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  1. Sophie Crane Sophie Crane says:

    I wish this series had been around when I was a kid So far I have purchased Jim Henson Dr Seuss The Beatles and Walt Disney These books are a great way for me to introduce the people who have always inspired me to my own children I believe that reading about different creative talents throughout history is not only a great way for kids to learn but also a great way to inspire them We always have great conversations when we discuss the people from these books because we teach each other new things

  2. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Who Was Jim Henson? by Joan Holub is a wonderful book that tells of a boy with a dream and how he took that dream to make a name for himself This book lets the reader into the personal side of the puppet master and see how it started as a boy and on up Very detailed and enjoyable read Lots of fun sketches and over 100 pages of info on this great imaginative man A real loss to lose him so young in his life This book is made for middle gradeteens but adults will find they love it too I got this book from the library

  3. Vianni Richards Vianni Richards says:

    Who was Jim Henson? was a great book about the creator of the muppets the mixture between marionettes and puppets Its cool to read about one of the greatest man in puppet filmsGREAT book

  4. Sammy Sammy says:

    I knew Jim Henson was a puppeteer but this had much and also he had a illness and that is what killed him at the age of 54

  5. Wade Wade says:

    Lily and I think that Jim’s grandma must have been pretty cool her nickname was Dear and she was the one who inspired him the most We think it was amazing that Jim and his family didn’t get their first TV until he was 13 years old Jim and Jane had 5 children he encouraged them to be creative and even let them color on the walls of their home They also made themselves costumes out of Muppets fabric how cool is thatWe love Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppets our favorite is the Swedish Chef Jim and Frank Oz performed him together the Chef’s hands are actually Frank’s hands Jim had a pretty amazing imagination to figure out things like how to get Muppets to ride two wheeled bicycles and Kermit to sing while floating on a log We think it was cool that he put a TV monitor behind the stage so the puppeteers could see what the Muppets looked like from the audience Big Bird actually has a TV monitor inside his belly We both wish we could be kids on Sesame StreetWe think it’s amazing that Sesame Street is still going strong after than 42 years; it’s too bad The Muppet Show only played for 5 TV seasons It was a sad day when Jim died unexpectedly he was only 53 We watched some of his funeral on youtube everyone should check out all the Muppets who sang tributes with their puppeteers that day

  6. Bookchick Bookchick says:

    All of the books in this series are well written

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    One of my favorites in this 'Bobblehead Biographies' series

  8. Tina Tina says:

    Jim Henson made my childhood magical

  9. Kennedy Cole Kennedy Cole says:

    Who was Jim Henson ? By Joan Holub is a biography on famous puppeteers life We learn about him from his humble beginnings is rural Mississippi all the the way to his late life traveling between New York and London From a young age Henson knew that he wanted part in the television industry which was relatively new in his time the only problem was he was very shy It wasn't until 1955 when he was offered the television show Sam and Friends that things really began to take off With his Muppets appreances on the Tonight show in 56' to traveling around the world and starting the hit kids tv show sesame st in 69' followed by the Muppet show in 76' Jim had been living a uite successful yet busy life Despite all these successes he dealt with several obstacles along the way For instance his brother's unexpected death in 55' dealing with rejection from major networks when pitching The Muppet Show and separating from his long term wife in 84' Through all of this Henson remained optimistic and inspiring to those around him and it showed after his sudden death from phenomena in 1990 Thousands came to his memorial service and spoke of the great memories they shared with him Henson impacted American culture and society in many ways Before Sesame Street there hadn't been a kids show that actually taught kids something and was educational the show was such a hit that Big Bird was on the cover of time magazine He wasn't the only Muppet who took the world by storm Kermit the frog was a fan favorite from hosting Saturday night live to appearing as a balloon in the Macy's thanksgiving day parade By the late 70's every body in America knew about the muppets The theme of this book is to persevere and make the most out of life This theme is shown throughout the biography and tales of the Up's and downs of Jim's life one example of this theme is his uote he wrote before his death to his children Please watch out for each other and love and forgive everybody It's a good life enjoy it Overall I definitely would recommend this Biography it was an enjoyable and rather uick read that I found very interesting and educational

  10. Hunter Hunter says:

    Who Was Jim Henson by Joan Holub is a great biography So who was Jim Henson? He was a great illustrator and a master puppeteer He was the main creator of The Muppets Believe it or not this wasn't his first show with puppets He made a show called Sam and Ollie which didn't run as long as The Muppets Also a little known fact is The Muppets were originally made for adults That is before they strolled down Sesame Street This book is a great biography because it showed both the good and bad in Jim's life Also it constantly had a cliffhanger because each chapter left you hanging It makes you want to constantly read until it's over So in my opinion it is an absolutely extraordinary biography If anyone needs to or wants to read a good biography that's very interesting then they could definitely read this one Anyone can be considered a good recommendation because this book is a great one for anyone

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Who Was Jim Henson? ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Who Was Jim Henson? Author Joan Holub – Thomashillier.co.uk Jim Henson broke into television with a five minute puppetry segment when he was only a freshman in college He created puppets like none ever seen before with expressive fabric faces and rod controlle Jim Henson broke into television with a five minute puppetry segment when he was only a freshman in college He created puppets like none ever seen before with expressive fabric faces and rod controlled arms His Muppets became world renowned celebrities and formed the backbone Who Was ePUB ½ of a media empire With black and white illustrations throughout this easy to read biography will be published twenty years after Henson's untimely death.