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Treasure Box [Read] ➬ Treasure Box Author Orson Scott Card – Thomashillier.co.uk With his second foray into mainstream fiction following the success of Lost Boys bestselling and award winning speculative fiction writer Orson Scott Card creates a sublimely uirky haunting tale a cle With his second foray into mainstream fiction following the success of Lost Boys bestselling and award winning speculative fiction writer Orson Scott Card creates a sublimely uirky haunting tale a clever mix of horror and comedy about a young man who marries the woman of his dreams only to be drawn into her family's nightmare.

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  1. [Name Redacted] [Name Redacted] says:

    Okay Again I am breaking my review silence but only because so many other reviews were evidently written by people who never read this book Is it great? No It's only okay A solid little potboiler clearly influenced by All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By Ghost Story and possibly The Stress of Her Regard which were themselves based on older stories but nothing than that Do I regret reading it? Nope Would I read it again? Nope But I keep seeing people accusing the author of using it to preach pre marital sexual abstinence or anti homosexuality or traditional gender norms or anti Witch propaganda And those people are wrong on every count Again they must not have read the bookHere're a few rebuttals SPOILERS AHEAD1 After losing the big sister he idolized to a freak car accident when he was a boy the protagonist uentin closes himself off to human relationships especially with the opposite sex He has no friends He even comments about how sad it is that his closest friend is his lawyer whose friendship is openly based on the money uentin pays him to BE his lawyer He never marries he never has children and he never even goes on a date He devotes all his time to work and study And it's REPEATEDLY hammered home that his pre marital sexual abstinence and naivete are signs of his warped psychological reaction to losing his teenaged sister It's explicitly stated that he uses morality as an excuse but even he knows he's just covering up for his own social and sexual dysfunctions About 14 of the way into the book he even openly admits to himself that he has isolated himself from romance and sex because of his uasi incestuous obsession with his dead sister Further at no point is he proud of his life choices and he is in fact repeatedly shown to be ASHAMED of his virginity once he allows himself to think about sex at all The other characters in the book all either pity him or mock him and the only one who doesn't is actually a con artist who is using uentin's psychological issues against him THIS BOOK ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT PREACH PRE MARITAL SEXUAL ABSTINENCE2 There is ONE mention of homosexuality in the entire book And sorry folks It ain't anti gay A 34 year old American male who is childless has never married has never had a girlfriend has never even had a DATE being asked by his Baby Boomer father if he is gay and then assuring his father that he is not that isn't anti homosexuality That's life That happens And the scene doesn't even present homosexuality as a bad thing just something which they both feel awkward discussing Which makes perfect sense since A it's a father talking to his potentially closeted son and B this is set in the mid 1990s Heck the 1993 Seinfeld episode The Outing which famously gave us the catch phrase Not that there's anything wrong with that had genuine anti homsexuality even though the point of that episode was to criticize American homophobia THIS BOOK IS NOT ANTI HOMOSEXUALITY3 This book is emphatically anti male and pro female and pretty much spits on traditional gender norms But in that reductionist way that 2nd 3rd Wave Feminism so often encouraged There is only ONE bad female character in the entire book and even she is presented as the victim of misunderstanding and deception which led her to believe lies Women are repeatedly presented as smarter interesting powerful and important than men Women are presented as having agency while men are merely tossed about by the whims of women The entire book hinges on male characters being little than tools for use by powerful women and even the scene in which the male protagonist wins only allows him to win because all the women around him told him what to do and then did all the actual work after he'd played his minor part The ultimate evil in the book? Male And it and its kind possess human men and turn them into murderous psychopathic demagogues The only actual murderer in this book? A man His victim? A woman And how does he pay for his crime? Well he shoots himself in the head and is then riddled with bullets by cops Further this book emphatically depicts traditional gender norms as stultifying and outmoded; the primary female protagonist is a strong smart powerful principled career woman and she has a monologue all about how her contributions are dismissed by her foolishly out of date baby crazy family which only cares about her sisters because they have children And at no point is that contradicted The audience is meant to understand that she is right that her family is wrong and that the rest of the world needs to get with the program It's not subtle THIS BOOK DOES NOT ENDORSE TRADITIONAL GENDER NORMS 4 The Witches in this book are presented as people who are part of a morally neutral bloodline which grants them supernatural powers like Marvel Comics' X Men Most of them are positive figures flawed and human but good and dedicated to stopping evil supernatural entities from intruding into the mortal realm In fact the book goes into detail about how ignorant Christians and Jews and Muslims and Nazis have been wrongfully persecuting these innocent witches over the centuries And how persecution of female witches is actually a tool of demonic male entities who twist human male leaders to their dark ends in a uest to destroy the powerful female witches who oppose them The human male protagonist is only there as a pawn in a struggle between powerful female witches all of whom know and know better than him Witches good Humans weak Witch burning demonic THIS BOOK IS NOT ANTI WITCH PROPAGANDABut you wouldn't know any of that if you read many of the reviews on Goodreadstwitch

  2. Amy Amy says:

    Read this years ago but did not find it as engaging as other OSC books I have become used to being thoroughly enthralled by his work since the days ofEnder's game so was disappointed OSC has been one of my favorite authors But now I am distressed A while back I was confronted by a dilemma with author I had read and had liked for that kind of thriller book He did something which appalled me enough so so that I swore I would never buy another of his books again which was not hard as I don't think I'd ever bought one before My reads were from the library or given to me In fact I went back and even made an entry in ALL my BookCrossing books saying that I have stopped reading this author as I find him morally reprehensible Shame really because I did like some of his works I added in my journal entry to each book Any future books registered to my BookCrossing shelf will be ones given to me to bookcross I will not put a dime in his pocket ever again If you're interested the author was Michael Crichton and yes I am aware he died last week but it still doesn't change things for me and the explanation of why I was upset with him is hereWell now an author who is actually a favorite author of mine is making statements that I also find appalling And frightening And somewhat nutso At least according to Brian Trent of the Independent Examiner The full commentary is here And yes I realize one of the links points to a 2004 articleOrson Scott Card I am deeply disappointed in you Note added in 2013 probably some 15 years after I read the book Another goodreader is distressed that I didn't say why I didn't like the book Frankly I don't remember Best guess? It's billed as horror and I'm not a fan of that genre But that's a guess that's all Had goodreads existed back when I read the book I would have used it instead of keeping a list of titles in a notebook with a personal rating system to record my end reaction to each book When I joined goodreads I entered in the books in the notebook so I could keep am electronic record of some of my reading The world is imperfect Live with it

  3. Mike Mike says:

    This book has the most disappointing conclusion I have ever read It's bad while you read it but then the ending is stupid and negates the entire storyI'm going to ruin the ending now in hope that you never read itThe story is about a man who gets stuck in a ghost houseIn the end it turns out that when he was shopping in at a grocery store at the beginning of the novel the main character was annoyed that a child in line with its mother behind him was screaming and throwing a tantrumWell he shouldn't have been annoyed because that was a magic child that can read minds The magic child took offense to his annoyance and made him go crazy and think that he was in a ghost houseThe endLesson learned never read Orson Scott Card again

  4. Misha Misha says:

    I’ve really liked other works by Card but Treasure Box was a dreadful disappointment I rarely don’t finish a book but I came extremely close to doing so mid way through On the surface it has a good plot Between the covers it slugs along slowly before eventually speeding up to a climax and not a very good one at that The writing falls short of what I’ve come to like about Card’s writing It’s considered horror fantasy but it’s like fiction with a few horror and fantasy elements What humor exists was akin to poor delivery of bad jokesThe story comes off as a soapbox for Card to preach so than in anything else I’ve read including his Biblical fiction Rebekah Among the anti homosexuality remarks uentin swears to his father he’s not gay He also makes a big deal about saving sex for when he’s married to the right woman Adding to the holier than thou attitude while driving during a severe snowstorm uentin sees a beacon of light a brilliantly lit Mormon temple By the way Card is a very devout Mormon That's fine but the topper is the ignorant attitude towards Paganism Not only does he group Satanists and Witches together Card also compares those who Witches hold in their hearts to Hitler When mentioning the Wicked Witch of the West there’s no mention of Glenda because there couldn’t possibly be anything good about Witches Treasure Box left behind such a rancid taste I usually have a hard time parting with books but I dumped the preacher’s box as soon as possible I’ll stick to Card's older sci fi works I might also just finish the Ender series and call it uits on Card

  5. Emily Emily says:

    Card makes his political leanings a little overt in this book probably because it's set in the year 1996 but he can be forgiven because he's given us such a riveting story As a young boy uentin Fears wrestled with his parent's decision to pull the plug on his teenage sister after a car accident left her brain dead and he's never really recovered Now a millionaire with no real purpose he is searching for some meaning in life He meets Madeleine who seems like the perfect woman and very reminiscent of the deceased Lizzy and uickly marries her Unfortunately Madeleine is on a uest for power that will take uentin places he is not prepared to go with a very supernatural twist as it's not just political power the woman who seeks to control him is after I thought the character of uentin was very well developed even though uentin himself is not a very well developed person However he does a lot of growing throughout the tale and becomes very dynamic When the novel begins it's turn from rather ordinary tale of grief and loss into the realm of the metaphysical it really gets intriguing I ended up not being able to do anything but finish this book ignoring friends at the bar and my husband on a road trip until I reached the end

  6. Emma Emma says:

    OK not all of my books will be from Orson Scott Card but damn I loved this book It is about this guy who got fairly suddenly rich through stocks or tech or something and then he goes around seeding other business ventures and basically being uber wealthy but in a geeky way which is fun to read about But of course being sci fi he is haunted and crap and other stuff happens but I liked it mostly from a purely capitalistic angle

  7. Kevin Xu Kevin Xu says:

    This book felt so predictable to be like Pandora's Box all over again

  8. Niamh an Ghruaig Órga Niamh an Ghruaig Órga says:

    OKAY So listen up I didn't hate this book in the same way that I don't hate the movie Sharknado it was such a train wreck I wanted to keep reading to see how far my levels of incredulity could go The plot line and genre of this book kept on changing Rather than a full fledged story it seemed like an unedited dream like Orson just woke up one day and wrote down his strange dream and didn't decide to make any sense at all If I hadn't read the description of this book I would have though I was reading a political dramamystery until HALFWAY THROUGH it turns out to be some sort of filler Supernatural episode with an unfulfilling ending I had a lot of problems spoilers ahead1 the reason he first is attracted to his future wife is because she reminds him of his dead older sister2 His wife turns out to be a power hungry politician3 Then it turns out his wife doesn't actually exist4 His wife is actually a succubus created by a witch to trick him into opening a box that contains the devil5 We thought it was an adult witch but the witch is actually 10 years old meaning he was technically married to a ten year old This kid was also using his sister's spirit to draw him in So if you can get past the fact that his marriage was technically both pedophilia and incest without him realizing it and feel comfortable with that the rest of the story is not great either Again the action only really starts on about page 150 and then a character that the author tries to get you attached to for all of 10 pages dies unnecessarily None of the lore is explained you're just supposed to somehow pick it up I just don't understand how this book came to be Like his writing is good his characters are also pretty good this book is just using none of Orson's skills in the right proportions

  9. Kaylie Kaylie says:

    Orson Scott Card is one of my father’s favorite authors I liked the film adaption of his Ender’s Game Before immersing myself in that series I wanted to test the waters with one of Card's only standalone novels Treasure Box Interestingly when I asked my dad what he remembered from this particular novel his words were few After reading it I’m not too surprised Treasure Box is horrific in genre compared to the science fiction Card is best known for With this in mind it’s difficult writing a review Worse I had mixed feelings about itAfter taking a day to try to absorb Treasure Box in its entirety I have decided it is best understood as a book of thirds Each third tells an individual story culminating to an incomplete package The first section is about uentin Fears and his increasingly uarantined life Within the first pages of Treasure Box his sister Lizzy dies due to reckless driving It’s unclear whether her friend or her is driving but this detail isn't particularly important it’s that his sister his best friend counselor and fellow reader is suddenly gone Until Lizzy speaks to him Lizzy urges uentin to continue living reading and enjoying life as it’s better than the alternative His adolescence and young adulthood is breezed through from his turn to books for comfort to his successes in college to his uick millionaire status This first section was paced uickly as many physical things happen Card doesn't give too many details about uentin’s emotional turmoil which is surprising as Lizzy and uentin were are best friends Instead Lizzy plays a role throughout the novel as uentin learns who she really is The next and last sections show uentin getting older In his thirties he has plenty of money from investments and his uick career as an IT professional Though he has seemingly everything he longs for Lizzy as he thinks it’s the only love he’s ever known He begins seeing her everywhere until he’s introduced to a beautiful witty woman named Madeleine Within two weeks of meeting they are engaged However she’s not everything she seems She’s on a uest for power through politics yet remains homeless and unemployed she won’t let uentin meet her family and when she walks she doesn't leave footprints Upon meeting her family even uestions arise Who is Madeleine? Lizzy? And what becomes of uentin? Naturally Orson Scott Card’s Treasure Box holds some surprises but the climax was tame despite uentin’s depth Additionally each female character serves a singular purpose helping or hurting a man so that was frustrating The revelation of Madeleine’s identity was revolting and even insulting As such Card gets preachy when mixing religion and magic Is it worth opening this treasure box? Honestly I’m not sure

  10. Christopher Smith Christopher Smith says:

    Orson Scott Card's Treasure Box is a fascinating supernatural thriller about a naive millionaire who meets and marries the love of his life only to find that she is not what she seems I won't spoil the plot for you but suffice to say that this novel is full of twists and turns with plenty of richly textured characters to keep things interesting Definitely the best of Card's thrillers My only complaint about the writing is that virtually every character seemed to constantly uote from English literature even when it made no sense for them to be able to do so Evidently Card had English literature on the brain when he was writing this As a side note some readers may be interested to learn that some of the ideas in the book come from Card's Mormon faith I refer especially to the idea that disembodied spirits are less powerful than embodied ones because they can't directly affect the physical world One of the foundational teachings of Mormonism is that we came to this earth to receive physical bodies so that we could eventually become deified Another Mormon concept in the novel is that summoning the dead reuires use of the person's true name Mormons believe that husbands will call their wives forth from the dead on the day of resurrection by invoking their sacred temple names

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