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  • Paperback
  • 139 pages
  • I Only Want to Get Married Once
  • Chana Levitan
  • English
  • 26 June 2016
  • 9789652294982

10 thoughts on “I Only Want to Get Married Once

  1. Melvin Marsh, M.S. Melvin Marsh, M.S. says:

    “I only want to the married once” by Chana Levitan is a book that should be read carefully by anyone in the dating scene that may wish to get married at some point It gives you a lot of no nonsense advice that should be listened to such as how to tell infatuation from love This book covers many important aspects of relationships such as how to assure your values are similar how to set boundaries and how to avoid an unhappy and unhealthy relationship with your potential spouse and in laws While there are no books that offer the great secret to a happy healthy marriage this book seems to come fairly close in at least helping you make sure you realize when a relationship is unhealthy and break it off before it leads to marriage and the eventual divorce

  2. David Klompas David Klompas says:

    Chana Levitan does a wonderful job of walking us through ten points which are sure to make any marriage a successful enterprise

  3. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    As someone with basically no dating experience I was hoping that this could give me some insight into what I might be able to improve on The good news is I have the right priorities The bad news is it doesn't seem to actually turning into anything Honestly my biggest take away is probably the reinforcement that I'm demi because a lot of the situations described in the book were just things I couldn't even possibly imagine because there'd be no basis for a relationshipWhile the main advice felt solid there was definitely an underlying attitude that bugged me For one thing it dealt very strangely with abuse At one point it basically said it was not the topic of the book and barely said two lines but half of the behaviors described could be considered emotionally abusive at the least Perhaps how we talk about these things has changed in the last decade but it left a bad taste in my mouth Especially when it framed things as mistakes when it really seemed like the person making the mistake had been manipulated by an abusive partner There were some other tone issues that bugged me as wellUltimately not as useful as I hoped though it did help contextualize a few things Also made me realize that I can't look at self help books for straight people

  4. Mayank Pratap Mayank Pratap says:

    Unlike most blogs videos of today which focus on how to attract people and get dates this book focuses on what type of person to date This book uses real life stories which will help readers to see the long term potential of their relationships The book also contains simple uestions and exercises which encourages readers to actively read the book

  5. Catalina Catalina says:

    I really really like it While reading it I kept photographing paragraphs and sending them to my fiancé for discussions It opened up some topics we didn't realize we needed to talk about in order to improve our relationship

  6. Maria Itkin Maria Itkin says:

    Chana Levitan is a very approachable person She sets things straight for those who are looking for a meaningful relationship

  7. Sam Bronstein Sam Bronstein says:

    I found this book very helpful to read on a practical level with great ideas to work on before marriage and during marriage This is a book I will go back too many times

  8. Ka Nik Ka Nik says:

    I’ve heard that it’s a intriguing book

  9. Lauren Monsey Nagel Lauren Monsey Nagel says:

    I have read my share of dating books but this is the first time I've come across one with practical advice This book offers much needed insights which are freuently overlooked in the mist of a relationship This book is sensible and real One of the most important choices adults make is who they marry I certainly believe this book has the tools to bring much needed wisdom into the picture even long before meeting that someone Chana has spent 22 years educating and counseling men and woman and now I say hat's off to you Chana Levitan for writing this book I only want to get married once That's the way it should beThanks to Librarything Early Reviewers and also Gefen Publishing for hooking me up with this bookI am very pleased to have read this

  10. Sam Sam says:

    EXCELLENT The cover title is just so clever but don't judge a book by it's cover it's great on the inside too Chana Levitan breaks down the complex topic of who to marry into 10 uestions to ask yourself before marrying this person I like how this book is written in a way so that it is accessible to everyone daters people in relationships married people and even divorced people This is not a book you just read once but one to come to again and again before making the decision of whether or not to marry someone I also believe that even though Levitan's expertise are based in Jewish thought that this book can be applied to and will be relevant to absolutely everyone Bravo A definite must read for all

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I Only Want to Get Married Once❰PDF❯ ✍ I Only Want to Get Married Once Author Chana Levitan – Thomashillier.co.uk For 22 years Chana Levitan has been educating mentoring and enlightening people about how to find real potential in their relationships Her classes on the topic are standing room only With this book s For years Want to ePUB ✓ Chana Levitan has been educating mentoring and enlightening people about how to find real potential in their relationships Her classes on the topic are standing room only With this book she is finally sharing her knowledge with a bigger audience You ll find a smart clear relationship guide with essential uestions that need to be asked before and during the dating process in order to spot long term potential Filled with real life anecdotes and insightful dating advice these chapters will help you better I Only MOBI :↠ understand yourself and what you really need to succeed in building a loving marriage There is no rule that heartbreak must be a prereuisite for good judgment I Only Want to Get Married Once will help you Only Want to Get Married PDF/EPUB ² get it right the first time and gain the confidence to steer through the decision making process of dating.