguém foi responsabilizado — expondo as escolhas dolorosas feitas durante a Revolução matar ou ser morto amar ou viver O Olho de Jade permite nos vislumbrar também a fascinante vida citadina na China moderna Diane Wei Liang retrata com grande vivacidade a azáfama de Peuim desde os antros de jogo e os bares ue servem refeições baratas até ao esplendor da Cidade Eye of Jade MOBI ☆ Proibida Com um magnífico elenco de personagens abrangendo toda a escala social dos mais humildes trabalhadores aos funcionários governamentais a autora analisa as relações por vezes incómodas entre o brutal passado comunista da China de Mao e o seu presente cada vez mais na via do capitalismo.

  • The Eye of Jade A Mei Wang Mystery
  • Diane Wei Liang
  • Portuguese
  • 02 March 2016

About the Author: Diane Wei Liang

Diane Wei Liang was born in Beijing of Jade PDF ☆ She spent part of her childhood with her parents in a labor camp in a remote region of China and the other part in Beijing with her mother when her parents were forced to live and work in different cities She studied psychology at Peking University In she took part in the Student Democracy Movement and was in Tiananmen Suare Later that year she left.

10 thoughts on “The Eye of Jade A Mei Wang Mystery

  1. Orna Orna says:

    Though it provides an interesting look at present day Beijing and the lasting effects of China’s Cultural Revolution this book left me unsatisfied and was not at all what it was marketed to be It was mysterious but hardly enough to classify it as a mystery novel It read like a family drama which though I found interesting was not what I expected from a book about a girl starting her own detective agencyThe mystery aspect of the novel was second to Mei’s relationship with her mother and her sister and her old college friends and her ex boyfriend yet despite all the detail their relationship did not actually grow or change throughout the book Instead the reader gets a whole lot of background without seeing much present day interaction Though Mei acuires knowledge she is ultimately in the same place at the end of the novel as she was in the beginning As for her detective work I was somewhat skeptical of the very limited resistance Mei met with as she uestioned person after person in this novel The majority of characters were all willing to help her and give her a stranger many details about their lives before becoming suspicious of her inuiries It seems all the answers were just there for her all she had to do was ask Ultimately this book reads as an intro to what the author obviously intends to make a series It spent so much time setting up characters and background that there was hardly much plot Still because of the details on Beijing living and an assumption that her relationship with her family would somehow alter I liked reading the book until I realized I was nearing the end and then I thought “oh wait that’s it?” NOTHING gets resolved

  2. Juha Juha says:

    Strictly speaking this is not a very good book It's supposed to be a mystery but that plot really is only introduced on page 55 It's supposed to shed light on the moral ambiguities of the Cultural Revolution and while this is hinted to at various points it only comes together at the last twenty pages of the book The rest is description of life in contemporary Beijing and the protagonist's relationship with her mother who suffers a stroke in the end their relationship is portrayed in light of the choices the mother made during Cultural Revolution sister an obnoxious materialistic striver that the new China has empowered and ex boyfriend who has made his fortune in America All rather pertinent but not terribly well crafted Having said that the book is still interesting enough It is also worth noting that Diane Wei Liang a business professor based in London wrote this first novel when she was already in her 40s

  3. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    A very enjoyable first in a mystery series Set in Beijing it deals with Chinese social s and political life murder art theft and a troubled past The Cultural Revolution and the Capitalist Revolution both make an appearance Written by someone who is actually from China it is fascinating not just for the mystery but mainly for the feeling of life in Communist China

  4. Bea Bea says:

    I have found a new author to read That is always a pleasure Diane Wei Liang's book The Eye of Jade centers around Mei who has uit a prestigious job and started her own detective agency Her mother disapproves and holds her younger sister Lu up to Mei as an example of a successful woman Mei is given a job to find the eye of Jade a supposed expensive artifact of early China In her investigation she not only finds the eye of Jade but she also finds out the true story of her mother and father's early lives This discovery shakes herThe setting is modern day China but the story revolves around the lives of people who lived through the Cultural Revolution This is a first novel in a new detective series I will definitely look for book 2

  5. Una Tiers Una Tiers says:

    The small amount of Chinese culture was pleasant Otherwise this was a political story about corruption Almost every character is unhappy The few characters who say they are happy are obsessed with power and money

  6. Judy Hall Judy Hall says:

    Mei Wang opens her own Private Detective Agency in Beijing She can't call it that but she solves problems for people When her mother's old friend asks her to find a possible historical artifact she cannot refuse This book is easy to read The pace is a little slow but Mei and her family history are fascinating The mystery itself is a little light Or is it? It may be wrapped up in the many mysteries that are Mei's own family This is an interesting look inside China and at Chinese culture and the Communist government I would recommend it as a read

  7. Colleen Colleen says:

    All the standard mystery elements are present detective with a past sidekick stolen treasure murder a setting that manages to be both exotic and seamy at the same timeit is than that as the author also explores Chinese history and politics and family relations

  8. Mary Mary says:

    I liked reading about Wang Mei’s detective agency and learning about her family and it’s travails during the Cultural Revolution and after But the author leaves the reader guessing about key elements of the plot It’s not a satisfying read as a detective story

  9. Betsy Ash Betsy Ash says:

    This book set in modern day Communist China follows a young woman who has left her job working for the police authority as a result of some scandal to open her own detective agency The book's writing uality may not be the best but the cultural references alone make it worth reading

  10. C.J. Shane C.J. Shane says:

    Diane Liang Wei’s novel “The Eye of Jade” is categorized as a mystery the first in the Mei Wang series However if you are expecting suspense filled scenes clues and red herrings and those plot twists we associate with the traditional mystery you may be somewhat disappointed Private detective Mei Wang has defied tradition her family and the law to establish herself as an independent investigator It is not until deep into the story that we learn why she had to leave her cushy job in the Ministry of Public Security to maintain her personal honor As she goes about attempting to find a rare and extremely valuable carved jade seal from the Han dynasty she finds time to engage in long interludes regarding her relationship with her mother whose health is failing with her insufferable nouveau riche sister Lu and with a lover long gone who suddenly returns The mystery takes a back seat to all this at times Eventually when all is revealed we find that like so often in China history dominates – in this case the history of parents and their associates whose actions during the Cultural Revolution continue to affect Mei and her generation Actually it is better to view this book as a lovely novel of remembrance and nostalgia for days gone by tinged with an aura of sadness that I associate with the Chinese character Perhaps the book’s sensibility is not surprising given that the author Liang left Beijing after participating in the student movement of 1989 then went to the US to earn a doctorate worked here for many years and now lives in London with her husband and children She has earned the right to her long lyrical passages about the Beijing lost to her now the northern capital with its mix of old and new dark and light heaven and earth Having visited some of the places she describes in the book such as the Liulichang district I too felt that nostalgic yearning for China if not Beijing specifically as I read this book

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