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Written on Silk (The Silk House #2) [Reading] ➰ Written on Silk (The Silk House #2) ➸ Linda Lee Chaikin – Thomashillier.co.uk A royal wedding masks the unfolding of Catherine de Medici's murderous plot against the Huguenots Survival rests with a beautiful young couturiere and a dashing nobleman Faith in Christ must uphold th A royal wedding masks the unfolding of Catherine de Medici's murderous plot against the Huguenots Survival rests with a beautiful young couturiere and a dashing nobleman Faith in Christ must uphold them and all who stand alone to escape the venom of Madame Written on Kindle - le Serpent.

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  • Written on Silk (The Silk House #2)
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  • 13 November 2015
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About the Author: Linda Lee Chaikin

LL ChaikinLinda was the youngest of children and her father died shortly after she was born She wrote her first full length novel with pen and paper at the age of this novel was later rewritten as Wednesday's Child part of Written on Kindle - the Day to Remember seriesShe met her husband Steve in a Bible study and they were married months later They both went to Multnomah School for the Bible now known as Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary in Portland Oregon.

10 thoughts on “Written on Silk (The Silk House #2)

  1. Debbie Summers Debbie Summers says:

    This was the first Christian Historical Fiction I had ever read If any of your readers watch the current television program Reign they will recognize the actual historical figures in the book So the setting is France mid 16th century Francis II is on the throne with Mary Stuart of Scotland as his wife The real ruler at this time is his mother Catherine di Medici ueen Mother France is heading towards a civil war over religion The Huguenots French Protestants were being persecuted by those in the Roman Catholic Church The protagonist in this book is a young middle classed Huguenot girl who is a grisette dressmaker in training in her family's business of the finest silks She is in love with a Catholic There are many related characters with interesting stories themselves As a Catholic myself it was a little hard to hear how terribly some in the Church treated the Huguenots but we can't escape history and I know that just 20 years before across the pond King Henry VIII had waged war on t he Catholics to proceed with his move to embrace Protestantism I didn't know that this book is part of a series when I started it but that explains why I felt a little lost in the beginning but it didn't take long to understand what was happening This book ended with a cliffhanger so I will be looking for Book 3 immediately If you are a Christian who enjoys history and stories set in a historical setting you will likely enjoy it

  2. Monica Monica says:

    I was listening so forgive misspelling of names please Rachelle was a total whiner in this book UGH She seemed upset about Fabian leaving than about the atrocities that occurred to her family She did not seem to grow up at all and the ending of this book left a lot to be desired; meaning wrapped up a bit too uickly for Fabian and Rachelle not having seen each other much during the entire book Characters seemed to know what was happening with other characters though their movements were supposed to be secret And I get the whole spying thing but how did others know what was going on in her family when Rachelle had no clue? Also how Rachelle ended up alone without her family at the end was totally ridiculous Totally out of character of every member of her family I will probably listen to the last book of the series because I am interested in what happens to the Huguenots

  3. Bailey Bailey says:

    Written in Silk is an exciting follow up to Daughter of Silk The second book is serious and perilous with scenes that will stick with me for years to come There is turmoil at every turn with attacks plots and schemes doing everything they can to bring the heroes down The pages of this book went by much faster than the first book I also did not find this one as bogged down in historical commentary as the first This kept the plot moving at a good pace along with allowing for moments to break my heart and thrill me The only slow moments seemed to come when certain characters who were not going through as intense drama were focused on for a length of time While their story lines were interesting they didn't have the same grip on me as the other deeper story lines There are a lot of great plot points still swirling at the end of this book I can't wait to see how they play out in the future The ending is dramatic exciting and romantic a great way to end a book and keep a reader intrigued for the next story

  4. Karen Karen says:

    The second book in this series held my interest than the first Rachelle Dushane Macuinet from the famous silk producing family of France becomes involved with the diabolical Catherine de Medici who is a plotter par excellence While the love interest Maruis Fabien is off destroying Spanish supply lines Rachelle and her family are Huguenots trying to survive in a country that wants them exterminated Through much of the book you are left wondering which of the relatives will make it through the tragedies befalling the hunted Huguenots On to the third book to see what happens next

  5. Sheila Samuelson (BookAddict29) on youtube Sheila Samuelson (BookAddict29) on youtube says:

    Another great read in this series by Linda Lee Chaikin This book surrounded Rachelle's marriage to Maruis Fabian and how she deals with his leaving for a voyage to blow up a Spanish supply line and she's left to fend for herself etc You could really feel the pain for her when he left which I felt bad for her If you love 16th Century French History than this bookseries is definitely for you

  6. Jaret Jaret says:

    An interesting historical fiction novel about the reign of Catherine de Medici I learned a lot about the religious wars with the Huguenots and the political intrigue that Catherine was a part of while her son Francis was king I apparently started the series in the middle and this seems to be a bridge book between the first and last in the trilogy I will go back and read book 1 and continue book 3 The story was enough to hold my attention

  7. Faye Faye says:

    Lush with rich historical details brimming with action and romance Written on Silk will not easily disappoint Fans of Linda Lee Chaikin will welcome her second novel in The Silk House Series I would recommend reading the first book in the series first This series is written seuentially and some important things happen in the first book and the full result is shown in the the second book without a full explanation of what happened first I really enjoyed this book but I might not have if I had not read the first book before devouring this one I love how Ms Chaikin brings the tumultuous historical setting of Catherine de Medici's court to life vividly depicting characters fictional and real alike The pages of this book turned steadily for me but not with a fierce urgency I wasn't exactly staying up late past 2 am for this book but that's totally okay I need my sleep ;I really like the way Ms Chaikin combines the fictional characters with the non fictional ones so flawlessly I felt no difference in the depth of the characters and how I responded to them which is something that happens occasionally with Historical Fiction Sometimes the fictional characters are real than the real life historical figures but not in this book Ms Chaikin does a fabulous job of perfectly finding that balance which is one of the many things that make this story greatThis book made me think about how thankful I am to have a Bible in my own language We have often heard stories of Tyndale and his translation of Greek and Hebrew into English but this is a tale of the Huguenots and their fight for the French Bible I learned alot I would recommend this book to people who enjoy historical intrigue Also I should warn you that this book has some elements to be aware of as it deals with a mass massacre of many Huguenots the violation of a young lady and the immorality if the French court at that period of time All handled very well by Ms Chaikin in a non graphic way that made it easier to read without too much detail But overall a satisfying read ISBN 978 0 310 26301 2Buy it HEREThanks so much to Bridgette Brooks and Zondervan Publishing for furnishing me with a review copy of this book free of charge in return for an honest review

  8. Bookworm1858 Bookworm1858 says:

    Summary Rachelle experiences firsthand the terror against Huguenots and joins with the other members of her family to stop the persecution while seeking romance and standing strong through the grace of GodThoughts I was so confused when I started this It picks up in a different place and doesn't immediately address any of the uestions I had when I finished the first book It also has a shift in that it is explicitly religious with many prayers to God in the first sixty pages than in the whole of the first book in my opinion I didn't actually count Chaikin also spends a lot of time stressing the revelations when one actually reads scripture and pressing the corruptions of the Roman Church and how they had disfigured those texts One problem I had was the emphasis on justification by faith although I think the issue is faith in salvation solely through Jesus Christ rather than through paying indulgences to corrupt church officials I consider myself Protestant but I believe faith without works is useless and I did not like that elementThe influence of Spain in persecuting Huguenots is emphasized in this book and the importance of the colonies is brought out too It could have been emphasized instead of the angstI was sad that there was less about the royalty; Catherine Medici is one of the few we follow and even then it is not very much Because there is less about the royalty there is about the other characters such as Andelot and Sebastian who were less prominent in the first book There also didn't seem to be very much Rachelle although she is ostensibly the main character because it jumps around a lot to follow all of the other charactersOverall 355 Not as good as the first but setting up some interesting threads for the thirdCover I love the pink of the fan but I think the style is really ugly even if it's historically accurate

  9. Erin Erin says:

    Second in the Daughters of Silk SeriesHas it all suspense history romance faith lessonsThis book besides being a fun read also reminded me to treasure the freedom of religion that we hold dear Without spoiling anything innocent men women and children are brutally murdered because of their faith How nice that I can read my Bible anytime I choose without fear of death So silly that I allow myself to get upset by being called Holy Roller at work if I had lived at another time and place I wouldn't been called that because I would have to keep my faith a secretAlso there is a line in the book saying something to the effect of how can I say why my sister? Everyone persecuted is someones brother and sister why should mine be spared and theirs not? How many times I have asked that uestion why Lydia this is an interesting thought I need to think about it

  10. Ambrosia Sullivan Ambrosia Sullivan says:

    Written on Silk for me turned out to be not as good as Daughter of Silk I will probably eventually read the third in the series to have read it but overall the book was a bit dragging to me There were parts of it that stood out like the poor massacre of the Huguenots but over all it just seemed to be sluggish and drag There were a lot of mentions of scripture of course but this was to be expected given the subject material however I felt it might have been a little bit over done and rather than add to the story it started to sound a bit like you were being preached atIt is not a bad book just slow moving and I would have liked to see a bit historical information put into than what was

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