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Adventure Lover (Take Me, Lover #3) ❰Ebook❯ ➦ Adventure Lover (Take Me, Lover #3) Author Charlene Teglia – To survive she'll have to keep up with him all day And all nightJill Martin loves adventure as long as it comes between the covers of a book Preferably one sporting a bare chested hero But to reinvent To survive she'll have to keep up with him all day And all nightJill Martin loves adventure as long as it comes between the covers of a book Preferably one sporting a bare chested hero But to reinvent her faltering travel agency she needs to start with reinventing herself Her assignment a three day backpacking trip through the Olympic High DivideSoon she's forced to cope with bears blisters and a basic instinct to get horizontal with her vertical guide He's as hard as the ground they sleep on and his heart's as icy as the glaciers that surround them Not a problem since she's only interested in his bodyRyan Lowe knows how to read terrain and Jill's is easy Soft lips soft eyes soft curves soft muscles She won't last a day Plus if she knew what his imagination was doing with her body right now she'd turn tail and run Yet the city girl surprises him with her sheer grit and sassy tongueWhen they run into geocachers using the remote location as a drug drop off there's only one way to escape plunge headlong into the untracked wilderness As she puts her life in Ryan's hands Jill wonders if she's in danger of losing something precious Her heart.

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  1. Blackravens Reviews Blackravens Reviews says:

    Lena’s ReviewOne word that describes Jill Martin is city girl Yet in Adventure Lover by Charlene Teglia she proves to be than just a city girl She has a plan to hike the Olympic High Divide and prove that she can be adventurous but Ryan Lowe her guide knows she can’t do it Or can she?Charlene Teglia once again proves that her heroines can do anything they set their mind to especially a woman like Jill Martin The thought of her breaking down and calling defeat is not in her nature The chemistry between her and Ryan is definitely one in which Jill wants to embrace her wild side In fact Ryan brings out a side of Jill that she never knew existed and it scares her However Jill uickly realizes that she likes the new transformation and welcomes any adventure she can get especially when it entails being wrapped up in Ryan’s arms Hence only one uestion remains can she go back to being staid dull Jill Martin?Charlene Teglia definitely knows how to spice things up in Adventure Lover In addition this latest book in the Take Me Lover series proves that she can keep the edge sexiness and fun in all her books Great jobRated 35 Ravens by Lena

  2. C Joy C Joy says:

    Another short read but packed with action and adventure This isn't related to the first two books so it could be read as standaloneThe description sums it all up I instantly liked Jill Martin because she was willing to change take risks and be adventurous I was interested in the hiking trail and it got me thinking of trying it out myself hot guide or not She's really spontaneous and goes after what she wants and in this case she wanted RyanRyan didn't endear himself to me he doesn't have the balls to give it another try and I hated it that he wasn't receptive to the idea of a long distance relationship that Jill adjusted for him Though it was to Jill's benefit with the fresh air and being one with nature I didn't like it that he never contacted her after the backpacking tripI appreciated the scenery mentioned in this story and of the three in the Take me Lover series I found that I like this best

  3. Liz B Liz B says:

    I have a two year old and a demanding job so sometimes it's nice to read something I can finish in 30 or 45 minutes This fit that description To its credit my main problem with it is that I liked the characters and think that their story would have worked better in a longer bookJill is a travel agent who is pushing her own boundaries by going on an adventure vacation trying to save her business as the market changes Ryan is her guide and he can tell at a glance that she doesn't really belong out hereInstant opposites attract chemistry which I liked; great dialogue; silly suspense subplot which took up too many words; and a too uick resolution of the main problem The two big problems I just mentioned would have been non issues in a longer bookI still recommend it for those who want a uick fun read It was well worth the two bucks and change I spent on it

  4. Monica Monica says:

    Jill is a travel agent who is feeling the downfall in the economy She needs to do something to get people interested in her business again so she hires Ryan to take her on a back packing tour There is no denying that they are attracted to one another and they are both single so why not At the close of their trip Jill stubbles upon what she believes are Geocatchers hiding a treasure when in fact its a couple of drug smugglers Now both Jill and Ryan have to race down the mountain and get to safety before they get shot Once Ryan gets Jill safely down the mountain and the cops catch the drug smugglers he pushes Jill away and back to her normal city life But Jill can't get him out of her mind so she makes a drastic decision that will change both of their lives

  5. HEChapter -Tina J HEChapter -Tina J says:

    A vast improvement over the first two in this seriesAlthough it was shorter than my preferred book length it was a good short storyRyan is a wilderness guide Jill is a travel agent Jill hires Ryan to take her on a 3 day adventure so she can experience first hand what she wants to start offering her clientele Instant attraction and chemistry prevail They stumble upon a very dangerous situation mid way through the trekking adventure The characters were enjoyable the plot was exciting the adult scenes were better written there was a solid endingOverall 35 stars rounding up for the improvement factor

  6. Ginny Ginny says:


  7. Karen Karen says:

    On chick lit group in Theresa's shelf SBTN review

  8. Jen Jen says:

    This had a really great premise but was just too short I'd love for it to be further developed

  9. Jill Myles Jill Myles says:

    I was looking for something short and outdoorsy and this fit the bill nicely

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