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Socks ❮Epub❯ ➟ Socks Author Beverly Cleary – Socks is one happy catHe lives with a nice young couple called Brickers who play with him pet him feed him treats and always have a warm lap for him to sit in Then a new baby joins the family Suddenly Socks is one happy catHe lives with a nice young couple called Brickers who play with him pet him feed him treats and always have a warm lap for him to sit in Then a new baby joins the family Suddenly the Brickers are sharing their laps and love with Charles William and Socks is getting into trouble He runs from a phantom dog wrestles with Nana's best wig and fights Old Taylor the tomcat for his territory But as Charles William grows Socks discovers that he has a new friend and a new way to be a part of the familyA purr fectly hilarious portrait of life with a baby from a cat's point of view.

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  1. Smokinjbc Smokinjbc says:

    Ok some embarrassing sentimental reviewing follows Read at your own perilMy boss who just got a little tabby kitten for her 6 year old was looking for books for her to read this summer So of course I think immediately of Socks and the summer I was six years old and got my own tabby kitten and read Socks sometime immediately after that Changed my life or at least sparked my reading of books So for all you parents out there1 Get your kid a tabby kitten Tabbies are the best I'm 35 and on my 5th and 6th Tabby cats I promise you will not be disappointed with it2 Get your kid this book3 Watch your kid turn into a reader Hope that it doesn't result in a serious animal collecting habitI forgot about this book until this whole thing with my boss and her daughter's little tabby cat and then it hit me what a big huge influence this book had on me as a small child with an AWESOME tabby cat a 15 lb male mouser cat named Blueberry Muffin what can I say? I was six

  2. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    A friend recommended this when I was pregnant with my first We have a beloved calico who had been Princess of Everything to that point and I'm sure she would give Socks' story five purrrs and empathize with him wholeheartedly though thank goodness we did not have to go to any extremes with her like they did with Socks I actually didn't get around to reading this until after my second was born and I'm glad I waited because the story is even poignant and humorous and heartbreaking and sweet and wise when Socks is seen not just as the displaced cat but in the older sibling role I'm sure my oldest son could relate to Socks too I could empathize with the new parents so caught up with their baby and desperate to ensure his well being though I do wish Socks hadn't been put into one situation Still it served it's purpose and while I don't want to give any spoilers I will say that I was happy with how the story ended I've never been a Cleary fan but I really liked this book and felt she did a marvelous job getting inside the head and heart of the older sibling be that a fur baby or human child as well as these of the new parents who loved them both

  3. Linda Linda says:

    OMGosh I laughed so hard Beverly Cleary is surely a cat person because she has totally pegged the way a cat acts and thinks Poor Socks has a terrible time when his family brings a baby named Charles William home to live with them His antics trying to regain their affection are adorable Cleary's spare understated prose lend to the appeal for kids and although it was first released in 1973 any cat lover today will howl with laughter If you don't enjoy this book then you're probably a dog person

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I adored this when I was young even though I was a bit older than the target audience when it was released and was delighted to find that I still do So much wisdom insight adventure and humor packed into such a very short book Perfect for a family read aloud for all ages Even minor characters are full on individualsAnd since it's a cat displaced by the baby it's 'metaphorical' and you can apply it as bibliotherapy to your first born without being dismissed as teachy preachy

  5. Tegan Tegan says:

    It was good but too sad

  6. Dolly Dolly says:

    We haven't read as many books by Beverly Cleary together as I thought we would but every once in awhile I sneak one in I think at this point I will encourage our youngest to read them on her own since many of them are still age appropriate for her She brought this book out from our bookshelves and read it for her independent reading for school and I read it after she did It's an entertaining story about the cat of a household and the turmoil that disturbs his happy life when a baby joins the family The story is uite dated and I'm not sure this book has the timelessness that others have but it's still an entertaining read Our youngest also brought home Ribsy from her school so we'll likely read this one next

  7. Hilary Hilary says:

    Socks is a white footed kitten taken in to a perfect home he always has a lap and is generally spoiled until the day the baby arrives Now his position in the household is threatened by the new pet It's a wonderful story about the impact of a baby from the cat's perspective dated by a couple of passing references but not too obviously for children and the adaptations made A good reminder for any new parents with pets as well as for encouraging empathy in children

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    Sometimes you need a sweet little children's book to cleanse the palate Beverly Cleary is genius I forgot how much I adore her This book is a prime example of why

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    Do you know how sometimes you find just the right book for the moment? As a bit of serendipity Socks written one year before I was born found its way into my families' life at just the right moment this year My daughter is five years old now and a few months ago we welcomed her brother into the family The new addition hasn't been 100% smooth As anyone that has lived with a five year old and a new born will attest they both demand a good bit of attention Particularly when the five year old has been used to getting all of the attention as a single child When a new baby arrives there is bound to be a bit of upheaval as roles and routines in the family inevitably shift Socks a book about a cat captures this upheaval perfectly in a way that no big sister book couldI picked up the book because my daughter is obsessed with cats and thought it would be a good possible read aloud for bedtime and it proved to be just that Beverly Cleary clearly knows cats She captures Socks actions and implied motivations perfectly My daughter loved the illustrations and each of the actions of the cat However the underlying story is what drew me and my wife to really love this book The challenges of new parenthood are captured just as accurately as the life of a cat as well as the ups and downs of pet ownership Most importantly the themes of family love and belonging are central to the tale and make an enduring story for any kid experiencing a new siblingWe aren't sure that our daughter caught on to the parallels between her and Socks but the story was engrossing and a perfect bedtime treat for all of us We look forward to reconnecting with Beverly Cleary books an author both my wife and I read some of as children

  10. Irene Irene says:

    Being as big a fan of Beverly Cleary as I am I can't believe I hadn't read this one before As it turns out I think this book would be a good read not only for elementary school aged kids but also for first time expectant parents especially those with pets and also parents who are expecting their second child to gently remind them not to inadvertently neglect the first bornSocks is a cat who was adopted by a lovely couple He had a happy life until the day the couple had their own baby As the first time parents fussed over their precious Charles William with a certain amount of comical cluelessness that I recall from my own first days as a new parent poor Socks was ignored overlooked and actually relegated to the laundry room The good news is there is a happy ending But along the way I really felt for Socks Poor thing He deserved better

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